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Part of USS Altai (Archive): M3: The Edge of Yesterday

Sifting through the sensors

Romero's Bridge
January 2401
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Joran Tel sat at the navigation console scrolling through the logs the computer had recorded while the sensors combed the surrounding regions for any signs of proto-matter. As he was thinking of it, he had to admit that this new jump-drive was spectacular based on the logs. It had taken the Romero farther than any federation ship had gone before and that include Voyager’s fabled trek through the delta quadrant in the 2370’s. He chuckled under his breath, ‘The delta quadrant is our backyard, this is a whole new galaxy, I guess we win who went the farthest…’

The computer chimed pulling his attention back to the logs and the search results it had just produced. “Hmm,” he grunted as he scanned the results. “The ship definitely found proto-matter according to the logs but the locations are not recorded within the current region. It is possible that they weren’t looking for it so it wasn’t logged. That said there is a class-1 nebula about 10 light years from here, proto-matter has been known to be found within them. Could be worth a shot.”

Alton ran a double-check of his findings. “I was hoping we’d find something closer, but, as you said, proto-matter has been known in class 1 nebulas.” Alton thought. “Let’s bring it to the captain for his approval.”

Joran nodded while looking through the navigation files, “It is a start for sure, once the systems are fully restored we can see if the long-range sensors can detect it in the nebula, save us the trip if the conditions are not correct.” As he continued to scroll through the navigation logs for this region he paused when an odd reading appeared. “If we are going to the captain we should also mention that the last time the Romero was here they detected another ship in system, the file is incomplete but there was definitely another ship.”

“Yes, I agree, he should be made aware.” Alton glanced around. “We can both go, our replacements are here. You game?” Alton rose and waited for him.

Jordan nodded, “Can do.” With that he stood and made his way to find the Captain.