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Starbase Bravo - Mike Sector: Deck 668 (Onboard the USS Jaxartes)
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The crew of the USS Jaxartes had spent the last 36 hours getting everything ready for the corvettes launch.  Bringing in supplies and additional equipment the Captain felt they would need.  In that time the Engineering Room had been a hive of activity. Ensign Dinari along with another crew member who was a Betazoid by the name of Torf and several engineers from the space station itself where all being kept rather busy by the ever watchful BellBrooke.

With yells of ‘watch what the heck you’re doing man’ and ‘not like that you idiot’ echoing around the large two store compartment which was the heart of the ship.  It was a wonder that no one had taken a wrench to the back of this diminutive and slightly rotund man’s head and put pay to everyone’s misery.

Right now the young engineer was part way up a ladder with his head and upper body through an open access hatch where he was replacing a relay component.  Though what the difference between an AR1107-04 and an AR1107-06 was; when both looked identical and the first was apparently working perfectly was at present unclear to the Ensign.  However the Chief Engineer had some ‘bug’ about the 04’s and wanted any of them when found to be removed and replaced by the newer variant.

When the small man yelled up to him asking why Lyambo was taking so long he nearly cracked the back of his head on  a section of conduit.  Though he so wanted to yell back at the other man, he merely replied “Nearly done Chief” and offered up a prayer to any God that may be listening that everything would work perfectly and Bellbrooke would move on to another ship soon.

By the time Dinari had pulled his head out from the hatch; the other man was over the far side chewing someone else out over something or other!


On the bridge Ensigns Devron and Stuart where both going through their final checks; whilst the captain watched on in silence.  At the back Lieutenant Bolka was setting up the Science Station, just the way she wanted.  Since first meeting the Bajoran; Jason had learned that Bolka was at the Academy on light duties whilst recovering from serious injury.   She’d spared him the gruesome details, other than a skiing accident had left her with a broken back, pelvis and leg; along with a cracked collar bone and three broken ribs.  Not to mention the punctured lung just for good measure, as she put it. This would be her first active assignment in over a year and it was clear to everyone else onboard that the lieutenant was extremely happy with this opportunity to get back to what she loved most.

Over the other side sat Ensign Cho.  Though born on one of Earth many well established colonies, it was clear she still retained much of her Korean family heritage.  She was very quiet and could often go unnoticed; which may have seemed a little odd for a communication officer.  But people had said she was good at her job.  When she spoke for only the second time whilst she’d been at her station in that afternoon she announced that the captain had an incoming message, which he elected to take in his Ready Room.


He sat down in a large padded chair, turned the monitor screen on the table to face him and clicked a couple of buttons on the small keyboard lying next to it.  The image on the screen changed from the Starfleet logo to the face of Commodore Bale.

“I was wondering how long it would take you, Ison.”  The Vulcan used his friend and fellow officer’s first name.

“It’s not too late to change your mind you know.” Replied the Betazoid, “What happens when Ensign Devron discovers he’s supposed to be in command of that ship and you’ve been pulling strings?”

“It’s only a temporary while I search for information. Trust me”

“This is all very…” Bale started

“Un-Vulcan like?” The Vulcan interrupted. “I know my brother is still out there.  I just want to find him before our mother passes.”

“You already have my sympathies. Good look and stay safe.”

They spoke for a few more minutes, catching up on any resent events and exchanging their thoughts.  When the communication ended and the Starfleet logo reappeared on the screen.  Salan sat for a moment in silence, he knew this was a risk; but not in the way the Commodore thought.  Salan would never describe himself the superstitious sort. Yet events from long ago had left their mark and still lingered at the back off his mind.

It had been during his time as Ensign aboard the USS Farragut, and less than 3 months before they’d been tasked with helping rescue the crew of the crashed Enterprise D.   He’d been part of a five strong away team on the planet Elas delivering medical supplies to a settlement called Ridaar.  Where a deadly virus had broken out amongst the local population.

During their time there a woman had approached them predicting their futures with a simple touch of the hand her clues to the eventual fate of the Farragut seemed unerringly accurate when the reports of her lose had reached him whilst onboard the USS Fairfax roughly two years after the encounter.

He remembered clearly the words she’d spoke to him about his own death. ‘Let the river take you to the land of kings, and when two moons become three look to the mirror for the God of Death is beckoning you aboard for the last journey in this realm. Beyond these stars the forge of the Faceless ones awaits to create you anew. And you will become their destroyer’


Ten minutes later after he’d gathered his thoughts; Salan was back in his captains’ chair on the bridge.  He pressed the communication button connecting him with Main Engineering. “Bridge to Engineering. Mr Bellbrooke are your engines ready?”  To which a confirmatory answer was given after a brief pause.

He turned to the communications officer behind and to his right. “Ensign Cho, contact Flight Control and request clearance to launch.”

“Aye captain.” She replied before making the request.  “We are cleared to leave dock captain.  Flight Control wishes use a safe journey.”

“Ensign Stuart. Take use out”

“Aye captain. All magnetic claps disengaged.  Maneuvering thrusters at 15%.”  Lyanna went through all the commands as she imputed them on her controls.  Nothing seemed to happen at first, then slowly the small corvette began to inch forward.  After a couple of minutes the USS Jaxartes final poked its nose out into the world once more.

Once completely clear her impulse engines glowed into life. The

ship moved ever further away from the space station, Then when once well away and their course laid in; Ensign Stuart was ordered to engage the Warp Drive.  Then with a flash the point in space where the vessel had been became empty once more.