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Part of USS Corax: Caduceus Pt. 1

Chapter 3 – Make Us Proud

Starbase 93
Jan 2401
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Nora exited her Director’s office in a bit of a spin. With little warning she had found herself reassigned. It wasn’t until the situation had been explained that she started to even out.

Nora had been quite content in her daily routine now. After graduating Starfleet Medical, she found herself assigned to the London Branch assisting in the medical facilities that surrounded the satellite offices and fabrication plants of the Starfleet Corps of Engineering. This work kept her busy. From assisting with routine injury to more serious procedures. 

Trained as more of a generalist, Nora took an in interest in historical illnesses and technologies used and how they could potentially help further along Medical Science. From historical outbreaks on Earth to Rigellian fever she kept her time occupied with research on some pet projects.

Nora had barely arrived for her duty shift when a staffer sidled up to her. “Excuse me, Doctor Yates?”

“How can I help you?” Nora replied, confusing colouring her tone.

“The Director would like to see you in your office as soon as you have settled in. Should I notify him you will be there directly?” the staffer replied.

Nora nodded, detecting the less than subtle command. This was non-optional. “Lead on.”

Following the staffer to the nearest turbolift, Nora racked her brains to try to determine why the Director was wanting to see her. As far as she was aware there were no issues. No one had made any complaints, her performance was at satisfactory levels and she had very little conflict with her peers. The soft snap-hiss of the turbolift door reopening grounded her back in reality. Following along a step behind the staffer, she was led to the Director’s office.

“Wait here just a moment if you please.” the staffer spoke before entering the office. Taking a moment to calm her breathing she waited to be called in.

“Doctor Yates, the Director will see you now.” 

Entering the office, the staffer ensured the door closed behind them before leaving her in the Director’s presence.

“Take a seat Lieutenant.” The Director spoke up from his desk. “Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Water?” he enquired as Nora perched on a chair facing him. 

“I wouldn’t turn down a coffee, Director, but only if you’re having one too.” Nora replied with a small smile.

Getting to his feet, the Director busied himself with the replicator before turning back holding two coffees and passing one off to Nora.

Retaking his seat, the Director faced Nora. “I must apologise for hauling you up to see me first thing this morning. I can’t imagine this was how you envisaged your day panning out?”

“That’s a pretty safe bet, Sir.” Nora laughed softly before quickly straightening back up again. “What can I do for you, Director?” she asked respectfully, taking a sip of the drink in front of her.

“It is my duty to inform you that urgent orders have been received from Starfleet and you are being re-assigned.” Disappointment briefly flashed across her face, but she simply nodded. “I understand this was not welcome news, but while you take it in, I have some files I want you to look at. 

Taking a sip to quench her suddenly dry throat, she looked up to the Director. “Of course sir, what do you have for me?”

The Director handed over two padds outlining the current Terrellian Plague outbreak amongst the planets in the former Romulan Neutral Zone and Independent Romulan Factions. “I don’t understand, Sir. Why are you showing me these?”

Settling back in his chair, the Director smiled. “I know about your interest in utilising historical data to hypothesise advancements in medicine. But tell me Doctor, would you pass up the chance to research epidemic origins and how certain mutations affect transmission and symptoms?”

“Are these the reason for my reassignment?” Nora asked as she stared at the information in front of her. Her coffee, forgotten on the edge of the desk.

“Indeed it is, Lieutenant.” the Director replied. “I personally requested the transfer as I feel you are the best qualified to take point on this.”

“What are my orders sir?” she asked.

“You are to immediately report to the USS Corax currently docked at Starbase 93. This padd has confirmation of your transfer orders and mission logs from her time in the Delta Quadrant.” The Director handed her a padd. “I suggest you familiarise yourself with these reports on the way. Now she may have a young captain he is no less capable.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you.” Nora replied as she got to her feet.

“I expect a full report when you get back. Make us proud” The Director smiled. “You are dismissed, Lieutenant.”

Padd in hand, Nora consulted her orders. She had arrived on Starbase 93 a few hours ago. Entering the docking bay, she got her first look at her new assignment

“Hmm, raven class.” she muttered. The immediate vicinity was abuzz with officers loading crates, allocating storage speaces and the associated machinery to make it all happen

As she got closer, she noticed two officers supervising the stations operations staff as cargo was rapidly filling the available space of the small yet powerful vessel. Straightening her uniform a bit, she approached an Ensign wearing the red colours of the command division.

“Good Morning, Lieutenant Yates, Transfer, Chief Medical Officer.” She spoke as she stood in front of Ensign Swain.

“Ensign Emma Swain, flight control officer.” Emma shook Nora’s hand. “I trust you have your transfer orders on hand?”

Nodding, Nora relinquished the padd she was holding. “Where is the Captain?”

Emma cast a quick glance over the transfer order before appearing satisfied with what she was seeing. “That all appears to be in order.” Looking up at Nora, Emma continued. “The Captain is expecting your arrival, please report to his ready room on Deck 2, just off the bridge toward the front. Welcome aboard Lieutenant” 

Thanking Emma, Nora entered the the cargo bay, staying behind the yellow lines she made her way to the turbolift to meet the captain. She would set up the infirmary and get settled in after this meeting.

Looking ahead as the turbolift arrived on Deck 2, Nora made her way toward the bridge. What was normally a hive of activity was calm and quiet. For now. Stepping up to the door to the Captain’s Ready Room, Nora activated the door chime and waited to be granted entrance.

“Come in.” the Captain called out within moments.

Taking a deep breath and smoothing out non-existent wrinkles in her uniform, she shook out some nervous energy before opening the door to meet her new Commanding Officer.