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“Captain, we are arriving at the Vadlox Nebula.”

“Thank you Viameli, let’s hold just at the edge of the Nebula.” Aryanna turned and looked toward her science chief. “Zoltia, are we showing anything on the sensors?”

“Not at this time, captain. Though the Nebula is going to affect our sensors as we get closer especially if we enter. Need I remind you ma’am that entering a Mutura class nebula such as this one has its risks? Reported patches of sub nucleonic radiation have been found within, along with a myriad of other issues.”

“Which means using the Nebula to hide in has its set risks.” Aryanna turned toward her chief engineer with a questioning eyebrow raised. “Chief?”

“Our Shields and armor should be enough to keep most of the issues on the outside. We can divert more power from the sensors to the shields since they will be next to useless in there, so that will help. Wouldn’t suggest getting into a fight though.”

“Point taken, chief. But could we safely enter the nebula to hide from someone’s eyes, giving us a chance to change our direction of egress?”

“Yes, ma’am”

“Good. Viameli, bring us to a full stop. Let’s see what we can find, shall we?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Short-range scans are showing nothing in the immediate area,” Zoltia said from her console. “Waiting on data from the long-range scans.”

“Ma’am. I’m picking up signals much like that other array from the expanse, this one is a bit closer going by the strength of the transmission signals. Going off of that and what we know from the other one I would say this one is a bit bigger and seems to be between us and the Breen/Dominion border.” Scamandrius stated from behind the captain.

“Can you put a map of the area up on the main screen, Sustram?” The main view screen went from the view in front of them to a map of this area of the Deneb Sector.

“Can you give us an approximate location? Scamandrius. “ a yellow dot blinking dot appeared on the map with a blinking green ring a distance out from it. 

“That marks my best guess and the green ring marks the limits of what we know of their current long-range sensor array capabilities. We would have to get closer to get a better idea of where it is exactly located, but if they are running patrols around it like the other one that makes things a bit more interesting. “

“I would have to agree, I’m open to ideas folks. Blowing it up is definitely on the list.”

Commander Thornton chuckled. “ Been interesting seeing things from this side. Have an idea though, captain. We could try using the system we used during that one time. “ he raised an eyebrow and smiled at the captain. “Maybe on a probe or two, make them think someone is in the area and taking an interest in their array. See what happens, who comes to take a look? Hide the Dragon far enough in the nebula that they can’t see it on their scans.”

Aryanna looked over toward Zhaishi “We could do that easily, convert a couple of class 5 probes. Should take us roughly thirty minutes to make those updates.

“Get started on it, even if we don’t go with that idea now we can use it in the future,” Aryanna replied.

“We could stay in the nebula and either launch a class 8 probe right at it or some torpedoes, make it look like someone is clearing the area for something bigger. Again, see what happens afterward.”

Meadow chuckles from the right seat, “ Two ways of doing the same thing, guess we are all on the same page as to what we needa result. It’s how we get there is the question.”

Aryanna nodded. 

<< “ All three ideas are good. The question is do we call attention to ourselves or use it as a ruse to get in the backdoor? The admiral wants the intel, but I’m pretty sure it’s not who is watching the border, though the time it takes for them to respond may give us some idea of what we can find as we move forward.” 

“ Agreed, the bigger picture is what we need to be looking at, not just what is directly in front of us. I would like to go get a look at Deptrock System. A large Dilithium mining operation has got to be a hub of activity, especially one that is relatively close to their border. Another idea I had was working our way toward Jandor, as close as it is to the current dominion-controlled area it would make sense for it to be a target soon.”>>

“Ok folks, I think we are going to leave the array as it is for now, meaning we are not blowing it up Skagath “A groan is heard from tactical. “Our orders call for actionable intelligence gathering, and that’s what we intend to do. Sustram, you’re going to need to help your sister on this one as we will be flying blind. We are going to hide in the nebula and head toward the Deptrock system. The first step is finding out what we can do about those mines?”

Aryanna looked around the bridge as everyone started to get the ship ready for flying in the  Vadlox Nebula.

“Zhaishi, once we enter the nebula I want you to watch those shields. Skagath, our sensors will be crap while we are in there but I want you ready in case we accidentally bump into someone or even several someones, who knows who or what is hiding in that nebula.”

“Captain, if I may. That array is positioned to monitor anyone coming from the Expanse. We should at least send a message to the fleet informing them of its location.” Zoltia said from the science station.

“Agreed, comms, send a fleet-wide encrypted message out. Add the approximate location to the message along with any data we have gathered so far.”

“Yes, captain.”

“Take us to yellow alert” the klaxons sound as the lights glow to the amber coloration.”Viameli, take us in. Nice and easy. Sustram, plot a course for the Deptrock system, Keep us in the Nebula till the last minute. Zhaishi, watch the radiation levels and make sure those shields are holding steady.”





  • Getting into the action! Skagath sounds like he'd get along well with Shax 🤣 (so does Bearsong) I wont mention it again, but extra proofing would be of benefit. Writing is always the more exciting and fun part, but a little polish goes a long way. I'm really enjoying the story so far! Wondering if something is already in the nebula before the Dragon.

    May 19, 2023
  • Skipping right past the B-T corridor and into the actual mission was a neat idea, to be honest. Let's you get into the meat of things without wasting time. With a multitude of targets to gather information on and a nebula to use as a base of operations to hide in, Dragon's not lacking in options that's for sure. Of course, where one is hiding, others can as well. Just who might be lurking in the nebula waiting?

    June 3, 2023