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1 – The Unknown

Trill / Devron Fleet Yards / USS Gagarin
January 2401
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It was a beautiful day on Trill, the warm crisp sun was shining. One could hear the softness of the breeze blowing around them, with birds sitting in the trees talking amongst each other was a beautiful sound to hear. Tajir was sitting outside on the deck of his home, relaxing and enjoying the day as Sari fixed breakfast for the two of them.

“Dear breakfast is ready,” came the voice of Sari from the doorway of their home.

Looking towards the door Tajir smiled as he had taken a drink of his coffee, “I’ll be right there.” Tajir replied with a smile as he took a long deep breath before standing up from his seat. Walking inside the house, Tajir shut the screen door behind him before making his way toward the table.

“This came for you while you were outside,” Sari said as she handed him a padd after she had finished putting the plates on the table. Sitting down she looked at her husband who had taken the padd but had placed it on the table beside his plate. “Are you going to read it?” She asked as she took a bit of her food while still looking at him.

“After breakfast,” he replied with a smile and took a bite of his food as well. He didn’t like any distractions while they were eating and whatever it was could wait until they were finished.

“Alright love,” Sari replied as they continued to eat. “What’s on your agenda today?” She asked looking at him.

“I was thinking of relaxing after the chores were complete,” he replied. “What about you?” He asked.

“I was thinking of going into town for a bit of shopping,” replied Sari after she swallowed what she had in her mouth.

“Sounds good,” Tajir replied with a smile.

“Did you want anything while I am out?” She asked as she took the last bite of her food.

“No, I can’t think of anything I would need at the moment dear,” Tajir replied. Once he had finished eating he got up and helped Sari clean off the table as well as the pots and pans that were used. Once finished he walked back to the table where the padd lay and looked at it for a moment before picking it up. Walking over to one of the chairs that sat in their living area and sat down. He spent the next few moments reading the contents which caused him to raise an eyebrow.

“Everything alright?” Sari asked as she joined him in the living room, handing him a cup of coffee before sitting down on the couch next to his chair.

“Thank you,” he said as he took the cup from her and took a sip. “I didn’t think I get an assignment this quickly after I sent in my request for reinstatement,” Tajir said as he handed her the padd with the information on it.

“Looks like I am being assigned to the newly built USS Gagarin, first of its class as its commanding officer,” Tajir said as he could see the disappointment in her eyes, she didn’t agree with his desire to return to service though she would support him no matter what his decisions were.

“That is great dear,” Sari said as she smiled.

“You can come with me,” Tajir suggested though she would be a civilian at least she would be with him and not have to communicate through subspace. This question caused her to get up and walk over to the window behind the couch and look out. She spent most of her life in space serving Starfleet, she was happy being home on Trill.

“When do you leave?” Sari asked as she looked over at him.

“The transport will be here tomorrow morning,” Tajir replied.

Looking back out the window she began to think, though it would be great to be able to stay together she just wasn’t wanting to return to space and live on a starship again. She knew that either way he would be supportive of her decision. After a few minutes, she walked over to where he was sitting and sat on his lap. “While I would love to go with you, I am just not happy being on a starship anymore. I would rather just stay here on Trill,” Sari responded as she looked at him.

Tajir smiled though he was quite sad that she decided to stay here on Trill, he understood her reason. “That is alright, we will still communicate through subspace channels every night,” Tajir promised as he kissed her while wrapping his arms around her.

Tajir had arrived at Devron Fleet Yards earlier that day after a few days of travel from the Trill homeworld. His belongings were already onboard in his quarters as well as a tote was sent to his ready room. After getting lunch from one of the local restaurants at the station, Tajir began to walk to where the Gagarin was docked.

After a few minutes of walking, he arrived walking up to the window he began to gaze out the window to view the slender-looking ship. The Gagarin is the first of her class, and she was beautiful, at least in his eyes. After a few minutes, he turned and walked up the docking ramp to where a security officer was stationed. Showing him his credentials he entered the ship and began to make his way toward the bridge.

Upon arrival, Tajir officially took command and it was logged within the computer before walking into his ready room. Taking a seat at his semi-circular desk, he picked up a padd that had been placed on the desk. It contained the crew manifest, he began to read each service record. He recognized two of the names as he had served with them on the Vesta.

There was one that caught his attention just as the door chime went off, briefly looked up towards the door. “Enter,” Tajir replied before turning his attention to the padd he was reading.

The door opened up to reveal a Romulan woman as she walked in, hands behind her back as she walked up to his desk. “Commander Tilana reporting,” Tilana said as she looked at Tajir who seemed to be intently reading something.

