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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 3 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

Scars of War

Sickbay, USS Denver
July 22, 2374 22:45
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“Denver, two to beam directly to medical, code blue.”

Doctor Lorsa was making rounds for the inevitable casualties that would sure to come.  The hail from Seong drove that point home.  “Okay people here we go!” The Bajoran doctor shouted.

A transporter beam materialized and the CMO and an unknown individual appeared.  The individual was no more than eighteen.   She was a child in most human cultures, and certainly not a member of the assault teams. Rushing to Seong’s side she handed the CMO a medical tricorder and was already activating the diagnostic sensors.

Seong didn’t wait for the diagnostic to finish as she lifted Angel up into her arms. “Lorsa, Biobed one, full spectrum,” she ordered. Seong gently laid Angel down and then removed her Tricorder from her medical bag, and synced it with the Denver’s computer. 

“This is Angel Ryder, age 16 and my initial scans indicated minor dehydration and malnutrition. Which wouldn’t have been anything to worry about, until the tricorder picked up this.” she motioned to the monitor which indicated several abnormalities with her genes. “Her last physical did not indicate these and I can only speculate that this happened when Bellitor and Dominus stripped her DNA to create a clone of her.”

Seong turned back to Angel. “Sweety I need you to be brave for a little while longer.” She then tapped on the console of the biobed before attaching a small device to the temple of Angel. “I promise you will be well again when you wake up.” Seong gently soothed her as she nodded for Lorsa to place Angel in a coma.

Angel nodded terror in her eyes moments before the device rendered her asleep.

“It’s a Dominion technique,” Lorsa observed.   “Little care is made for the original donor.”

Seong sighed and ran a hand through her hair as she walked over to the console. “What do we know about this technique?” she asked Lorsa as she brought up Angel’s current gene sequence and her old one.

“Not much,” Lorsa admitted.  “There’s so much about the Dominion we don’t know, but this has all the hallmarks.”

“Lorsa, how’s your Gene therapy?” Seong asked the doctor. “And is it possible to take the genes from her last physical and the transporter archives and maybe, just maybe, gene splice them into her?”

Lorsa shrugged, “I’m orthopedics.  I haven’t dealt with gene splicing since biochemistry courses at the Academy.  I didn’t even encounter it in my resident rotations, but… yeah I think that’s a solid theory.”

Seong nodded, “Good. Setup the biobed while I gather the necessary genes from Angel’s last archived transporter signature,” she stated as she began to transfer the information.

The Bajoran doctor nodded to the CMO and pulled in several nurses to help her.  In a relatively short period, they had changed Angel into a surgical gown, sterilized the area, and had her resting comfortably.   The diagnostic sensor arched over her tiny frame in a half circle and the nearby wall monitor displayed the patient’s vitals.

Studying them she became concerned that Angel’s heart rate had dipped below 50 beats per minute.  Turning to a nurse Lorsa ordered, “Please administrator 10 ccs of Atropine.”

The nurse nodded and filled a hypospray and Angel’s heart rate almost immediately jumped to 60.  “Good,” Lorsa responded. “Thank you.”

Seong looked at them both and gave a nod of approval. “Good job,” she stated before returning to the gene splicing and manipulations that she was having to do on the fly.

“How’s it going, Doctor?” Lorsa asked.

Just then Rebecca entered with Captain Nicholas Ryder at her side.   They didn’t interrupt or say anything.  Standing in the back out of the way they watched with Rebecca’s green eyes piercing the distance, concern etched on her face. For Nick’s part, he played the part of a worried father well, but he also knew better than to jump in and demand answers. 

Seong looked up from her station briefly and nodded to both of the Captains. She then turned her attention to the doctor. “Slow but steady,” she replied to Lorsa. “How is our patient looking?”

“Stable doctor,” Lorsa responded.  “I am cataloging injuries… she is an extraordinarily strong young woman,” the Bajoran said impressed. “I haven’t seen an injury profile like this outside of survivors of the Occupation of Bajor.”

Seong nodded, “I am sure her father would appreciate that she didn’t give up, as evident by these injuries.” Turning she brought over a PADD with her completed work.

“Doctor would you care to check over my work before we implement them into the biobed,” Seong said before she handed the PADD over to Lorsa.

Lorsa nodded and sat down behind a computer terminal and started checking the data. After about fifteen minutes Lorsa nodded. “As far as I can tell everything is in order.”

“Good, set it up in the biobed while I speak with our captain and Angel’s father,” she said as she moved over to where both Rebecca and Nick stood.

Seong stood before the Captain’s and nodded. “Nick…Rebecca,” she paused to allow them to say anything before she continued.

“Doctor,” Captain Ryder said in measured tones.

Seong gently drew Nick aside with her hand on his forearm. “I’m going, to be honest with you, Mr. Ryder. Your daughter has suffered significant genetic damage at the hands of her former abductors. When they created a clone of her,” she explained calmly. “Dr. Lorsa and I believe we can replace or, at the very least, regenerate the damaged genes. However, sir, I must warn you that this is a highly experimental procedure,” she warned.

Nick looked at his daughter a defeated expression on his face. After a moment he nodded, “Do it.”

Seong placed a hand gently on Nick’s forearm before she turned and headed back to Lorsa and Angel.

As she approached the doctor she nodded, “Proceed.”

Lorsa nodded, “This is your idea Doctor.  I’ll monitor vitals, but you should do thr procedure.”


Angel woke and stared up at the ceiling unmoving letting her senses slot the pieces together.  She wasn’t in her cell or one of Dominus’ labs.  She felt different too…  She felt good.

There was a presence,  and she tilted her head and there he was. Instinctively she recoiled and the man that looked like her father jumped in surprise. He didn’t have the evil eyes of Dominus. “Dad?”

“Yeah kid, I’m here.”

“Is it really you?”

Nick chuckled,  “Yeah, it is.  Must be one hell of  a mind… well it must be really messing with your mind like this.”

Angel gave him a weak smile, “Something like that.  Where am I?”

“The Denver.”

“Aunt Becca’s ship?”

“The one,” Nick said with a smile. “She’ll be around eventually.  She’s got debriefings out that wazoo. Command isn’t happy that Dominus,  Bellitor,  and Ian are all dead. Personally I feel like the trash just took itself out.  The coward Dominus just killed himself when he realized he couldn’t escape.”

Angel didn’t say anything at first, “And of Órlaith? She was actually nice to me.”

Nicholas took a deep breath.  It didn’t escape him that Dominus who was him and Bellitor who was his best friend despite both being evil to their cores they had still produced a child that wasn’t.  At least so it seemed.  “She is confined to quarters.”

“I am glad she is is alive.   She was the closet thing to a friend I had.”

“Okay Captain,” Doctor Lorsa said clearing her throat. “Visiong hours are over.  When Doctor Kyo gets here in the morning we’ll determine is she can go home. Until then your daughter needs rest.”

Nick stood and kissed Angel on the forehead,  “Goodnignt sweetie. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“You too dad,” she responded with a smile.

Nicholas turned and walked out of sickbay while Lorsa filled a hypo with a mild sedative,  “Tbis should help you sleep.”

Pressing the hypo to Angel’s shoulder and a few breaths later she was snoring peacefully.