Part of USS Mercy: Mission 3 – “Lost in Space”

Unexpected Restrictions

USS Mercy - Deck 28; Armory
10.13.2400 - 15:30
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After O’Shea left the meeting with Captain Pottinger he did a quick wander through the ship stopping by engineering, medical, and several of the science labs as he thought back on the meeting. After 30 minutes he activated his coms to determine the location of Lieutenant Dougal MacDonald.

The computer quickly responded, ‘Lieutenant MacDonald is in the main Armory, Deck 28.’

“Shouldn’t be surprised by that I guess,” he muttered to himself and made his way to the nearest turbolift. Upon entering he gave his destination, “Deck 28, Armory.”

Deck 28 – Armory: 15:35

Dougal scanned a phaser rifle with a tricorder,  checked it against the inventory and then moved on to the next weapon stored in the armory.  This time a micro photon launcher.   Counting the torpedoes in the accompanying backpack he frowned.  Two were missing.  He was looking around when O’Shea entered. 

“Dougal,” O’Shea said with a nod, “just who I wanted to see.” He paused for a moment noticing the inspection that Dougal was carrying out, “Everything in order?”

“Nay lad,” he said with a frown.  “According to the inventory there should be four micro torpedoes,  and there are only two.”

O’Shea listened to Dougal and a frown grew on his face, “That is not what I was wanting to hear.” He stepped up and double-checked the inventory and then the backpack. Shaking his head he cross-checked the last inventory, “What’s your gut telling you? A mistake or something else?”

“I dinnae think someone stole the wee buggers.  Probably misplaced.”

O’Shea nodded, “Ok, either way, let’s review the entry logs for the armory. I suspect that it is possible they were not logged correctly after the incident with the Romulans and Klingons as several launchers were used. Pach may be able to shed some light on this as well.” He turned away and scanned the rest of the armory, he did not believe there was someone on the ship who would steal the devices but it had to be considered. 

Dougal shrugged, “It was a bit of a mess of a mission too.”

O’Shea nodded, “My thoughts exactly. Let’s have a route through here and the shuttles. I can get Pach to check them while we look here.” He made is way to the heavy weapons lockers and paused, “If we cannot find it today then I will need to put in a report about this but with this Captain Pottinger I am hesitant. There is by the book but I got the sense she would use this against the Mercy.

“You met the lass?” Dougal asked curious.

“You could say that,” O’Shea said, “I just came from a briefing with her and her assistant. They want us to provide a security detachment to ensure the observation team does not come into contact with anyone on the ship. I have no issue with this but she played it off that it was a new protocol being trialled but they did not inform us or include that in the briefing documents. Captain or not, that information is critical.”

“Aye it is,” Dougal agreed. “Is no big deal.”

O’Shea clicked his tongue as he started to remove the various photon launchers from the locker, “That is why I was looking for you. She has requested that you not carry your Sgian-dubh when working with her team or the observation team.” He held up his hand as Dougal moved to say something, “I know you have special compensation by Captain Halsey to carry it and that it is within regulation if that has been granted. I raised this with her as she technically can request this. Her rationale is that the Starfleet Observational Operations unit is very particular when it comes to how they operate with their teams. You can officially log this in your file and mission report if you choose, I know I will be given the odd nature of the request.”

Dougal gave O’Shea a confused look.  “My wee bloody knife?  The bisom has nothing better to do than to worry about a knife?  Does she not ken how useful the blade is?”  He was incredulous, “It’s not like I’m carrying a bat’leth around. Ancient Scots were more than likely to eat with it than stab someone. What’s next? Is the lass gonna ban forks?”

O’Shea shrugged, “I get it. I had thoughts along the same line to be honest due to the odd nature of the request and asked if we would be required to do our job without phasers as well.” Pulling out the last launcher and backpack he turned and set it down on the table, “Needless to say her response was a bit snippy but we will be allowed to carry standard equipment.” Opening the bag he checked the set of micro photons within before moving to the next before pausing and looking back at Dougal, “I understand the concern you have regarding the Sgian-dubh but it is only temporary. Once Pottinger is gone things will go back to normal.”

“Aye well, it’s no the blade that’s the problem lad,” Dougal said resigned.  “It’s that bloody level of pettiness and micromanagement.  I dinnae like meddling, and the bisom is obviously a meddler.” He opened the pack with the last launcher, “Aw there you wee buggers are!” He removed two microtorpedos. “How did you wee bastards get in there?” He said to the torpedoes. 

O’Shea stepped over to the bag and glances in, “That’s good. Saves us a report and a headache.” Grabbing two of the launchers he turned to place them back in the locker, “As for Pottinger I would agree based on what I have seen but there is little we can do. She has the command of the mission and the rank but she must work within protocol and regulations, if she steps outside of them we record it and go from there.”

“My wife has the power to relive her of duty,” Dougal said only half joking. 

O’Shea stifled a laugh, “I doubt it would come to that. Best to keep your head down. This mission will be over soon enough.” He finished putting the last of the launchers back in the locker and was able to turn to leave when he stopped, “I haven’t run it by the Captain yet but now that Izi’s transfer has gone through you are by far the second most experienced officer on the security team. I am going to suggest that you be the assistant chief security officer just in case something happens to me. Do you want the job? You are basically doing it already.”

“Sir?” Dougal considered the offer, “I dinnae suppose it matters what I want, ” he replied with a smirk. He sighed and glanced around. Aimee wasn’t going anywhere.  As CMO of a medical frigate she was basically in her element.   “Aye lad,” he said nodding reluctantly.  “I guess my days in SpecOps are done. I hoped to come back to it. To have my old commander give me a call and tell me to suit up.  He’s left Starfleet,  and that was just a bloody daft pipe dream.  Aye, I’ll be your second.”

O’Shea nodded, “Good. I will get Halsey to sign off on it. It is either you or Pach and well he is already our senior NCO so that was out.” O’Shea turned to leave then stopped, “I understand what you mean about the old days but just remember, we are in Star Fleet and we never know what the next day or mission will bring. Your job is to protect the people on the crew and given what we have seen on the Mercy up to now I suspect we will have some interesting times ahead of us.” He shrugged as he continued, “Besides you get to be posted with your wife, that doesn’t always happen.”

“Aye lad. I cannae argue that logic at all.  I am a wee lucky man to be sure.”

O’Shea laughed at that, “That you are.” He then turned and made his way to the door before stopping, “Lets make sure that this mission goes off without a hitch, speak to your team and make sure they understand. If you need anything I will be in the security office reviewing the files I have on this planet.”

“Aye, I will,” Dougal replied somewhat amused.

With a nodded O’Shea walked out of the armory.