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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 3 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

Back Ground

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LtJgMike Collins had arrived at Starbase Echo. He was assigned as a security officer.  His duties included patrolling the stations Promenade, and doing random sweeps of the areas around the ship to discourage thief and smuggling.  The security chief has encouraged his staff to put forward any ideas to help make the station safer. Collins had been thinking about an idea, but had been afraid to talk about it. So one day, he went to the security office and spoke to his boss. “My idea is to create a tactical recon unit, comprised of security, engineers and medical personnel. Other departments can be mixed in, when needed. This unit can be used to locate enemy units, and engage them, if ordered.” His boss, listened, and after several minutes of thought finally said, “Good idea, get it started. Take whoever you need for your teams. I’ll clear it with the Commander, and Collins…’ll be in charge.” And with that, new units were to be formed, under his command. He started contacting all personnel he felt would be a good fit for the new units. It took weeks to start the ball rolling, months of training to get things right, then finally, it was done. The new units would prove to be essential when long range scans detected a large force of Jem Hadar and Cardassian ships heading to the station.  A station wide evacuation was ordered, and the Tactical Recon Teams, or TRT, were mobilized. The teams would stage at all vulnerable locations. The prime objective: get the civilian population and Starfleet personnel off the station first. The attack came. Cardassian and Jem Hadar troops started boarding the station. Firefights ragged all over the station. The bodies piled up. But thee TRT’s held their ground! They took heavy losses, but they held! Finally when the last transport carrying fleet personnel left, the remaining TRT’s fought their way to the hanger deck where their ship waited for them.Losses for the civilians, Federation personnel were put at 10%. Losses for the TRT’s were put at 56%. But Command called it a victory anyway. For their actions, the TRT’s were awarded Starfleet’s Medal Of Honor. Collins received the Medal of Honor, with clusters, then given 2 months R&R and told to report to the USS Denver.