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Part of USS Mariner: M1: Into The Gamma Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: The Lost Fleet

6) A Wolf in Sheeps clothing.

USS Mariner - Counselor Office
March 2401
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Personal log Lieutenant Hefaam.


We arrived in the Gamma Quadrant after receiving the urgent request from the Fourth Fleet to gather allied support against the sudden arrival of the so-called Lost Fleet. From my understanding, Captain Kobahl and Lieutenant Palema have misled true objections towards Opaka Outpost and Deep Space 9 to let them astray of our true goals here in the Gamma Quadrant.


My honest opinion is that I find evidence that the Fourth Fleet is presenting a lacking foundation. Showing a video and giving reports based on emotions from that objective point of view makes it difficult to judge the authenticity of the reports. Additionally, I do not see any reason for Starfleet Command to lie against us in the matter, that would go against their principles and beliefs. We should have resumed our intended mission in the Delta Quadrant when I was informed that I would be assigned to the USS Mariner. However, the Captain finds it important to follow up on the given assignment and has ignored my protest against this unlogical and sudden change of the mission parameters.


Enough of that, this log is also meant as a general update about my duties onboard the Mariner and I begin my report, brief as it might be on the senior staff. Computer the next segment of this log is locked and only visible for medical and counselor personnel. 

Captain Sazra Kobahl

A young and talented Captain in the field of science that has proven herself in the Typhon Expanse when assigned to Task Force 17. She has commanded three vessels, the Jaxartes, Damascus, and Mariner.  While she might be gifted, she has also had many traumatic experiences throughout her career. Her experience as a prisoner for the rogue group Broken Wing has made her endure long-term torture for information that has not been given in the end. Additionally, in the latest Fourth Fleet campaign, she had to endure the mental connection of a space creature known to the Starfleet database as a Crystalline Entity. Medical is still unsure how her body would even withstand such a connection, but it has happened as witnessed by various bridge officers. Miss Kobahl is currently in therapy in my care to talk about these experiences she had in the past. As the humans would say, she is a tough nut to crack. She will not open up about her experience easily.

Commander Silina Ruslanovna

Miss Ruslanovna is by origin, like myself, a Medical Officer and has been at Captain Kobahl side since the beginning of their career. The commander has seen her fair share of challenging moments and has been in temporary command twice as the First Officer. She was responsible for rescuing her Captain from the hands of the Broken Wing, though the mission report on what happened is a gray area in my reading experience. Miss Ruslanovna portrays herself as a calming and decisive person who can act on her command choices. I believe this trait comes from her years as not only the Medical Officer on the Jaxartes but also from her time as First Officer. 

Lieutenant Commander Adrian Valerio

Now I do not know if Captain Kobahl had her eyes set on certain talents, but Commander Valerio was one of them regarding his incredible engineering skills. Yet in my years as a counselor, I know that for one talented person, there are at least a few attributes of flaws added to it. Commander Valerio is no exception on that point, he is considered a stubborn person and his awful taste for humor has brought him only more troubles than what really is worth it. However, over the years while serving under Captain Kobahl, he has proven to be a steady and solving mind regarding engineering problems. Under immense pressure in the Delta Quadrant mission, he kept the Damascus in one piece and even got her back to Alpha Quadrant. Now my knowledge of engineering is limited, I did hear from Starbase 86 engineers that this was quite an achievement seeing what the ship’s condition was.

Lieutenant T’Path

The Chief Science Officer on the Mariner, is a quite skilled woman in her field of science. In counter to her fellow crewmates Captain Kobahl, Commander Ruslanovna, and Commander Valerio, she has not had much combat experience. This is mainly because the lieutenant kept her own skill set in check. I respect her for that humble choice on the path to recognizing her strengths and weaknesses. I do wonder where our conversations will bring us.

End counselor additional log. Computer resume personal log. 

I have only briefly been with the Mariner crew since we left Starbase 86. So my full review of the crew will take some time and reading. However, I do feel that this mission is tense. Facing the Breen and perhaps the Dominion in Alpha Quadrant is one thing. But being in the predator’s den is another. My conclusion thus far from the operation in Gamma Quadrant makes me believe that Captain Kobahl is holding back on something. Her facial expression might be in line, but her nonverbal movements make it questionable on what she is trying to sell us off. 


Are we truly here as stated within the mission briefing, or is there more than meets the eye? Rumors have started to spread throughout the ship and even to my counseling sessions that the crew feels excited but afraid of what they are actually going to face in this mission. I will continue to provide mental support to those that require it, calm them down, and see to it that they can perform their duties. However, I hope the command team will make the right choices. 


End Log


  • I found this a great look at how a peripheral character is perceiving the mission the team is on, watching with skepticism and observing fractures within the crew. Kobahl will have a hard path before him when all is revealed.

    May 12, 2023
  • This is a nice look at the main players from a different characters perspective, which allows more information without info-dumping. Nicely done! I also like the way you’re continuing to build the tension and aura of mistrust over exactly what’s going on and whether or not SF command are being truthful or not… looking forward to reading more!

    May 14, 2023
  • Fun little summary. Especially useful to those of us not familiar with your characters.

    May 18, 2023
  • A smart way to give us character information and a guiding hand on how the writer wants these characters to be viewed. Also a good way of highlighting anything we might has missed as a little reminder. Also a nice touch of "I'm not happy about it but it's not really my place to say anything."

    May 18, 2023