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Fafnir – 2.3

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Lieutenant Zhaishi was sitting at her desk looking over the reports from the shift turnover that morning and checking against the reports from her shift turnover the evening prior.” Check and double-check everything is what they always said in the academy. Hmmmm I see that the gamma shift did not get to that service bot issue on decks six and fourteen. I’ll have to send crews out for those this morning. Too many stories about service drones having habits that have become overlooked over time and now are just part of the bo’s persona.” She looked out over the main engineering, noticing Chief Samples making his way to her office through the room’s glass wall that faced the warp core.

“Come on in chief.” she gave him a welcoming smile, locking her eyes on him as he entered which made the smile seem slightly flirtatious. “Grab yourself a cup of coffee and take a seat.”

“Thank you, ma’am, Don’t mind if I do. It Was an early start today.”

She raised an eyebrow at hearing this. “Ohhhh, anything I need to be aware of?”

“Looks like we had three crewmen report to sick bay this morning with gastrointestinal issues. The two of them share quarters and the third is their neighbor.”

“Are you thinking it’s a replicator issue?”

“About the only thing that makes sense ma’am, unless they purchased something on DS47 and saved it for after their shift last night.”

She chuckled at this. “Well one we can look into the other is beyond our control and we would chalk it up as poor judgment on their part.”

“Yes, ma’am. I tasked a couple of the crew to look into it this morning. Other than that. “ he took a sip of his coffee. “Nothing to report on my end.” He looked at his PADD.  “Hmmm, mind if I take a seat as we wait for the rest of the department heads for the daily brief.”

“Go right ahead chief. I’m just finishing up my notes for the brief as we speak.”

A chuckle emanated from Chief Samples as he read over the overnight reports. “ Ahhh I see that Scrubber has struck again. I think we may have to chalk it up to that’s just how he is ma’am. From what I’ve heard he has been that way since he was activated onboard.”


“What the folks on deck six have taken to calling their service bot, seems like the little fellow has a thing for scrubbing anything in its way including crew who are in the hallway. No one has been able to fix him so far, nor can they find a glitch or fault in his programming. The idea has been thrown around to put a light on him or some other warning device so folks know that he is around and to stay out of his way.”

“I’ve heard of bots like this, but not on my ship unless we have no choice and have tried everything we can to fix it.”

Chief Samples chuckled.

Several minutes later Chief Samples stood as the various engineering department heads started to filter into the chief’s office, he was allowed to stay being her highest-ranking NCO.

A few of them nodded toward him as they took seats or stood.

“Ok, looks like everyone is here. I’ve sent you all the daily reports and today’s checklist. A couple of points to highlight. Lieutenant Oth’iz, Lieutenant Viameli is still reporting that the ship’s ass end is loose, especially during evasive maneuvers. Let’s get that under control, I don’t care what needs to be done or how you do it just get it fixed. Not sure about the rest of you but I’ll be quite pissed if we take a torpedo hit back here just because the ship couldn’t turn fast enough to avoid it.”

“Yes ma’am. I’ll get right on that. Damn directional outlets on the impulse engines, we think.”

“I don’t want to hear, we think, I just want it fixed. We are heading towards Breen space, need I say more?”

“No, chief. We will get on it.”

“Good, see that you do.” 

Chief Samples looked down at his PADD as he felt it vibrate with a new message notification, which he quickly read and typed in a short reply. “Excuse me chief, just got word from sick bay, our three crew are cleared for duty and are on their way back. Still waiting on the diagnostic results from their replicator. Though, the team I sent did say there was evidence of food containers from one of the shops on DS47 in the room. I told them to continue with the diagnostic on the replicator to make sure. But it looks like we can just chalk this one up to some bad decisions made.”

Lieutenant Zhaishi replied with a nod.

“Next, as you all are aware we will be launching an array from the starboard mission bay. Once we get the go-ahead from the bridge we will start the launch procedure. The first shuttle will meet the first piece outside of the mission bay and using its tractor beam will move the piece to the predetermined location and start the deployment process. This will be followed by the next three pieces which will be added to the first piece using the Dragons’ worker bees. Between now and then, Ensign Shichui, have your team go over the array and make sure we are good to go. Then, get with the operations department “ she checks her PADD “, Ensign Boyd, who is the starboard mission bay quartermaster. Make sure everyone is on the same page on the launch procedures and the timing. Make sure those worker bee crews are fully briefed and understand their roles.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’ll be in the first shuttle overseeing the process, if that is ok?”

“That’s fine.” she gave him a nod. 

The meeting lasted another thirty minutes going through the days checklists and planning for the upcoming array deployment.