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Part of USS Kison: Blood And Gold and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

Those Who Need It Most

En Route To New Romulus
Stardate 77435.5
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Carrie was sitting in her command chair, watching space streak by, when an urgent tone sounded from Tara’s station.

“Communique from Starfleet Command. Distress call from Starbase 38, requesting our assistance,” Tara said.

What the Hell? “Read the rest of it, Tara,” Carrie ordered.

“‘Dr. Metrios, you are to break from your current mission to New Romulus and make all speed for Starbase 38, there to aid the victims of the Blood Dilithium Incident. Warp Speed limitations are suspended for the remainder of this mission, as you are to report here as soon as possible. Signed, Captain Andreus Kohl, Commander, Task Force 17,'” Tara read, apprehension in her voice.

Bleeding Hell. “Tara. set course for Starbase 38. Maximum warp. Take out the interlocks if you have to, this is an emergency. Liz. Find out what you can about what’s happened and forward it to my ready room. Let’s make this happen, people.”

The Kison disappeared in a flash of light as she jumped to warp, hopefully in time to help those who needed it most. Carrie just hoped that she could make a difference.