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Part of USS Cantabras: Family Reunion

Epilogue of Regrets

Outer Gardens, Sitera
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“I thank your team for their hard work in solving this problem with the Shining Hope, Commander,” Lifaeal said, hands clasped behind his back.

“I’m glad we were able to resolve it with little loss of life,” Alex replied.

“Regrettably, you were unable to capture their leader and bring her to justice,” Lifaeal said pointedly.

“I prefer to focus on the positive outcomes. April knows if she comes back here, the Federation will respond. It may not end so well for her next time.”

“Of course,” Lifaeal went silent for a moment. “You’ll refer our case to the Federation for membership, given the cooperation Sitera has shown.”

“I’ll write a full report when I return to the Cantabras. I’m sure the Federation will be interested in speaking with you.”

Lifaeal’s face brightened, “Excellent, I look forward to working with them in the future.” He turned and walked away from Alex and Tani.

“You have no intention of submitting Sitera for Federation membership,” Tani said.

“Oh, I fully intend to write a report. I never told Lifaeal what will be in it,” Alex replied. “I’m going to give a factual account of what happened, including the slavery of his people.”

“Even the part about letting April go?”

“Well, there might be some gaps,” Alex sighed. “Look, I know you think I was wrong. I made her mother a promise on her deathbed that I would take protect her. I deeply regret failing that. And if protecting her means letting her go, I’d do it over again a thousand times.”

“Are you sure that regret didn’t cloud your judgment?”

“No.” Alex tapped his commbadge, “Cantabras, two to beam up.”

The doors to the Bridge opened as Alex walked into the room.

“Where’s Commander Veva?” Logan asked, turning towards the door.

“She went to her quarters.”

“Still mad at you, huh?”

 Alex sighed, “Yeah, she probably will be for a while.”

“You know, part of me wishes I would’ve taken the shot anyway.”

“Me too Carter, me too.” The silence crept up between them, with neither man wishing further elaboration. “Set a course for the nearest starbase, standard warp,” Alex said, finally breaking the silence. “I have mission reports to write. Let me know when we get there,” Alex turned and left the Bridge.

Outside the Cantabras’ nacelles powered up, sending the ship into warp.


  • Bit of a bittersweet ending to his first mission back, but it couldn't really be otherwise, could it? And now he's gotta stick around so he has a better chance of running into April again. I look forward to seeing more of their past hashed out in future installments! And 'part of me wishes I would’ve taken the shot anyway': some nice depth for Carter there! Color me intrigued.

    May 28, 2023