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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 3 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

Cutting Their Losses

Remote Beam Out Site, North Dakota
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The shuttle was concealed within the confines of some long ago abandoned building.  The roof had long ago caved in, and the concrete walls were cracked and windows stood empty to the elements. Whatever the ancient Americans had used this building for Bellitor didn’t know.

Glancing over her shoulder with Maveren in tow she pushed through the open doorway and entered the building.  Peter Crawford was already there doing the final checks on the shuttle’s systems when they approached.

Peter was quiet, and simmering.  His daughter was by now in the custody of this universe’s Starfleet.  They had long agreed that if they were separated, she would find him.  She was 16 years old and she’d been bathed in enough blood to harden her heart and mind to a blunt edge.  He had plenty of vengeance to wreak once they were in the air, and this place was in need of some murdering.

“Where is your daughter?” Bellitor asked approaching.

“She knew the risks.  We both did.  I’m just thrilled to be alive and on the run.  No better place to be.”

“It seems  both our children have failed us.” Bellitor entered the shuttle and the Vorta handed her a black box before sliding into the pilot’s seat.  Bellitor took a seat near the back to let Peter take up the co-pilot’s seat.

Crawford asked the question that held in the growling silence, “…and our partner?”

“He won’t be joining us.  I made sure of that.  Dominus was a liability despite my feelings… maybe that was why he was a liability.”  Bellitor opened the case and sorted through the vials, and removed three vials. They were labled in white with Dominus, Órlaith, and Jeter in bold black San Serif font. Tossing them to the deck she stomped the vials crushing them leaving glass shards and puddles of genetic material. “Once they are dead… there will be no coming back for them, though I expect Dominus is already dead.” 

She extracted two more vials before snapping the case shut.  These vials were labeled “P. Crawford” and “C. Crawford.”  She tossed them to Peter, “You and your daughter’s fates are in your hands now.  You have earned that much.  I will give you whatever your heart desires, though unfortunately I’m afraid it isn’t much beyond the word that you are discharged from my service.  You are not longer my subordinate.  We are equals.”

Peter accepted the vials and stared at them for a long time before sighing, “I don’t want to cheat my way through life anymore.”  He did the same with the vials as Bellitor had done and let out a long sigh, “Carolyn wasn’t keen on it anyway…she said it creeped her out.  As much as she’s lived and learned, she’s still a teenager down in the deep.”  Another sigh, “What’s next?”

Maveren, get us out of here.” Bellitor tucked the case under her seat and sat back. “I have one last job for you should you accept it.  Kill Jeter.”

Crawford raised both his eyebrows, “I do enjoy killing every once in a while.  Keeps me in practice.  How do you want it done?”

“Dealer’s choice,” Bellitor replied.  “Just make sure he knows why.”

The shuttle lifted off the ground and soared into the distance, leaving the disaster behind.  She was a fugitive, but believed dead, and dead she intended to remain that way… at least for now.


  • Alt Jeter will have to keep his eyes open! Definitely something we need to revisit.

    April 13, 2023
  • Yup

    April 13, 2023