Part of USS Mercy: Mission 2 – “Into the Breach”

Filling in the Details

8/31/2400, 1600 hours
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“Lieutenant Iziraa.”

“Commander Sorek.  What can I do for you, sir?”

“I've been checking the teams to ensure everyone is safe.  What is your status here?”

Izi thought about what she should say.  She understood what the commander meant, but her knee-jerk reaction was to say, are you serious?

“The medical team has been doing what they can,” said Izi.  "They've treated about twenty injured so far and transported them to the Mercy."

Sorek nodded.  “I have an update for you on Daniel Blair.”

“Did he confess?” said Izi.

“Not at first.  He complained to the captain about you, but when he was shown the evidence, he broke,” said Sorek.  “It turns out the Romulan man was a colonist and not a Separatist.  He and Mrs. Blair were having a sexual affair.”

Izi didn't see that coming.

Sorek was about to say something, but stopped when someone was calling to them.  Up the street was a young girl waving and beckoning to them.

“How may we assist you,” said Sorek after he and Iziraa went to the girl.  

“There's children in the elementary school that don't know where their parents are,” said the girl.  “Some of the high schoolers are with them, but we don't know what to do.  They're scared and crying.  Can you help?”

“Of course.  Take me to the school,” said Sorek.

”Sir, if it's okay with you, I'd like to go," said Izi.

“Why is that, Lieutenant?”

Izi looked at the girl, then led Sorek a few steps away, speaking in a hushed tone.  “Sir, no disrespect, but these are young children, mostly Human.  They're afraid and feeling lost.  I believe I would be better relating to them.”

Sorek thought for a moment.  "I understand.  I will remain here with your medical team.  Keep me informed.”

“I will, sir.  Thank you,” said Izi.  She looked at the girl.  “Let's go.”


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