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Time to talk

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Kr’antren and Aryanna made their way into the Dragons bridge briefing room. “Hmmm, we are going to need to come up with a different name for this room, sounds so silly to keep saying meet me/us in the bridge briefing room. Don’t you think so?”

Aryanna walked around the room taking it all in, noticing the table’s position and general layout. “Agreed, so what do you think of our new command so far?”

“To tell the truth, I’m not sure yet. Lots to take in. New crew, new ship and all that.” he reached down on the table and activated the main view screen and then activated the holographic LCARS. “Still haven’t gotten used to these yet, for some odd reason I think only a few of the staff used the holographic LCARS interface on the Osiris.” he said as he pulled up the ship’s crew roster and files. “Lets see who we have shall we?”

Aryanna nodded and sat down beside Kr’Antren. “ I can tell you that the Chief Engineer and your Yeoman are good people, both of them know their jobs and are quite good at them.”

Kr’Antren raised an eyebrow as he looked at their files. “I see, it looks like Lieutenant Zaishi has requested a few of her department heads from your previous section to join the Dragon in the same roles. Thoughts?”

Aryanna activated her console,looking over the requests. “All good people and good officers, they know their stuff. I would question the requested assignments for these two. ” She highlighted two names on the list. “Fresh out of the academy, they know their stuff just not very experienced. It was alright in the yards, but out here on one of the newest and advanced classes in the fleet I would have my doubts about them in department head roles, maybe as assistant department heads but not as full department heads.”

Kr’antren nodded as she spoke “I’m ok with that, go ahead and make the changes to the requests and the orders and approve them.”

She looked at him and blinked several times. 

<<”Ok, that is not what i expected.”

Me either, figured he would at least start off trying to assert his position. It’s what most new captains would do.

“It’s what I would have done if it was me in his position, especially with the way that things went down in the meeting with the Commodore.”

“I agree, can’t say i would have fought you on that either. There is something different about this Caitian; just can’t put my, well your finger, on it. This is going to be an interesting puzzle to work on.” 

“You know I hate puzzles.”

I know, I know.”>> 

Kr’Antren looked at her, knowing that a brief conversation was taking place between Rigras and her. (cleared his throat)”Aryanna, look I’m sure you know I was given your file to read when I was asked to take the right hand seat. I also understand that the only way this is going to work. “He pointed a finger at her then at himself.” is if we work as a team. We discuss everything, hold nothing back from each other no matter if it’s what we think the other wants to hear or not, if you think of something in the moment tell me and I’ll do the same. My ready room door is always open for you no matter the time or situation. It will take some work from both of us, but I believe it is the only way that this will work.”

<<”oh shit, he’s good. I was not expecting that so soon. Thought it would take some time.”>>

Aryanna sat back and let out a long breath. “Wow, that was a lot. Even Rigras was not expecting that so soon, to tell the truth I also thought it would be something that we would have to work together to figure out. I agree, it makes complete sense.”

“If I may make a suggestion. It deals with this room.” she pointed at the table “ It doesn’t fit, I understand that the inquiry class is all a standard build, but I feel like this was just thrown in here. What do you think about a circular table?”

“I was just thinking about that myself, I hate this head of the table position. How about a ring table?” Kr’Antren stood and walked around the room much as Aryanna did when they first entered. 

“That should work just fine.” as Aryanna pulled up the next set of crew files.

“What the hell? What is she doing on this ship? How is she in StarFleet?” she slammed  her prosthetic hand on the table.

Kr’antren turned around and faced the view screen, seeing the file of Doctor M’gok  on the screen. “Aryanna, what is the problem with Doc? I can vouch for her.”

Aryanna is trembling, grinding her fist into the table. 

<<”Aryanna, it can’t be her. You know this as well as I do and obviously Kr’Antren knows this one. Breath, Aryanna, breath.”>> 

Kr’antren looked at his new Executive Officer and then back at the view screen showing the Doc’s file and her picture, remembering what he had read just earlier in the day from her file. “Shit, I don’t believe this.” He looked back at Aryanna. “Aryanna, listen to me. Take a breath and listen.”

Aryanna turned her head toward him, eyes full of rage and pain. 

“It’s not her, I know what you are thinking/remembering it is not her, let me show you.” He split the screen to show Doc’s picture and the picture of her sister that was taken right before their father took her away. “On the left is Doc, her first name is Shoji, on the right is Avasa, as they were carting her off to face whatever penalties that the Klingon high command was going to hand down. Last we heard she was publicly executed. They are or were half sisters, Doc has been with me since I took command of the Rhyndacus.”

Aryanna looked at the picture then back at Kr’Antren, tears running down her cheeks. “She, She, she… “ she looked down at her hand.

“I understand that now, hold on, let me show you something. Not many besides the crew of the Rhyndacus and those that interviewed the crew afterwards have seen this. Do not let doc know that I showed this to you, she is not very proud of it.” He typed something on his PADD which then played the recording of the fight between the sisters on Alth’Ndor IV.

<<”Damn, for all intensive purpose’s she died at that moment. Well it’s not what we had dreamed about and wished for all these past months but it looks like she got what she deserved in the end.”

“I wanted it, I wanted to be the one.”

“I know, we both did. But it looks like things played out differently. I am willing to bet that they are the reason why she did not finish us off.”>>

“Can I see it again, Kr’antren.”

He let it play again

She watched and then nodded at Kr’Antren. “Sorry about that, I didn’t even see her picture. All I saw was the last name and then all I saw was red.” She looked around the room quickly. “Guess, I still have a few things to work through.”

Kr’antren nodded. “Rather now than when she walked in here in a few minutes. Will you be ok when she does? You’ll notice she does not look like her sister. She is half klingon half human while her sister is full klingon. Don’t ask me, I still haven’t had the chance to get that story from Doc.”

Aryanna nodded. “Shall we continue with the roster review? I’m guessing we still have a few minutes before everyone starts to arrive.”

For the next several minutes they go through the rest of the command staff and other department head files.

“Looks like we still have a few holes to fill, though Lieutenant Zaishi’s request should fill a few of them. I’ll put in some additional requests and feelers in the system tomorrow and ask around a few offices that I have worked with over the last couple of months”  Aryanna stated as she picked up her PADD and started pulling up a few files.

At about that time the briefing room door chimed as the first members of the new command staff started to arrive.


  • Oh very nice. I like the moment there between them where they reach an accord, and the surprise from both Aryanna and Rigas, that was very nicely done. It showed the depth of the characters and gives us a hint of how they are going to work as a team. Then flip and burn, we have the reaction from Aryanna to Doc’s file. Loved this part, and again, I liked how Kr’Antren handled it. He’s a character to watch. And now I want Doc’s story! Loved it, looking forward to reading more!

    February 22, 2023