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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 2 – Red Heaven


Lextis III
January 2401
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Dex’s Office

Lori shuffled into Dex’s office and sat in the chair across from his desk.  Her eyes were still bleary and she felt like someone was leading a marching band inside her head.  The med Parker gave her last night reduced the hangover affect, making her wonder how much worse it could have been.

“Nice of you to show up,” said Dex, amusement in his voice.

“Mm hmm,” grumbled Lori.

“I encourage having a good time, especially bedroom fun, but when it’s time for business, it’s time for business.”

Bedroom fun?  Lori wondered what that meant.  Did something happen she didn’t remember?

“The man you left the club with, will you be seeing him again?” said Dex.

Lori felt afraid.  Did Dex have her followed?  Was her cover in jeopardy?

“Relax.  You’re my new partner, so you get a bodyguard now.  We didn’t intrude on you.  Your private time is your business,” said Dex.

Lori was relieved.  “I celebrated too much.  I’m sorry I wasn’t here on time.”  Speaking of that, where was Hok?

“Bral was on time.  With our new shipment not arriving yet, I sent him to our warehouse to take inventory of our product and create a plan to make it last until we get more.”  Dex picked up a PADD.  “You’ve done a good job overseeing our corner people, as well as keeping the police away, so I need you to find a way to get our shipment.”

Lori took the PADD.  Was this it?  Was this the time she would learn the source of the red heaven?  Could she finally put an end to this dangerous drug?

“If Starfleet patrols are getting in the way, it will take time,” said Lori.  “My employer here might need to use all the connections and favors he has.”

“Are you saying you can’t do this?” said Dex.

“No, I’ll do it.  I just need you to understand it won’t be easy,” said Lori.

“Okay,” said Dex.  A few seconds passed.  “You can start now.”

Lori nodded, though with the ache in her head, she regretted it.  Getting up and walking out of the office, she needed to contact Parker.

Lori’s Room at the Inn

“Are you feeling better?”  Parker smiled.  “You look like you had a run in with a targ.”

Lori ignored that, holding up the PADD.  “This is the place Dex gets the drug.  We’ve got him.”

Parker’s demeanor changed.  Taking the device, he activated it and began reading.

“The plan to set up Nessa worked,” said Lori.

“You did it, Doctor.  I’ll pass this along, but in the meantime, keep your cover.  We’re almost there,” said Parker.

Dex’s Office

“That didn’t take long,” said Dex.

“It pays to know people that know people,” said Lori.

“This is amazing, almost too good to be true.  In fact. you and Bral are too good to be true.  Something about you has been bothering me all along.”  Dex tapped his desk.  Nothing happened, so he tapped it again.

“They’re not coming,” said Lori.

“Are you making a play to get rid of me, too?  Do you think you’re going to take over?”  Dex laughed.  “You’re nothing compared to the enemies I’ve crushed.”

“No.  I have a different agenda.”  Lori reached into her pocket and pressed a comm unit.  The door opened and Hok, Parker, and three local police officers stepped into the room.  The officers had phasers drawn.

“Dex Watson, you’re under arrest,” said Parker.  “Make one move and my men will fire on you.”

Dex glared at Lori, his mouth hanging open.  ”You bitch.”

Lori smiled.