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Part of USS Damascus: M2: Blood Dilithium Delux

1) Say the Truth and nothing but the Truth

Starfleet JAG - Court 114
December 2400
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The court hall was full of people with different statuses within the Federation who were drawn to this unique case. The door opened as the judge walked to his seat. “All rise” everyone stood up as the judge walked to his seat and sat in his chair. Everyone else followed to sit down on their chair. “Today, we will start the trial of Captain Sazra Praugol, Captain of the USS Damascus. Please bring her in” Journalist micro cams powered up and started to fly up to face the door. 

The door opens as two security guards on each side enter the room, with Sazra walking in the middle with her hands in chains. Her eyes gave a red dimmed glow as she wore a gray uniform representing her status as a prisoner. Wearing no ranks, no badge. The micro cams went close to her to get a good view of her. The two guards placed her at the front bench Sazra put her hands on it but stood before the judge.

“Right, order in the room” The judge finally spoke as he looked around, waiting for everyone to calm down with the arrival of a well-known Captain. The room calms down as he nods, looking down at his PADD. “Alright, Captain Sazra Praugol, you stand before us for your crimes at Avalon Fleet Yards. You were seen in the act of letting the explosion go off, and lucky for you, there were no deaths. After that, you ran from the crime scene and resisted arrest. How do you plead” 

Sazra raised her head slightly and looked directly at the judge. “I plead guilty because my actions are a response to the lack of actions that Starfleet has done to protect the people in Delta Quadrant” Hearing a commotion starting around her, Sazra cold eyes stared at the judge. Taking a deep breath, “The Blood Dilithium has driven people to madness in that quadrant. We of the Fourth Fleet were not prepared for what was awaiting there. The Devore Imperium took drastic steps to expand on their greed. While they did that, they purged any telepathic that they deemed nothing but second or third-rate citizens. Torture them, kill them for joy” She placed her hands flat onto the table to lean forward. “And Starfleet did nothing to respond properly to defend them the weak” 

“Order in this court, or you shall be removed!” The judge slammed the hammer down a few times to get the room to settle down as he looked at Sazra who repositioned herself. “While you have agreed to your crimes that will make this case much easier to deal with. Some people disagree with your assessment Captain. The USS Damascus senior crew has filed a petition for unsoundness of mind. Counselor Nedzill Praugol supports this petition. Meaning your words are being challenged and every piece of evidence is being re-examined. The court has placed Investigator Lashnem Skess and Akke Oyem onto this case after this petition was made, and they will conclude the results of your actions Captain Praugol”

The door opened again as a woman with short dark red hair and formal clothing walked towards the bench. “Thank you judge for approving of Damascus petition. It has been a while since I stood here in these courts and the occasion is quite special for me” She stopped behind Sazra “I am here to defend my daughter in this case honorable judge” 

Her eyes narrowed upon hearing her mother’s name as she looked over her shoulder with her red eyes looking directly at her mother who was still looking at the judge with a soft smile on her face. Sazra looked back at the judge who was puzzled by the sudden and yet unique request that the councilor made. It was only a matter of time until…

“I have to object sir. Counselor Praugol is personally involved with Captain Praugol as it is her only daughter” The advocate had already jumped up from his chair to protest against this unlawfulness act. “Plus Captain Praugol has already admitted to the crime, so why would a petition of unsoundness of mind be approved?” 

The judge narrowed his eyes and looked at the advocate. “Because of the case presented to me by Counselor Praugol and the Damascus senior staff. I had to confirm the findings with Starfleet. But it seems that there is a possibility that Captain Praugol is under the influence of Blood Dilithium. During her mission in the Delta Quadrant, the Damascus was exposed to a long duration of Blood Dilithium, and we are still not entirely familiar with the effects of this crystal. Additionally, Captain Praugol’s sudden burst of admitting and stating that the Federation has not acted in their best way to defend the people of the Delta Quadrant makes the petition even stronger” The judge sighs a bit. “Therefore I will allow Counselor Praugol to stand in her stead to defend her daughter. The personal connection has nothing to do with the case that is being presented. However, I will point out that if I suspect that personal gain is involved in the case, then I will remove you from the case miss Praugol” 

The protesting advocate sat down disappointed by this sit back as Nedzill smiled softly. “Thank you for giving this opportunity honorable judge” Looking at Sazra finally as she sat down next to her. “Please take a seat dear” She placed down a PADD that she was holding that had all the information from the USS Damascus

She looks at the judge for a second as she shrugs and hears her mother command to sit down. Sazra muttered. However, she did sit down on the chair. “Why are you even here? You know what I did” Speaking directly to her mother but didn’t look at her. 

“Because my daughter has no valid reason to attack the very thing she has worked so hard for. Her principles and ideals are everything to her, which means that Starfleet is everything to her” She looked at her daughter. “So if the reports are right, you better get out of her” Looking back at the judge without a change in her facial expression. 

Sazra looked surprised at her mother and wanted to react as the judge slammed the hammer to begin the case.


  • Wait, what?? You're not letting Sazra catch her breath. Blood dilithium rocked her pretty hard and now she... blew up a shipyard?? Did I miss something? You've caught my attention from moment one on this one. Can't wait to see how the legal drama will play out, especially if the mother/daughter reunion is gonna be high stakes.

    December 23, 2022