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New Friends

Gym, Upper Promenade
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Sonja was off duty and decided she had been slacking on her gym time. So instead of being lazy she woke up early and headed for the gym. She arrived to see the gym empty and grinned. It was always quiet when she came because most people would not wake up that early. 

She could hear the gyms music playing, as she set down her bag and prepared to start some lifting before moving onto other exercise’s. She quickly did her stretches and got to lifting some weights. 

Ryke didn’t sleep well; a combination of insomnia and previous bad life choices saw to that. He should have gone for a run, easing out the kinks of the last few day’s travel, but he couldn’t bring himself to do that. Running, even on a base this large, was monotonous and boring as hell. Running on a treadmill was even worse.

Instead, he opted for some bag work, his hands strapped up so that he didn’t cut them up. He had appointments this morning, and the last thing he needed was for some poor, traumatized crew member to have to sit with a counselor who looked like he’d gone ten rounds in a ring.

By the time he’d warmed up, he’d worked up a light sweat. Calling it good, he headed for the weights section only to realize he wasn’t alone anymore. A young woman was also working out.

“Good morning for it,” he nodded to her as he settled down on a bench.

Sonja looked at the newcomer. He looked like someone who had been doing this awhile and was a senior officer to her. She nodded to him “That it is, there is something about working out, especially when no one else is around. Where are my manners I am Sonja. On duty one of the patrol shift leaders for Promenade Security. Off duty the life of the party.” She laughed “I kid of course, but I have been told I am quite the happy person.” She shrugged as she lifted the weights more seeing how the newcomer was going to react to her.

“Pleasure to meet you, Sonja,” he said with a smile, altering his weights. “I’m Ryke. One of the counselor’s aboard for my sins.”

He watched her for a second as she lifted.

“You have some good form there. Is this the best time to be here to find this place empty?” he asked, settling down himself and setting his grip on the bar.

He always liked to find a regular gym-goer quickly so he could figure out the best times to workout. He didn’t like it crowded. Or rather… he didn’t like to be around a lot of people when his attention was compromised. When he worked out, he liked to relax and zone out a little. Which was impossible when all his attention was on his surroundings and people in them.

Sonja nodded “No better time to be here. It is when I try to always be here because it is quiet and I can get in and out.” She liked to work out when there wasn’t lots of people watching. 

“Awesome. And same here. I hate waiting for machines,” he admitted, running through a quick set of reps to warm up. He had a long day ahead of him and he could already feel the tension setting into his shoulders. Or at least, it felt like it. He knew it was just in his head, but… if he started his day off relaxed then at least he had an advantage. At least, that was the way he saw it.

Sonja had to admit the newcomer was someone who was here almost everyday as herself. She was surprised though during her security accesses she hadn’t come across the name before. It was curious to not see the name as she dealt with most of the base ingress. “When did you arrive Ryke? Are you finding everything easily? I know the base is quite a sight and took me weeks to navigate and I still don’t always know where I am heading.”

“Just got here yesterday.” Finishing his set, he sat up to talk a little, water bottle in hand.

“I’ve only gotten lost twice… no, three times,” he admitted with an easy smile. 

“All the corridors look the same. It’s going to take a while. But, I can get from my quarters to my office, so I’m calling that a win for the moment.”

Sonja laughed and shot a schematic to the newcomers PADD. “Here take this I labeled most of the areas to make it easier so this should help you out.” 

He blinked as he picked it up and realised what she’d sent. “Oh, you are an angel, thank you! This’ll stop me from making a prat of myself, at least with getting lost. You’ll have to let me thank you with a coffee sometime.”

Sonja nodded “If I can help others that’s my goal. I know this place is intimidating, but give it time and you will feel as home as me and the many others who got stationed here.” 

“I really do appreciate it. And I’m sure I will,” He smiled as he put the padd down and settled himself back on the bench, starting up another set of reps. He was on a light workout today, while he learned the layout of the gym, but in a few days, he’d up the weights. And start running, even though he hated it.

Sonja smiled “I don’t have any plans today so I figured the gym was a good pastime, but now you have me wanting to go grab a cup of coffee. Do you want to tag along?”

Ryke finished his set and checked the time. “I can, but I’d have to rush off before too long. Full morning of appointments this morning I’m afraid.”

Sonja nodded “We can take a rain check then! Hope to see you here more often!”

“Awesome and likewise!” He smiled as he grabbed his water bottle and slung his towel over his shoulder. “Catch you on the flipside.”