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Part of USS Denver: Mission 5: A Day Late and a Dollar Short

The Hustle and Bustle

Observation Lounge
August 28, 2374 @09:00
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The command team with Lieutenant Nalam sat around the conference table in the observation lounge of the USS Denver.  There was a buzz all around the ship that hadn’t been present for many months.  Stuck in Earth orbit protecting Earth they were finally being moved back to the front lines.  

Excitement wasn’t quite the right word.  There would always be that existential dread when moving into danger, but aside from those involved in dealing with Dominus, the crew had just been bored.  There’s only so much shore leave and pub crawls one can have before it loses its appeal.

“In part because of Lieutenant Ming,” Rebecca announced,  “The fleet will be assigning us five of the new experimental Valkyrie-class fighters for field testing…”  

The door chimed interrupting the captain.  Sighing she sat back and announced,  “Enter.”  She took the break in the conversation to refill her coffee cup and take a sip as a man entered the room.

Chris looked around the room and paused for a second. He took a deep breath as he approached the captain’s desk. Quickly he snapped to attention, “Lieutenant Christopher Conroy reporting as ordered ma’am.” He stood there somewhat nervous. This assignment came as somewhat of a shock to him, after his last mishap. Maybe Star Fleet knew more than he did. Either way, he was now a department chief and had to start acting like one.

“Welcome to the Denver Mr. Conroy,” Rebecca greeted. “It’s not ordinarily this chaotic,  but we’re fixing to shove off. Can I get you anything?”

“No thank you, ma’am” he replied promptly and cleared his throat. “I’m somewhat used to organized chaos ma’am.” 

“I’m not a fan of the chaos,” Rebecca replied. Picking up a PADD she glanced over at Conroy’s service record and frowned, “This record screams classified ops.  Were you some sort of a spy with the Iowa?” She slid the PADD to her Intelligence Officer,  Riandri Nalam.

He took a second to process the question, his gaze glanced for a second at the pad she handed over to her intelligence officer. “A spy? I wouldn’t exactly call it that.” He needed to be tactful in his answers, the Iowa’s mission to his knowledge was ongoing, and need to know. “I handled an asset while onboard the Iowa ma’am.”

Riandri picked up the PADD and scrolled through it. “You have done your rounds for sure Lieutenant,” she said with a smile, “I think you will fit in on the Denver nicely though I would ask that any intelligence work you think of flow through my office.” She turned slightly and handed the PADD to Chief Jeter, “You ready to break in a new Chief of Security Mr. Jeter?” She didn’t try to hide the smile on her face. Ever since the order with the visitors from the other universe had been wrapped up and those blasted headaches and fits of nausea and dizziness vanished she was feeling like her old self again. She also had to admit that the crew of the Denver were a big help as well.

Robert snorted, “I have yet to finish getting our Intelligence Officer settled in nicely,” he said with a sigh as he looked at Riandri before turning to their new arrival. “That said I look forward to working with you Lieutenant. If there is anything you need let me know.”

“Thank you Chief and Lieutenant you would be the first to know any new Intel I come across.”

Cheon tapped on the main menu of his PADD that he had in his hand and access the new member of their crew. He sat there in silence as he listened to the conversation. He was glad that his new sister had begun to transition out of her old lifestyle, but he was more glad that she had shown him a few lessons, literally, on how to deceive a person’s senses all the while gathering information.

“Have a seat, Mr. Conroy,” Rebecca invited.  “If you have any relevant information pertinent to the Denver‘s mission I expect you to share it with me or Lieutenant Nalam.”

Chris broke from his stance, and approached the table, he took his seat, as he nodded, and smiled. This seems like a welcoming crew, unlike his last crew who was more concerned about who he knew and what he could bring to the mission.

“Good,” Rebecca said with a smile. “Now, down to business.  Our task force is being dispatched to the Betazed System where we will link up with the 10th Fleet. Once there we will be acting as an aggressor squadron. I hope you are familiar with Dominion battle tactics.”

“I’ve had a few run-ins, nothing to write home about.” He looked over a PADD that was sitting in front of him, reviewing the mission details, he looked from the table “Master Chief have all new security protocols, including the new biometric scans been implemented, and tested.” He tilted his head to the side and raised his right eyebrow slightly, “I see that the last security chief had not started up training.”

Jeter nodded, “All the new scanners are in place and tested but without an actual changeling to test it on I cannot be one hundred per cent certain that they work. As for training we have bee keeping up with all new developments and the security team has been put through their paces but I assume you will want to review them? If so we can set that up right away.”

“Our last security chief,” Rebecca started, “Was a bit green, but she learned fast and her people liked her.  They did well recently, I think you will be pleased with their training.”

“Good deal.”

“This brings me to the next item of business.  We have what we are calling a Tactical Recon Team lead by a Lieutenant Collins.  You are his direct superior, but the Recon Team operates outside of your department.  Their job isn’t to fulfil standard security duties. We throw them into the most dangerous situations.”

“Recon team…” said as he shifted in his chair. “Uh, sounds interesting.”

“Oh, by the way, Mr. Conroy as security chief you need to know we have… two visitors aboard right now.  One is in the brig, named Carolyn Crawford.   She’s dangerous,  but at least we know for sure she cannot be trusted.   The other one goes by Órlaith Murphy.  She saved the lives of everyone here, except Mr. Jeter who was on the Denver at the time. I believe… I hope we can trust her, but keep an eye on her will you?”

He nodded, “Yes ma’am.”

Cheon continued to look at the PADD that was in his hands as he spoke, “Correction, Captain. Three.” He pointed to the door as it slid open and Alt Seong stepped out wearing all grey. “I know you don’t trust her or the methods that she used during the rescue and capture. However, I do trust her.”

Rebecca nodded, “Indeed. If you trust her then that is good enough for me.”  Looking at Alt Seong, “It’ll be a bit confusing with two Seongs floating about.  Is there another name you would like to go by?”

Riandri eyed Alt Seong as she walked in but gave her a slight nod, she had saved her life but something about her made her uneasy. 

Seong looked at Rebecca for a moment. She hadn’t considered that her name would be subject to think about. She looked at Cheon for a moment and a smile crossed her lips. “Call me sister.”

Rebecca nodded, “Very well.  Okay, I think that’s all for now.  I hope to be underway tomorrow. Mr. Kyo, I expect you can spread our orders around the various departments, and coordinate with Mr. Crawford in getting the last of our supplies and ordinance loaded.  Chief,  I want you to make sure all our crew is back from leave by 22:00 hours tonight and tucked into their beds.  I would hate to leave anyone behind.”

Jeter nodded, “Consider it done.”

“It is already done, captain,” Cheon stated as he pressed the send icon on the PADD that he had been looking at the entire time the conference had been going on. He looked up at her with a sly look on his face.

“Very well,” the captain announced, “dismissed.”

“Ah one more thing Mr. Conroy, please do make sure that everything that pertains to security is run by the Denver’s book. I want to make sure that you know it inside and out,” Cheon stated as he looked Conroy dead in the eyes. “I for one was the Chief Sec/Tac long before I became the XO of this fine ship, and I will not see it tarnished by a policy that was taught to you by another.”

Cheon looked to the Alt Seong, and nodded to her, dismissing her from the room.”

“Yes sir.”