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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 3 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

Evil Plots

Somewhere North of Billings, MT
July 14, 2374
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The bedroom was destroyed.   Dominus rarely shared his bed with Bellitor, but when he did they were violent affairs.  Belitor lay in the bed half covered with a sheet and her right arm over her head.

Sliding out of bed Dominus pulled on his pants and tightened his belt, “We should do this more often.”

“I don’t think so,” Bellitor replied.   “Besides your fondness for the slaves makes it unessisary.”

The big man turned to her with his hands on his hips, “Fair enough. I am restless.   This hiding wears on me.”

“I know it does,” Bellitor replied wrapping herself in the sheet and standing next to him.  “But we moved too fast last time. This plan could take decades, but when we are done the Federation will have fallen and we will be at the top of the heap.”

He scowled and then growled,  “I am not a mole. I do not wish to live underground for much longer.”

Bellitor thought for a moment, “I do not see why we couldn’t establish ourselves somewhere else.  Become a part of of the community.   We can’t directly be in politics because of our versions in this reality.”

“But Ian and Órlaith have no such counterparts,” Dominus added.

“Not Ian,” Bellitor replied. “He’s loyal and my son, but he’s also an idiot.”

“I do not trust Órlaith,” Dominus grumbled.  “She is cunning,  but she does not share our vision or lust for power.”

Bellitor nodded, “She has too much empathy.”

“So where do we go from here?”

Bellitor sighed, “We must speak to the Vorta.  We need a third child.”

Dominus grumbled and clinched his fists, “I do not like the Vorta.”

“You don’t like most females,” Bellitor observed,  “but we need the Dominion technology to design and grow our next child.”

“I don’t know. Two already seem like a liability.”

Bellitor nodded, “I agree,  but what options do we have?  Neither Ian or Órlaith will do for a push to get our people onto the the Federation Council and the only way to take over this world is corruption within.”

Dominus nodded, “Very well.  It’s the long game then.”

“The long game,” Bellitor replied.   “For now let’s find you a compound somewhere close to civilization but isolated enough that your tendencies won’t out us before we get started.  I was also thinking we should start building a movement for the idiots to rally behind.  Much like how Lenin and Hitler gained power.”

That got Dominus’ attention.  “The humans here claim to be enlightened.”

Bellitor laughed, “They are still human, and most of them are morons and susceptible to a cult of personality.  We can reintroduce the Terra Prime movement.   We have the Dominion War as our catalyst. Blame the Vulcans or something.   The point is everyone on Earth has lost someone they know to this war.  Now we play into their fears and manipulate.”

Dominus chuckled, “I get to play Hitler.  What does that make you?  Eva Braun?”

“Oh honey,” Bellitor replied, “I could never be the bimbo lover.  There is no one else like me, and you best get used to it.”