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Who needs enemies with Ferengi’s like these!

Acamar system
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As they escorted the disgruntled Ferengi out of the area, the Vulcan captain convened a meeting; consisting of himself Lieutenant Bolka and Ensigns Devron and Stuart.   The four of them sat around the large table in the aft observation lounge.  Through one of the large windows Jason could clearly see the shuttle following them, lagging behind like a scalded child.  “Funny how the DaiMons’ ship can only manage warp 3 all of a sudden.” He mused.

“A remarkable piece of bad fortune.” Added the Vulcan making it rather clear he felt nothing of the sort. “I even offered him the services of out chief engineer.”

“Can’t we just drag him along with a Tractor-beam?” Lyanna enquired leaning back in her chair arms folded.

“We’d never hear the last of it, Salan replied. “The diplomatic repercussions of such an action would be rather server.  The fact he was willing enough to let us on board was because it was to his advantage. No we’re here to go over the data and see if we can figure out what he’s up to.”

Between them the four crew went over everything that had happened, sensor logs, the fact aft half of the shuttle was shielded and the discovery that it was almost totally empty when two of them had beamed over.  Another five or six minutes past with barely a whisper between them.  Then Lyanna spoke. “Oh you crafty little….” She enlarged a section of the image she’d been studying on a PADD and turned the device around so the other three could see what she’d just been looking at. “Right there; this second course change.  He almost comes to a stop.”

“Now why would he feel the need to do that?” Questioned Jason.

“Drop off his cargo before we could get near him, may be?” The Bajoran added.

“And just leave it floating there!” Devron pondered. “How does he get it back with use around watching him?”

As if on cue the answer was given to him.  “Bridge to captain, Ferengi D’Kora just dropped out of warp close to where intercepted the shuttle.”

“Thank you Ensign Harris.” Salan brought both his hands together on top of the table his long slender fingers touching at the tip. “I believe there we have our answer.  Whatever it was DaiMon Talr felt it necessary to dump is just getting collected by his friends.”


When they were all back on the bridge a short while later the D’Kora started to move once more, this time on a pursuit course.  Travelling at just under warp 6, it hardly took any time at all for it to catch up the corvette and her small companion.

As the warship closed in. DaiMon Talt made contact with the Jaxartes. His large face appeared on the main view screen.  Looking very smug and happy with himself.  “I’m afraid I must leave you now.” He turned his head to the right, as if looking to another screen. “My ship is here.  Goodbye Federation.  It has been a pleasure.”  It was like he was taunting them.

Once his image had disappeared again, Ensign Devron turned to his captain.  “Permission to have a malfunction in the weapons system and fire a torpedo right up his smug backside!”

“Permission denied Mr Devron.”  The Vulcan replied in a flat tone, even though deep down he was thinking the same thing as the young officer seated in front of him. “He may have out maneuvered us this time.  But we’ll be ready next time.  Whatever money making scheme the DaiMon has lined up, is probably not over yet.”

They watched as the D’Kora came to a near stop, and the small Ferengi shuttle craft entered the larger ships main hanger bay.  No more than a couple of minutes after the shuttle had moved out of view than the warship departed at maximum warp.

“Ensign Stuart, set a course to get use back into our patrol area.  Warp 5.”

“Aye captain, course layed in.”


Once more the USS Jaxartes was alone in the vast expanse of space with only the stars for company.