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5) I fight for my people…

Avalon Fleet Yards
December 2400
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Oyem: Alright reports stated that you, Lieutenant Miki, patrolled the area to find Captain Sazra Praugol after the bomb went off. You found her by accident in the corridor. What happened at that moment? Please don’t be shy about the details as it contributes to Captain Praugol’s case.

Lower Decks

Looking calmly with his big eyes at Sazra, Miki lifted his hand to give the impression of creating a calm-down situation. “We are looking for you to have a nice conversation about recent events on this base” He did notice her red eyes pinpointed at him. He didn’t see any species with such eyes, rarity? “So let us stop running Captain and walk with me back to the security office for a nice cup of tea or something else” 

Moving slowly down to her knees keeping her eyes locked on Miki. Sazra grabbed the iron pipe and with a smooth kick broke it off. Steam escapes from the floor as she twists the pipe around. “Less talking, more action Lieutenant. 101 of your security is not to underestimate your opponent or has Starfleet lost its vision on its principle of how to protect their people” She points the pipe at him. 

Lowering his hands and letting out a sigh “Well that went differently in my head” Miki shrugged and cracked his neck as he noticed how Sazra talked. It was like she talked about Starfleet as if she was not part of it. “Interesting” He raised his hands and looked at her. “I never underestimate anyone. I try to be civilized and talk first before resorting to violence. We are after all at the in the Klingon Empire” 

She nodded slightly and made the first move, swinging the pipe at him. The pipe misses as he could avoid it by ducking down, but Sazra had planned ahead, given him a knee, then slammed him on his back as she backed away. “You talk a lot, but your fighting is mediocre” She smirks letting the pipe hang for a second looking as Miki gets back on his feet.

 “Well, that was a nice move” Miki growled a bit feeling the pain in his back, and looked at Sazra. “I guess it is my move now right?” He didn’t wait for the answer and moved forward to give a swing Sazra missed as she moved her head slightly. But with the same swing, he also wanted to give her a knee at her side. But to Miki’s surprise, it was stopped by Sazra’s hand as she quickly grabbed it and swung him to the ground again only to back off again “Argg…you better than you look” 

“Well, times give you opportunities to grow and develop after all” Sazra replied walking around. “You have not called for help. It is a standard thing to do…but I presume the lower decks are blocking signals, so you can’t get any help.” She didn’t look at him and kept walking around while he tried to get back on his feet. 

Miki did get back on his feet again and caught his breath looking at the Captain. She was seasoned and knew quite well what she was doing, her body movements, her body itself was giving away the history, and it did pique his interest “So Captain, where you from….” Grabbing another loose pipe and broke it off “You seem …lost” He swung his pipe around and stopped before him looking at it. “What is your story” He Finally turned his attention to her.

Without a warning, she swung at him, but he managed to block her. “My story is that I am here to wake the Federation up and do what it promises its people to do.” Pushing herself away from him as she swung the pipe again at him only to get blocked and then blocked again. “Starfleet enters the wild Delta Quadrant expecting everything to be handed on a golden plate, but we faced the reality of what has truly happened with the crusade of the Devore Imperium” 

Blocking another hit, Miki was fortune that his reflects were spot on by training and specializing in battles like these. “Delta Quadrant, never been there but what I have heard from the returning ships it is hell there right now. The whole Blood Dilithium is one big bait. But it got resolved, or so I heard” Miki finally managed to hit her on the arm but was surprised that she didn’t react to it, and he had to block her smash. 

“Delta Quadrant will never be released from the sadistic and power-hunger of the Devore Imperium. The issue is not resolved. It is only beginning to evolve. Starfleet needs to return to Delta Quadrant and declare war upon the Devore Imperium! They are enslaving people. They are killing them for sports and their entertainment if you are just a telepathic person. You are nothing but a second-grade person that is below them” Her swings became more aggressive and unpredictable, and her emotions were getting to her. 

Power-hunger? Enslaving people? Miki started to wonder what the heck happened over there. But it didn’t break his focus on her, she swung a few times, and he noticed that the emotions were getting to her. That would mean that it was his time to take the chance to end it. “Starfleet did it task Captain, we are done in the Delta Quadrant and there are still ships operating there to do whatever it is needed. But declaring war is not within our principle. Again we are not the Klingon Empire or the old Romulan Empire.  We solve these issues by talking it out through diplomacy” He blocked another. Miki wondered if the Captain was suffering from the type of PSDT that she had witnessed in the Delta Quadrant. 

“Then Starfleet is better to be destroyed with their idealism, and fictional belief of peace that they try to imprint in others’ heads. While people are suffering!” Sazra charges with her pipe. 

Miki saw the opportunity and blocked the pipe away and with a swing manage to hit her at her side. Miki saw her drop to the floor and Miki quickly slammed her knock-out “Whatever you saw….experienced….rest now Captain”