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A Unique Medical Ship Of Mental Health Professionals

USS Kison (Archive)


Commanded by Lieutenant Caroline Metrios, the starship Kison is available to go where she’s needed. Crewed by mental health professionals, there’s no job too big for Lieutenant Metrios and the crew of the Kison to handle.

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21 December 2022

Those Who Need It Most

USS Kison: Blood And Gold

Carrie was sitting in her command chair, watching space streak by, when an urgent tone sounded from Tara’s station. “Communique from Starfleet Command. Distress call from Starbase 38, requesting our assistance,” Tara said. What the Hell? “Read the rest of it, Tara,” [...]

7 June 2022

...It Sometimes Requires Mental Health

USS Kison: It's Not Just Medical Needs...

“Are we absolutely sure about this, Carrie?” Liz asked, one eyebrow arched Vulcan-style. “Sure or not, it’s what we’re doing. We have orders to assist in the aftermath of the collapse of the Romulan Empire. Now, whether they’re Terran or Rihannsu, we have a duty [...]

30 May 2022

Ahead One Quarter Impulse, Please...

USS Kison: Fresh Out Of The Builder's Yard...

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 77341.9. It’s a big day for those of us of the brand-new Federation starship Kison. No doubt we’ll run into our fair share of trouble, but that’s what it’s all about out here, especially where we’re going. We have orders from [...]