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Part of USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

8) The verdict

Starfleet JAG - Court 114
December 2400
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“All rise” A security officer spoke up as the judge entered the room. 

Everyone stood up as Sazra stayed in her seat but followed with her eyes the judge walking to his chair and taking a seat. The man waved his hand as everyone took a seat. Cornelio looked at the room and took a deep breath. “I have received the court’s investigator’s final conclusion on their investigation of the bombing of Avalon Fleet Yards that Captain Sazra Praugol did in her act. Much footage was scanned, many people were interviewed, and the evidence was gathered to form this conclusion” 

He took a deep breath as he had a PADD in front of him and tapped the desk a bit. “Captain Praugol, in service of Starfleet Task Force 86. Has been sent to a dangerous operation within the Delta Quadrant. To investigate the sudden appearance of the blood dilithium. Ships were attacked by the Devore Imperium, hunted by the Hirogens, and all while dealing with the intense effects of this blood dilithium that was caused by a combination of strong anomalous. Now I am no scientist and shall not try to understand this occurrence” He paused for a moment giving Sazra a glare. 

“But” He looked away from her and into the room “The situation that Damascus was in was also no easy task. They were sent out into the depths of space to investigate the heavy, dense appearance of the blood dilithium. They manage to survive a trap that the Devore Imperium laid. They survive an encounter with the first known and documented blood crystalline entity and can save a crew of trapped civilians”. He heard some people talking to each other, and it made him smash the hammer on the wood “Order in this court….I am not done yet” 

The room became quiet again as Cornelio nodded. “Miss Praugol is a Trill, and thus she is telepathic sensitive. Any telepathic were left behind by the reports given by the Fourth Fleet. Miss Praugol did the same thing with her crew. But Starfleet advises those sensitive to be watchful of the effects of the blood dilithium” He looked down at the report given about the situation and then looked back up. “The investigators have concluded that Captain Praugol was or still is under the influence of blood dilithium. The investigators state that her red pupil eyes and aggressive change in her behavior add up to the profile of someone that is under its influence. Therefore, this court acknowledges the report of the investigator’s work and states that Captain Praugol is not guilty under the charges that were laid upon her name” 

Some in the crowd cheered as others were in total disbelief. Sazra narrowed her eyes looking at the judge that also looked back at her with a calm expression. She stands up and slams her hands on the desk as her eyes glare red. “I will bomb the next starbase, starship, or planetary outpost! I shall not stop until you return to Delta Quadrant and bring the war to Devore Imperium!” 

Again Cornelio slammed the hammer on the table. “Order, order in this court!” Trying to calm everyone down in the room. He took another deep breath and eyed Nedzill who didn’t stop her daughter’s reckless behavior. Cornelio nods to himself. “That is indeed a worrying statement Captain Praugol, however, Starfleet Medical has not provided a solution to those that were affected by the blood dilithium and especially not in the state you are currently in. So the only solution I can offer right now is confinement at Starfleet Security Prison” 

Sazra growled at that statement and noticed that Nedzill stood relatively calmly up from her chair. Sazra seemed impressed by the amount of chaos she tried to create and not impacting this woman. What was she going to do now? Would she let her daughter be imprisoned?

“Your honor, I thank you for your verdict in granting my daughter freedom of these awful charges. But I must object to your ruling regarding her imprisonment. I would therefore offer you a different solution. I want to bring my daughter back to Trill so that she can be helped there with this illness” Nedzill didn’t look at her daughter who was surprised at this turn of events. “I have already been granted to use the USS Damascus to transport her back to Trill, and they shall provide the required security” 

Cornelio narrowed his eyes and looked at Sazra who was still looking at her mother and then back. “I grand your proposal, but the security detail will be handled by an external party that is not involved with the Damascus crew. Seeing she has a personal connection with its crew, I must therefore put in a safety check” Cornelio saw the nod from Nedzill and hammered one more time on the wood. “This concludes the case of Captain Praugol. Please escort her to the USS Damascus for transportation to Trill” He stood up and made his exit. 

“I don’t know what you are planning, but I assure you I will escape from your sticky claws” Sazra spoke looking at Nedzill who finally turned her attention to her daughter. “I will not be held back until I go back to the Delta Quadrant and save the people from the Devore Imperium” 

Two security guards grab Sazra by her arm at each side as Nedzill comes closer to her face. “And I won’t stop until I get my baby girl back from whatever creature is in her right now. I might be a counselor, but I am also a mother, and there is one thing you do not underestimate….because mother knows best.” With that she turned away from her daughter and walked out stopping at the door and looking at Commander Ruslanovna who was sitting in the back “Get your crew ready Commander. Starfleet has granted you temporary command of Damascus. Don’t make my request go to waste” 

Standing up and straightening out her jacket “No ma’am, let us get Captain Praugol back. The crew is ready for departure” She saw Nedzill nod to her and exit the room. Silina looked back at Sazra who exit the room at the side. “We will get you back for sure” She muttered.