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USS Altai (Archive): M3: The Edge of Yesterday

Under new management, the Altai is ordered to investigate one of their own, a ship that had disappeared during the Dominion War, was now located and adrift. But on board is a secret...

Mission Description

An Excelsior-Class starship reported missing during the Dominion War has now been located, thanks to the crew of the Altai. In their first mission, the ship was boarded by a mechanoid spider and attempted to gain access to the Altai‘s main computer. Fortunately, the crew was able to keep it from doing just that. This mechanoid was sent to Starfleet so that their specialists could study it further, as well as study the data that Altai’s chief engineer had extracted. The data is where the specialists found the location of this Excelsior-Class vessel, the Romero. This is also where the specialists have learned that these mechanoid spiders originated from the Romero.

Unfortunately, the Altai is undergoing a change in command for two reasons. Starfleet Command felt that with the current situation at hand, a Captain was needed. The other reason; Captain Jacob Hayes knew the commanding officer on board the Romero. With the crew of the Altai experienced in the matter of these mechanoid spiders and Captain Hayes knowing Romero‘s C.O., there really was only one best course of action. Assign Captain Hayes as the new C.O. of the Altai and send the Altai to investigate the Romero.

It’s going to be a bumpy ride…

About the Mission

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30 June 2023

A Relaxing Drink

USS Altai (Archive): M3: The Edge of Yesterday

Looking up from his PADD, Jaso surveyed the lounge. He smiled as he watched the crewmembers socialize. It was always fun to charge into a hectic situation and fight your way out. But it was also nice to take a breath once and a while. The band was performing a nice, jaunty tune. It was loud enough [...]

3 June 2023

Like a Bee stinging a Lion

USS Altai (Archive): M3: The Edge of Yesterday

Hayes had paced back and forth between the left and right railing on the bridge as he tried to think of a way out of this. As his thoughts sifted through the list of events that occurred, he remembered that Alton had scanned the alien vessel before they entered the nebula. “Mr. Jackson. When you [...]

3 April 2023

Trouble...Big Trouble

USS Altai (Archive): M3: The Edge of Yesterday

Hayes stood on the bridge as he looked at everyone who had returned from their assignments. Hayes looked to Jaso and Cooper. “Good work on getting the warp drive back online.” “Thank you, Captain. It was… an explosive time. I’ll relay your thanks to Anderson. I left him in charge of Main [...]

29 March 2023

Sifting through the sensors

USS Altai (Archive): M3: The Edge of Yesterday

Joran Tel sat at the navigation console scrolling through the logs the computer had recorded while the sensors combed the surrounding regions for any signs of proto-matter. As he was thinking of it, he had to admit that this new jump-drive was spectacular based on the logs. It had taken the Romero [...]