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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

Access Denied

Starbase Bravo
November 2400
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Moving his way down the corridor, Joshua finally arrived at the science lab. It would be weird to have a space all his own. It wasn’t all his own but shared with eight people. He readjusted his grip on his plant’s storage container; the sooner he got it acclimated to the lab, the better its chances. He typed in his access code on the door’s console. The console’s lights dimmed, came back on, and gave an error noise. Joshua frowned, “I thought that was right…” He checked the PADD, confirmed the code, and punched it in again. The console made the same noise. Once more, the same result. “What is wrong with this thing?” He slapped his hand against it in frustration and instantly regretted it. “I guess they build these pretty durable.” He winced and flexed his hand. Joshua tapped his commbadge, “Bryant to Engineering. I’m having trouble getting into Science Lab…” He checked the door, “Thirteen. Can someone take a look?”

Thisbe was in the Engineering office, manning the desk/main station. The Jarok was on DS9 for a routine resupply run-a nice break from the constant work that reviving an old space frigate required. Also a nice break from her constant worry that she wasn’t good enough to compete with her human and Romulan colleagues-having no formal engineering training outside of her Academy classes. All Thisbe had been taught was to be the perfect Cardassian wife. Ew. 

However, desk work was mind-numbingly boring, and she was half-tempted to put up a “back in five” sign and look for light leaks behind her eyes. So when the call came in over the comms system, she popped to her feet. “Uhlan P’rar here. I’ll be right there.” She dropped the sign that said she’d return ASAP with the stupid little clock and dashed out of the office, grabbing a bag of tools on her way out. She found a strange man standing in front of the labs. 

“What seems to be the problem?” She asked. 

Turning to the new voice, Joshua replied, “That was fast, must be a slow day.” He motioned towards the door and console. “I’m trying to set up my lab, but I can’t get inside. I thought it was a problem with the access code, but the console went dark and anything I put in gives an error. I tried some,” he cleared his throat, “percussive maintenance, but I figured I would call in an expert.”

Thisbe took the PaDD. “I see. Generally, that DOES work, at least for the Red Shirts. Let me see what I can do.” In a flash, she had the thing apart. “Busted motherboard. HOW hard did you hit it?” 

Joshua flexed his hand and chuckled. “Not as hard as it hit back. It broke before I touched it.” He thought for a minute, “Though I’m sure my efforts didn’t help.” 

She sighed. “Come with me.” She turned to head back down the hallway to Engineering. “You’re correct; it IS a slow day. Ensign Thisbe P’rar, Damage Control Specialist.” 

“Looks like I called the right person for the job. Dr. Joshua Bryant, Science Specialist. At least I’m supposed to be.”

Thisbe stopped outside the doors to Engineering, and let herself in. “Help yourself to something from the replicator. Also, Lt. Hawkins’ daughter made cookies,” she indicated a tray. “Feel free. I’ll be right back.” She disappeared to get some supplies. 

Joshua walked over to the replicator and set the plant’s environmental container on the counter. He looked at the indicators and frowned. “Not much time left…” 

He turned to the replicator, “Tube grubs.” The energy swirled and a bowl of grubs emerged. He set it next to the container. “I hope this will keep you long enough.” He disengaged the vacuum lock. The lid released with a hiss. Joshua dumped the bowl into the hungry mouth of the plant, spilling half into the container itself. He quickly put the lid back on, reengaged the lock, and turned up the environment controls. An alarm toned, which Joshua silenced.

She returned a minute later, finding Joshua feeding a plant. She wrinkled her nose a little. 

“Interesting specimen. We don’t have those on Cardassia Prime. Nor on Bajor.” Her head was down as deft fingers worked quickly. Wires were separated and removed. 

“Science specialist, huh? What kind of science?” She was mostly making small talk; things that wouldn’t require too much concentration as she worked to repair the PaDD.

“Botany mostly. My mother was happy when I followed in my parent’s footsteps. Aurous carnivores are native to Cygnia Minor. They do exist in other places, but they aren’t very common.” He looked at the fogged over glass. “It isn’t doing very well. It needs a humid environment, and I’ve overtaxed the capsule’s capabilities. I thought about using Adorian ice-bores to help it photosynthesize, but I didn’t want them to generate too much heat. The tube grubs perked it up a bit though.”

After a few moments, Thisbe had the console repaired. “I see. Maybe put it in the showers?” She said, with a shrug. It was the most humid environment she could think of. “If you need help with a thermo-regulator, I’ll be here a few more days. Not sure what the captain has us heading to next.” She led him down the hallway. “Let’s try it now.” She watched as Joshua entered his credentials and smiled. 

“Nice to meet you. I’ll get back to work now.” 

Joshua considered her offer and suggestion. “Those are some good suggestions; I’ll have to give them some thought. But for now, I need to get this inside. Thanks again!” He called over his shoulder before disappearing into the lab.