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Part of Starbase Bravo: Q3 2400

It Is the Size That Counts

USS Osaka
November 2400
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Joshua looked out into the vastness of space; Starbase Bravo loomed in the distance. As the ship moved closer, the Starbase significantly grew in size. Joshua’s eyes grew equally big, “Oh wow…”

“First time on the base?” A voice came from behind him.

“My first time anywhere. I mean, for Starfleet. It’s my first assignment.” Joshua readjusted the plant he was holding under his arm.

“You landed a good one,” the man said with a chuckle. “I’ve only visited a few times, but it never fails to impress me every time.” The man turned to Joshua, “I didn’t introduce myself. Lieutenant Marco Jacobsen,” the man stuck out his hand.

Joshua shifted the plant container to his other arm. He shook the proffered hand, “Dr. Joshua Bryant.”



Lieutenant Jacobsen smiled, “The plant makes more sense now. What’s its name?”

“Aurous carnivorous. It’s the pride of my collection.”

He knelt to take a closer look at the container. “I can see why, with golden-flecked leaves like that. Did you say carnivorous? As in it eats meat?”

“Bugs, worms mostly. It makes a great pest killer. I’d give you a better look, but its environment has be to strictly controlled until it can adjust to its surroundings.”

Jacobsen put up his hands, “That’s all right. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for your plant’s death.”

A chime rang out throughout the ship, “Final docking will begin in 5 minutes.”

“That’s my cue. It’s been a pleasure meeting you, Doctor.” Jacobsen walked away, tapping his commbadge as he walked. Joshua didn’t catch the entire conversation, but something about setting up meetings to help with reactors. Joshua frowned, hopefully, there won’t be power issues.

He stared out the window and watched as the final docking was completed. A chime sounded overhead, followed by an announcement of the ship’s docking and how to disembark.

Joshua checked his PADD, “Let’s see, Sector Kilo-Indigo for my quarters and… also a science lab. That’s convenient.” He readjusted his grip on the plant container and made his way to the docking port.