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Part of USS Denver: Mission 5: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

The passenger problem

USS Denver Deck 15 Security Complex
August 28th, 2074 @ 0945 Hours
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Security Offices, USS Denver


The doors slide open, and Chris walks in stopping at the entrance as the doors shut behind him. There was a desk, a sofa, and even some plants. This was much nicer than the office of his superiors. This was in general a much nicer ship. He had never been assigned to a ship this big. He walked around the room, and finally to his desk.  “Not bad at all,” he said aloud to himself. He pulled his chair out and took his seat turning on the terminal in front of him. “Shit!” he said while cringing his teeth together. He grabbed his right shoulder, with his left hand and began massaging it. His wounds had healed, but he was still feeling pain. The doctors said he was only in his head but it felt no less real to him.

Placing his elbow on his desk, and his chin in the palm of his left hand he began to read over reports. No more than 3 minutes had passed before there was a chime at the door, “come in.” he said as he sat back in his chair. The door opened and a tall woman walked in with short blonde hair. She was muscular in stature. She approached the desk holding a padd. “Ensign…. Roberts?”

“Yes sir,” she extended her arms to hand him a padd. “These are the diagnostics reports you requested sir.”

“Thank you, ensign,” he grabbed the padd sat it on his desk then leaned back in his chair. “This Órlaith…mmm, there is not a lot of information on her.

“No sir, she was said to have saved the captain’s life.”

“Yeah, she shot and killed her psychotic brother or something.” He sighed, “That doesn’t make her any less psychotic. In my experience, it might make her more psychotic. He trusted her enough to let his guard down, not the other way around. Does she have an escort?”

“No sir, should I…”

“No, no… that won’t be necessary. Short leashes never work, it needs to be long enough for them to hang themselves. What I would like you to do is put her under surveillance, don’t get too close. Use a crewman not an officer.”

 “Yes sir.”

“Dismissed,” he watched as the ensign turned then exited the office. He stood grabbed the padd off his desk then walked to the replicator. “Coffee, black.” A white coffee cup appeared, he grabbed it then walked over to the sofa and took his seat. He took a sip, then sat it down on the table in front of him and began to read the padd.

“What to do, what to do…” He crossed his legs and laid the padd on his lap then tapped his com badge. “Conroy to security ops.”

Shortly after a young man replied, “Security ops here sir.”

“Our guest in the brig is going to need a psych evaluation, can you let medical know? No one else is to speak to her. The investigator needs to draw up her formal charges as well.”

“Yes sir.”

“No one else is to speak to her besides medical, bring the report directly to me when they are finished.”

“Yes sir.”

One psycho on his ship is too many, there is no need to haul around two. The Elba II asylum would be the best place for her. High security, no beaming on or off, the atmosphere is toxic to us. Plus, she could get the help she needs while awaiting trial. Just need a psych, physical, and of course the CO’s approval. Chris stood grabbed his coffee then walked to his desk taking his seat. He turned to his console, “Computer connect me with Capt. Talon.”

Rebecca responded a few moments later with the glow of the warp core in the background,  “What can I do for you, Lieutenant?”

“I’ve begun to make arrangements for our guest in the brig. I need your approval to start any sort of a transfer.”

Rebecca took a moment to think,  “If you can arrange transportation I will approve it.  We don’t have the time to divert from our course.”

“Of course ma’am,” he said as he nodded. “I would like to schedule a transfer to the Elba II high-security facility, I am sure they could meet us for the transfer.”

Rebecca sighed and took a seat in front of the monitor and entered commands.  “The USS Seyetik is scheduled to leave Starbase 75 for Elba II with Dominion Prisoners of War in six days.”

“I will make all of the necessary arrangements, Lt Conroy out.”

In engineering, Rebecca sat back and stared into the blank screen she was happy to be able to offload this Carolyn Crawford. Absently remembering her father’s words about Peter and Riandri a thought occurred to her. Was Riandri Carolyn’s mother? There were certainly some similarities,  but she definitely took after her father more. She wondered if having a conversation with her operations and intelligence chiefs was in order.

“Ma’am?” A voice interrupted her thoughts.

It was Aoife Mackenzie.  Smiling, “Yes Ensign?”

“The report you wanted.”

Rebecca accepted the PADD and scrolled through it.  Everything was in order.  “Thank you Ensign.  Complements to you and Mr. Lovecroft.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

Standing Rebecca nodded to the assistant chief and strolled out of Engineering to continue her rounds.  Sickbay was next on the list.