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Part of USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

4) What is happening?

Avalon Fleet Yards
December 2400
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Skess: Well, let us look at the security material and see what she is done since the crew said she was leaving the ship after the docking. Which is strange by itself. What is her reason for leaving the ship in such a hurry? 

Oyem: Especially when the crew didn’t notice anything weird in her behavior aside from her red glowing eyes. I have read the report on the Fourth Fleet operations in the Delta Quadrant regarding the Blood Dilithium. It did say that telepathies and telepathic sensitive people would be affected by the strange readings from this rock. If this were the case with Captain Praugol….well let’s see what she does.

Nearby the Dry Docks

People were doing their daily duties, walking to do their tasks, and talking to fellow officers to get specific tasks going. Avalon Fleet Yards was already busy as it was. Many ships from the Fourth Fleet that got damaged in their operations in Delta Quadrant would come to Avalon Fleet yards to get their repairs. Walking among the people, Sazra felt the sweat dripping down her neck as she felt quite warm. 

Officers that were passing her were looking at her as one stopped and looked at her “Captain are you alright?” 

Sazra snapped back to focus on the voice that was asking as she leaned on a wall with one hand. “It has been quite a day…” Her eyes looked at the neck and then back. “Lieutenant, do not worry about me, I need to have a walk around and get this stress out of my body. Please do continue your work” She wove him away seeing the Lieutenant nodding to her and walking away.

Taking a few deep breaths, Sazra pushed herself off the wall, continued walking, and tried her best to keep a poker face on to all the people around her. She knew that something was wrong with her. The mission in Delta Quadrant was sticking behind her, but what was sticking to her? Trying to reconnect all the dots of every single event that happened in Delta Quadrant. Meanwhile, she made her way unconsciously to the lower decks of the yards, where not many people were. 

On her left side, the ships were visible being in dry docks and getting their repairs to continue their mission out there. There was enough work that was left behind for the Fourth Fleet, and it was not holding out just because they were all in Delta Quadrant. Problems were growing in various locations and these ships needed to get back into the field. Sazra dropped to her knees and landed her hands flat onto the window breathing heavily “AHHHH” She screamed out. 

Her head was feeling as if it was being pulled apart. Only then did she notice in the reflection that her eyes were red again. She looked around at the ships, wondering if any blood dilithium was present at these docks. It was the only thing that was really affecting her. But then again, would Starfleet not take any preparation to handle this ore better in its processing, or were they really careless?

Another wave of pain hit her head as she rolled onto the floor. Grabbing her head, “Let it stop!!!!” She struggled as she knew one grave mistake that she had made. Exiting her ship without notifying her doctor of this problem that was developing rapidly. She pressed her combadge “Sazra to Kossaal” She almost begged in her voice for him to respond or to get any response from anyone. But the issue was that she was in an area with shield emitters that impacted the communications range.

“Kos…l her….Cap…n?” A static sound came over the line that interfered with the voice of Kossaal who tried his best to contact his captain.

“Help me….pain is to much” She rubbed firmly against her templates as Sazra closed her eyes.

“Te…whe.e…u are Captai…?!” 

But then her body became numb for a second, as shown on the security footage. It was like Sazra had a significant impact on her body. It only took a minute until her body started to move again. Sitting up as if nothing had happened. With her red eyes, she looked at her hands one by one and then to her left to the alley. She stood up and cracked her neck and just gave a brief nod to herself as she moved on as if nothing had happened. 

Dry Dock 2 – Lower Coupling Area

In another security footage, Sazra appears. Her facial expression looked focused as if she was on a mission. Moving to a coupling device and opening it up. She started pulling out some wires and rewiring others as an alert went off, making her look briefly over her shoulder. Her red eyes were still clearly visible. She looked back and continued her work pulling leverage that made the system slowly start to overload. She made her exit and rushed away from the crime scene.

It only took a few minutes until the system automatically kicked in locking down the area as overloaded plasma conduits caused a massive explosion. Dry dock 2 was no longer operational, and a ship that was trying to dock with it had to make emergency moves not to get hit but still sustained damage by the explosion. 

Sazra had rushed upwards, and security already had a profile on her looking for her. Everyone was on a high state of alert. Medical and engineer teams rushed to the area as security teams did their patrols locking the area to get the criminal that was responsible for this action. One of them was Miki, a Saurian that was assigned here on a temporary basis to help out with the incoming damaged ships. Miki couldn’t believe that a Captain would do such a terrible thing. 

But in his luck he rushed into an open space where also Sazra rushed into as they both looked at each other “Now Captain, let’s not do any rash things…”