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Part of USS Mariner: M1: Into The Gamma Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

11) Trust is Hard Earned, but Easy Broken (Part 2)

USS Mariner - Lower Decks
March 2401
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The tension in the ship was building, and the recent senior staff meeting was not making it any easier. A group of officers came together at the lower deck, whispering to each other and wondering what could be done, what could happen, and why they were there in the first place. Things were not looking good, but things would not get better either. No, they are about to get worse….

Rami walks into the midst of the juniors, and his eye meets up with Cailra and then Keeyiro, who was with him at the senior staff meeting. He placed arms over each other “Thank you all for coming, your concerns are not unheard, and we share them with you. Ensign Cho, Lieutenant Cailra, and I were at the senior staff meeting, and it is worse than we had hoped for” Rami shrugs a bit at that. “Captain Kobahl and the command team made it very clear that we are here to convince the Dominion to bring evidence back to Deneb to stop the so-called lost fleet”  

“Madness, they are endangering our safety!” A security officer spoke up.

Another followed “Why even go to Deneb? Nothing is going on there? This is delusional information from the Fourth Fleet?!” 

He raised his hand to calm them down. “I understand your frustration. That is why I am here to hear you all out. We have voiced our concerns and were shot down for opting our opinion”  Rami continues. 

“The Captain gave us a list of fleet reports that state the condition that the Fourth Fleet is currently engaging the lost fleet at Deneb. Various ships were either called in as lost, damaged, or in battle” Keeyiro added. “I have monitored all communications that came from Starfleet Command and Starfleet Intelligence, and I have not received any of these reports.”  

“Because the Captain states that she doesn’t have the right clearance” Rami added shaking his head. “That is strange. Our intelligence officer is not up-to-date with the operations in the Alpha Quadrant? Why the secrecy and not just telling what is truly going on?” getting a few nods and whispers in agreement. “We need to stand up to this madness, the command team is placing the ship in danger, and she doesn’t even take advice from her own Chief Security/Tactical Officer to go at least to yellow alert. No, then we would demise our changes in diplomatic talks with the Dominion. I say screw the Dominion. This is a mission that Starfleet does not even approve!”  

Giving a slight nod to that “When passing both Deep Space 9 and Opaka Outpost we were lying right to them of our operational goals in the Gamma Quadrant. Starfleet Command has never permitted a Starfleet vessel to go near the Dominion borders” Cailra looked concerned. “We are here based on dated information. Our last information on this space dates back before the Dominion war.” 

“Yea, it is dangerous!” A science officer replied with fear in his eyes.

Another followed “We need to get back to Alpha Quadrant, inform Starfleet what happened!” 

Rami gave a small grin before his facial expression returned to a concerned look. “That is why what I am now going to suggest demands many of you. We can go back home. We can go contact Starfleet and keep ourselves safe from the dangerous Dominion. We don’t want to cross their might and fury. We all know what the history books say about them or some of us have seen what they could do!” Rami took a deep breath. “It is time we take control back. We take control of the ship and get her back to Alpha”  

A pin could drop in the room as the suggestion was made. Everyone kept quiet looking at Rami and realizing what he was asking. “You are asking us to coup against the command team?” Some looked toward the voice as a Deltan woman in a teal uniform looked concerned back at Rami.

“Yes Ensign L’iera” Rami was direct with his answer. “Think about it for now, but keep it to yourself. But I advise you not to wait too long as we don’t know what will happen the longer we stay at these borders” Rami shrugs. “The Dominion is ruthless, yet our Captain has stated we wait until we get a proper answer.” 

Both Cailra and Keeyiro nodded in confirmation of what Rami just said. “I am not going to wait until their proper greeting is to bomb our ship that is not made for combat in the first place. We need to get out of here…” He nods to everyone. “But I will give you all time to think about it…consider the options and the situation we are in. For now, resume your duties and when you have made up your mind send me a message” Without waiting for a reply he left an unsure crowd behind. A mutiny was brewing. 


  • A mutany is afoot. Keeping vital information from the intell officer just breeds conspiracy theories. I believe keelhauling was a favorite of 18h century captains in dealing with mutaneers. The command crew dug themselves one hell of a hole. How are they getting out?

    May 23, 2023
  • Ohhh a mutiny! They really have bought into the hype, haven’t they? And it’s totally understandable how they’ve gotten to this point, but damn… can’t wait to see how Sazra and the command team deal with it!

    May 30, 2023
  • Rami is looking for a smack around the back of the head. I really liked the little addition of a smile when he realised that his hooks were beginning to sink in, and its not escaped notice that he's focused on the junior crew members under the guise of "i'm here to listen guys". I can see him leaning into his social science background to take advantage of the situation.

    June 8, 2023
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