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Part of USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

Chapter 8 – The Doctor will See You Now

USS Corax
Feb 2401
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The Corax was steadily making its way towards the Proteus System when Damien found himself outside the sickbay, needing both a long overdue health check and an outlet to unjumble his thoughts. Now that he was here, he was starting to second-guess himself. He probably should have contacted Doctor Yates before showing up unannounced, although, she had mentioned to pop by once they were en-route. Before he could change his mind the doors slid open and Nora’s voice floated through the opening.

“You can come in, Mr Andrews.”

Swallowing the newly formed lump in his throat, Damien took a step forward and got his first look at the sickbay, with Nora standing beside the lone biobed.

“Take a seat and we will get started.” Nora spoke with a soft smile as she pulled her tricorder out and waited patiently for Damien to get situated. “What brings you in today?”

Damien’s followed the handheld scanner as she checked his vitals. “After a tour of duty in the Delta Quadrant and our present course heading directly into a disease outbreak, just thought it was a sound conclusion to get checked out and up to date.”

“If only everyone thought like you did.” Nora replied as she cast an eye over the results of her scan. “I see nothing of concern today Mr Andrews, but you are overdue a couple of boosters.”

“I have time.” Damien replied.

“Wonderful.” Nora continued as she walked into her office briefly. 

“Is the crew making you feel welcome and a part of the crew since you received your provisional approval?” Nora asked, returning from the office with a trolley carrying a hypospray and several different vials. “I know you had a bit of an experience in the Delta Quadrant and not being given any time to process.”

“We haven’t really had much time to interact since we returned to Federation space.” Damien shrugged. “But I haven’t felt unwelcome or under scrutiny. The others obviously trust Captain Suin’s judgement.”

Dispensing the first shot into Damien’s shoulder, Nora continued to probe lightly. “And how about you? Do you trust the Captain’s judgement? From my observations, despite his relative young age, he has several lifetimes of memories and experience to draw on, so I don’t expect him to make these decisions lately.”

“I hadn’t considered that.” Damien admitted as Nora was busying herself with the next canister on the tray. “When he arrived to oversee the supply drop, it felt like a light at the end of a tunnel. I had a chance to return home. 

Damien continued his train of thought as Nora administered the second shot. “It felt almost personal, rather than a sense of professional duty and he fulfilled that promise. I know it sounds like hero worship, but I want to do right by the opportunity and prove myself.” Damien felt himself going a bit red as he finished. 

“I’m glad to hear it.” Nora, ever the professional deciding not to comment further. She administered the final shot and left Damien to his thoughts for a moment as she updated his personnel file and medical records.

“Good news, Mr Andrews, as I mentioned earlier, nothing of concern to note today, is there anything concerning you that you want to discuss?” Nora asked, as she placed the padd on the trolley.

“Not at this stage. Thank you, Doctor.” Damien replied as he slid himself off the biobed.

“In that case, I do prescribe a detour past the Crew Lounge for a drink and a snack before making sure that lab of yours is in top shape before we drop of out warp.” Nora finished with a smile and ushering Damien to the door. “Don’t hesitate to stop by whenever you need.”

And with that, Damien found himself back out in the corridor staring at the bulkhead in front of him. He had probably said more than he wanted, but he also felt a little lighter inside for it. Taking the doctors advice, Damien decided to pick up a snack and a drink from the lounge before returning to the lab.

“Deck 1, Crew Lounge.” Damien requested as he entered the nearest available turbolfit feeling like things were going to turn out ok. Most likely in unexpected ways, but if it expected, is it worth the risk?