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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 3 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

The Knights Flight Moving Forward

USS Denver
2374 - Five days after Ming's Arrival on USS Denver (13:57 hours)
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Ming was fairly pleased with the holodeck simulations his pilots had done with him.  They still needed work but after a day or two of practice they seemed to be picking up the others styles in short order.  That pleased him, in large part, because they didn’t have much time to get comfortable so the sooner they learned the better.

After flying for the past number of years it’d been made abundantly clear that if you couldn’t trust the person on your wing and they couldn’t anticipate your moves or you theirs the end result would be a message from the Fleet informing next of kin you’d had your ass shot off.  As the new CO of the flight he was determined to make sure he trained the other pilots well enough to ensure, as best anyone could, that his pilots came home safely.  It wasn’t likely to be one hundred percent possible however that was the target.

Earlier, as he often did at a new assignment, he replicated a few uniforms to have at the ready.  He also replicated some flight suits and civilian garb that he liked but hadn’t been able to bring.  As he had done so he’d thought of creating a full on duster to go along with a few variants of the duty uniform but over the flight suits the attack craft pilots often wore.

 He felt it could potentially be great addition to Starfleet’s variations to their uniforms.  It in certain environments it would offer an extra layer of protection when full on cold weather gear wasn’t quite necessary or when there were periods of rain.  He also felt that dusters often looked good as well.   He resolved to put something together to submit for approval.  Sometimes you needed to keep busy in your down time while at alert prior to any launch orders. 

At this point he felt it was time to graduate to field training at least for half of this next phase.  Test them more in real situations then do any polishing in the sims to finish.  It was going to get even more real all too soon.    The flights were going to possibly interfere with the ship operations so Ming decided it was time to check in with the Captain to make sure everyone was on the same page with the next step of the new wing’s drills.   

To be continued……