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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

Paging Dr. Callaghan…

Starbase Bravo - Science Lab 13
November 2400
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Receiving another rejection, Joshua crossed another name off his list. “So much for boldly going where no one has gone before.” He looked at the remaining list despondently. “I didn’t expect to burn through the list this fast.” Joshua looked at the next name on the list, “Dr. Hunter Callaghan…” He quickly glanced through her qualifications again. Joshua reached to press his commbadge and stopped, what was the protocol? The scientists he contacted previously were civilians, but this was a superior officer. Should he be so bold as to contact her via commbadge or send a console message? Joshua decided to play it safe, he was already running out of people to ask. The message was simple enough: It requested the need for help with an experiment requiring someone with pharmacological and/or chemistry knowledge. It wasn’t overly detailed, there would be time for that later.

Hunter had been through it, as one might say.  The day had started terribly and in her opinion ended terribly.  After managing to pull herself from sickbay, she found an establishment that didn’t seem well-traveled.  Sure, when one was looking for a place to eat you typically liked to see people.  However, this was one of those days where the fewer people, the better.

Her order was simple, a cucumber sandwich and a large glass of iced tea. “You can’t screw that up,” she paused as she sat down at the nearest table.  She paused thinking of all the ways something could mess up that order. She glanced at her padd, after being alerted to a message. “Pass,” she told herself as she really didn’t bother to read the message.

The console next to Joshua beeped. He looked over to see the request was rejected. “Rejected without reading? The sense of adventure is lacking in this station.” He looked down the list, “Dr. V’Lavith… Computer, establish a connection with Dr. V’Lavith in Science Lab 4.” The Starfleet logo spun and disappeared, revealing the face of the Vulcan scientist. “Dr. Bryant. I do not believe we have met before.”

“No, I’m new on the station. I apologize for any interruption. I’m attempting to synthesize an experimental protein mixture  X-2544b.”

“It is ill-advised to utilize such an experimental mixture on humanoids. If the research is to be believed.”

“I’m attempting to modify it for use on plant life.”

Dr. V’Lavith raised an eyebrow, “Fascinating. In that case, send me your notes and I will review them when I have a moment.”

Joshua pressed a few buttons on the console, “Notes sent, I look forward to working with you. Bryant out.” The Vulcan’s image disappeared. He finally found someone to work with, this was turning out well.