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Part of Outpost Houtman (Archive): Start-up problems

Nothing Changes

Command Center
December 2400
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Kat was still sore from the encounter with the beast, but she was still able to do her job.  The first thing she did after getting released from the medical tent was to make a tour of the fence.   All was as it should be… that tank like beast was no where to be seen, and good riddance.

Her combadge chirped. Slapping it she responded, “Donovan here.”

Roberts replied “I need you down here immediately Donovan!”

“Aye ma’am.  On my way.”

It only took Kat a few minutes to cross the compound to the command center. It was in various stages of being dismantled for the move.  Entering she blinked a few times trying to get her eyes to adjust to the sudden transition of the bright outside to the comparatively darker interior.  Seeing Commander Roberts the security chief stood before her at attention,  “Reporting as ordered ma’am.”

Roberts looked up seeing the chief in front of her “We need your help in securing the site for the new outpost on top of the falls. There has been some animal attacks against the teams. I need someone to go assess the situation who can handle the danger of the situation.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kat said in a measured tone.  “And of Commander Ga?  Does that mean you are in charge now?”

Roberts looked at Kat and shook her head “I have not been told what exactly is happening, but I know for now I am the officer in charge.”

“I believe that leaves me as your second in command… should you want me to.  What will you have me do?”

Roberts nodded “For now we need to figure out what this security issue is and I need you to head the project please. I am still trying to get the plans in motion for the move of the main base to the area near the waterfall.

“Aye, I have some plans for a wee electrified fence.  I’ll get on it now.”

Roberts thought for a moment “Be careful with that and make sure you use the proper personnel if you need help. The last thing we need is an accident to add to our increasingly big plate.”

“Aye it takes no great skill to construct, just some strong backs and many hands. The alternative is allowing those wee beasties into our outpost and they are bloody hard to kill.”

Roberts nodded “I understand that just make sure you and the rest of the crew is safe.”

Kat nodded, and with that she exited the command center.  The unexpected departure of Commander Ga and who his replacement would be swirling in her head.  But, for now, nothing changes.  The was was still there.