Part of USS Eagle: Mission 1 – Delta Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium


USS Eagle
November 2400
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Deck 1, Ready Room

“You wanted to see me?” said Lori.

“Yes. Please sit. Do you want anything?” Kirby motioned to the replicator.

“No, I’m fine. Thanks.”

When the two were settled, Kirby sat without saying anything.

“Captain? Matt?”

Kirby sighed. “We’ve known each other six months. We were on a Raven together and now we’re on the Eagle. We don’t have a counselor, but I’ve always felt I could talk to you. You’re more than my CMO. I like to think of you as my friend.”

Lori smiled. “You’re my friend, too.”

A happy silence filled the room.

“So, I asked you here because I think I may have lost some friendships.”

“What happened?”

“Before we left, I was talking to some other captains. We were discussing the affects the blood dilithium has on telepaths. They’re all taking theirs to the Delta Quadrant, while ours stayed back home.”

“How did you lose friendships?” said Lori.

“I told them they were being irresponsible.”

“Ouch, ” said Lori.

“A captain is responsible to keep his crew safe. There’s still so much about the dilithium we don’t know. They’re not only putting their telepaths in danger, but the rest of their people. There’s also the Devore. It’s just one mission. The captains should have made the smart decision.”

Lori didn’t know what to say. Basically, Kirby was right, but if she was in that situation, she would have fought tooth and nail to not be left behind.

Deck 2, Mess Hall

“I can’t believe they did it to us again. A new quadrant to study and we’re back to making supply runs.” Haia angrily poked at her food.

“Wait a minute,” said Hok. “Are you telling me, with everything that was happening with the Romulan refugees and the peace talks, you weren’t in the middle of the action?”

“Nope,” said Nick. “We were a high-tech delivery service, though there was that one time we helped do repairs on a stranded freighter.”

“But we’re going to a scientific outpost. Maybe they’ll let you help,” said Hok.

Haia scowled. “These are civilian scientists looking to make names for themselves. They’re not going to share their discoveries with me. If they crack the blood dilithium mystery, they go down in the history books.”

“I understand,” said Hok, “but you never know. Maybe something will happen and you’ll be the one history remembers.”

Deck 1, Ready Room

“Matt, when it comes down to it, you’ve got to do what you think is right.”

“I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m still the Raven guy. In their minds, I haven’t proven myself yet.”

“Well in my mind, you have,” said Lori. “You made a command decision to keep your people safe, and that’s what matters most.” She paused. “There is one question I have.”

“Commander Allen,” said Kirby.

“Commander Allen,” said Lori.

“Let’s just say he made a convincing argument to come.” Kirby left it at that.

Lori didn’t press the issue. She trusted her captain and her friend.





  • I like how you are talking and letting out your frustrations about other Captain's decisions, each Captain is different when it comes to decisions like that while others like you look out for their crew's safety. Does that make them a bad Captain, I don't think so. Interesting to see the frustration Hok feels like he's being left out on important discoveries. Though as time goes on I am sure he will find one of his own to take credit for. I can see Kirby frustrated that he thinks others see him even if it might now be true. He is young and sure over time he can prove he is more than just a 'Raven guy'. Good post, wonder what's going to happen next once they reach the Delta Quadrant.

    November 9, 2022
  • I have a deep appreciation for this kind of quiet reflection on the broader implications of this campaign. As a reader, it's been instructional to see how each captain handles the inclusion of telepaths on their mission, and so I love seeing this being something Kirby is grappling with in-universe too. His perspective is perfectly understandable, and I love this moment of introspection as he wonders if he went too far in judging the decisions of his fellow captains. If he said as much to Captain Taes, she might have called him a "sanctimonious bureaucrat", but she never would have called him that Raven guy. Nothing wrong with a captain protecting his crew.

    November 11, 2022