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Profile Overview

Joran Tel

Human Male

Character Information


Starbase Bravo


Joran Tel




Joran got his passion for flying from his father and enlisted in Starfleet not wanting to bother with the entrance exam to the academy. He has spent the last decade since enlisting working his way up to Chief Petty Officer and is generally well-liked by those around him but will admit he can be a bit arrogant when it comes to his piloting skills. He has been known to have issues with an officer when they pull rank just because they went to the academy and the enlisted crewmembers didn’t.


Slightly above average height at 5’10, he weights in at 80kg. Tel has black hair and brown eyes. He typical also has a well-kept moustache.


Early Life

Joran was born on Luna but moved to earth with his parents when he was 6 months old. He grew up in northern Finland where a love for the outdoors was instilled in him. His father was a retired Valkyrie pilot injured during the Dominion War; specifically the Battle of Cardassia.

Starfleet Techincal Services Academy (2388-2390)

Joran debated applying for the academy, though he had the grades he opted not to take the entrance exam and enlist instead. Upon attending STSA he was recognised for his piloting ability and understanding of shipboard mechanics. During his time there he spent most of his free time practising in the simulators with the hope of following in his father’s footsteps of piloting a starfighter and the larger capital ships of the federation.

USS Typhon (2390 – 2396)

Upon graduation, he was assigned to the USS Typhon as a crewman and pilot. His time on the Typhon was generally uneventful as the ship was an off fit within the federation. The Typhon was assigned as part of the joint Federation-Klingon fleet that defeated the Sovereignty of Khalass in 2391. This marked the largest engagement, by a number of ships, in his career to date. His skills in the pilot seat as he had his first two confirmed kills – two B’rel’s.

The Typhon was involved in several other smaller skirmishes and acted in a supporting role when close air support was needed in the mid-2390s.

Joran’s skill and commitment to the job saw him rise in rank from Crewman 3rd class to Petty Officer 1st Class in 6 years.

USS Radiant Storm (2396-2400)

When the Typhon went in for a major refit Joran was reassigned to lead the combat wing on the USS Radiant Storm; an Akira-class heavy cruiser, and promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class. The ship was assigned to the Cardassian border where it was tasked with piracy prevention. During this time he was involved in several engagements with Cardassian raiders and was injured in late 2397 when his Valkyrie was severely damaged and he rammed it, just after his ejection, into the attacking Hideki-class ship. This incident still lingers in his mind as his best friend and co-pilot was killed during the engagement.

His injury took him out of the pilot seat of the Valkyries for several months while he recovered and he was reassigned as conn officer aboard the Radiant Storm. As with aboard the Typhon he worked hard and showed a strong commitment to whatever role he was at.

He would also willingly admit to anyone who asked that the Akira didn’t handle like a Valkyrie, not that one would expect it to, but it was the best ship he ever flew.

USS Altai

In early 2400 he was reassigned to the USS Altai as she patrolled the far fringes of federation space along the Breen border.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2390 Crewman Recruit Starfleet Techincal Services Academy
Crewman Recruit
2390 - 2393 Valkyrie Pilot USS Avenger; Typhon-class carrier
2393 - 2395 Valkyrie Pilot USS Avenger; Typhon-class carrier
Petty Officer 3rd Class
2395 - 2396 Valkyrie Squadron leader; Con Officer USS Avenger; Typhon-class carrier
Petty Officer 2nd Class
2396 - 2397 Valkyrie Squadron leader; Con Officer USS Radiant Storm; Akira-class
Petty Officer 1st Class
2397 - 2400 Valkyrie Squadron leader; Conn officer USS Radiant Storm; Akira-class
Chief Petty Officer
2400 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Altai; Steamrunner-class
Chief Petty Officer
2400 Chief Flight Control Officer USS Altai; Steamrunner-class