Looking up he smiled before setting the padd that he was reading down on his desk before standing. “Welcome aboard commander,” Tajir replied as he extend his hand toward the woman.

“Thank you,” Tilana replied as she shook his hand.

“Please have a seat, would you care for a drink?” He asked as he gestured for the open seat that was located in front of his desk.

“I am good thanks,” she replied with a smile.

Walking to the replicator he order himself a cup of coffee, once it appeared he grabbed the cup and walked back over to his desk. “Looks like most of the crew have arrived, just been reading over their service records,” Tajir replied as he took his seat before taking a sip of his drink.

After setting it down on his desk he picked up a padd that he had been reading and handed it to the commander. “This one concerns me a bit,” he replied looking at her.

Taking the padd from him she began to read the contents of one Lieutenant Commander Aarven Ashatia, their new chief engineer. Raising an eyebrow she began to have the same concerns.

“She is a brilliant engineer, it’s her attitude that concerns me,” Tajir replied looking at the reprimands that were on her file due to her attitude and going off on superior officers, to which Tilana nodded in agreement after she finished reading the file that was on the padd.

“Agreed,” she replied. “Though it seemed that she’s been on leave for the past year and is only just returning to active service.” She replied as she handed the padd back to the captain.

“Indeed,” Tajir replied.

Tilana had another padd in her hand that she almost forgot to give to the captain as she got distracted by the engineering officer. She handed Tajir a padd, “the ship status report that was handed to me by the skeleton crew.” She replied looking at him.

“Wonderful,” Tajir replied as he took the padd and glanced it over. “I am sure we will have new orders soon, I suggest in the meantime that everyone get settled in.” He replied as he sat the padd down on the desk.

Tilana nodded, “understood sir.” She replied before standing up from the chair, “is there anything else?” Tilana asked as she stood with her arms behind her back again.

“You know you can relax when you’re around me there is no need to be so formal,” Tajir replied with a smile before standing as well. “Not at this time, go get settled in and enjoy the downtime before we receive our first set of orders,” Tajir replied with a smile.

“Aye sir,” she replied before turning to leave his ready room.

After she had left and the doors shut behind her, Tajir took a deep breath before looking at the tote that was sitting in the middle of the floor that he had yet to touch. He would spend the next little while setting up his office the way he liked it with pictures of him and his wife as well as some books in their right places. Once finished he sat back down at his desk to finish a few more reports before heading to his quarters. Where he would unpack his belongings and then call his wife and just settle in for the night.


  • Ooo, I feel that Tajir will regret leaving his wife behind on Trill - communicating via subspace - its not really something you want to hear from in how to progress your relationship! Let's hope though he avoids having upset his other half! A nice start for the Gagarin, but I am intrigued to know more about this menace that is the new chief engineer!

    December 27, 2022
  • I've got to echo Zack in the kudos for this introductory post to the Gagarin. I like the way you waded right in to the Tajir's perspective as he took command of the new starship. It's so important to understand a ship's captain's point of view. You've done a magnificent job if weaving in some mystery and incipient tensions I expect to flare up. I'm curious what may arise from Sari remaining behind on Trill (although after recent events in USS Saratoga also make me think maybe I can't blame her!) I'm also looking forward to finding out more about why Ashatia was on leave for a year??

    December 27, 2022
  • Its stunning the parallels that can be seen between current day military service and how that same feeling of melancholy remains throughout the centuries. Im excited to see what this firecracker of a Chief Engineer will develop over the course of events. I can see both points of view with the interactions between Tajir and Sari and can say without a doubt both feelings are valid and deserve to be acknowledged, more so as we all encounter these kinds of compromises and situations in our day to day life. Really looking forward to further developments and seeing what this ship can do.

    December 29, 2022
  • I’m starting to think you might like Trill as much as I like Romulans! This was a fun introduction to a new ship. Starting with an little glimpse of off-duty life before jumping into Starfleet shenanigans is always a neat way to round out your characters, and a few seeds of possible future conflict have been planted with your engineer. As with Azras, it’s always nice to see a Captain with a family, which is something seldom shown in Trek proper. I wonder if Tajir and Azras will have some chats about maintaining that crucial work-life balance when the ships meet up!

    December 30, 2022
  • I feel the long distance relationship so much, It's hard to say goodbye to your loved ones. It is a great cozy way to start and of course the mission ahead makes it more exciting to see what happens next. A CEO with temper problems, well every ship has one at least in the history haha, so this one makes no difference, looking forward to the adventures of this ship!

    January 6, 2023
  • I really liked the start of this, with the long-distance relationship and then going into Tajir taking command of the Gagarin. There was a great little intro there to possible issues in the crew (engineers with anger management issues are always a classic!). Looking forward to reading more!

    April 17, 2023