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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 3 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

Temporary or Temporal

May 3, 2374, 11:30
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Riandri stumbled as she slowly made her way down the corridor toward the sickbay. She silently cursed herself for not coming sooner but she was fully aware that if Peter hadn’t pushed her she probably would have held off.  And she hates to admit that he was right.

She shook her head as she looked around as the pounding headache and waves of dizziness were reaching a point where she would have trouble standing. Her legs collapsed from under her as she fell against the nearby door heavily. 

 She looked around to see if anyone was present as she reached for her combadge.

Seong was alone in the Kyo quarters when a sudden thud against the door jarred her from her meditation. She looked to the door and stood up. Reaching out she tapped the door controls and the door slid to the side. Her eyes instantly locked with Riandri’s.

Riandri’s hand was just about to tap her combadge when Seong opened her door and looked at her. Riandri couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed about this. She blinked several times to clear some of the fog from her head and the headache, “Doc, I think I, um.” She started to say but had to scrunch her eyes closed as the headache redoubled. A second or two passed and she blinked her eyes open, “I need help.”

Seong could see that there was pain coursing through Riandri. Without a second thought, she tapped her ComBadge. 

“Sickbay, prepare to receive two on a medical emergency site-to-site beam,” she said as she knelt down to her fallen comrade. 

With that, she tapped her badge again and closed the comms. “Computer, lock on to my ComBadge and Riandri’s and transport us both to sickbay,” she ordered. A soft beep confirmed her order was received, and both women were covered in a light shimmer of color as the transporter began.

A moment later the two women were deposited in sickbay, with Riandri in a biobed and Seong next to it.

Riandri lay on the biobed and looked around and up at Seong. She slowly blinked as she tried to speak but all that escaped her lips was, “hea, he..” She slowly brought her hand to her head. As she did she was able to get a single word out, “Pain.”

Seong looked over at a nearby near, “Nurse, give me 5 cc’s of anesthizine,” she ordered before looking back down at Riandri. “This will take the edge off but I need to you focus and tell me exactly everything that happened prior to you ending up at my door,” Seong finished in a soothing tone, not wanting to aggravate her pain any further.

Riandri felt the hypospray inject the anesthizine and within a few moments she could feel the pain receding. After a couple of moments, she felt more like herself, he turned her head and looked up at Seong, “Nothing new really, I have been having headaches and periods of dizziness since we got back to Earth. They have been getting worse but with everything going on and the likely kidnapping I didn’t think much about it, until well before I ended up at your door.”

Seong placed a hand on Riandri, “I want you to get some rest while I try and figure this out,” she said. “Can you do that for me?”

Riandri nodded, “I can do that.” With that Riandri relaxed on the biobed and stared at the ceiling but it didn’t take long for the exhaustion her body had accrued while she struggled against the headaches to overwhelm her and she slipped into a restful sleep.

As soon as the biobed registered that Riandri was in REM, Seong looked over at the nurse. “Keep and eye on her and let me know the moment she either wakes up or something happens to her alpha waves,” she instructed.

The nurse nodded and stepped over to the bed to pull the live chart onto a PADD. As that was happening Seong left sickbay and headed for a holo suite onboard. She needed to try some experiments as well as run a history on Riandri and her species. 

As the door to the suite closed and the program that Seong had requested came into focus, Seong began to review what the computer had begun on her patient’s background.

After an hour or so Riandri woke up feeling a little rested but noticed that the anesthizine was still having an effect and her headache was barely present. She pushed herself up and looked around seeing the nurse, “My head is a lot better. Is the Doc around?”

Holo-Suite 1

Seong sat at a table, poring over the information provided by the computer. She looked up at the two people, Jean-Luc Picard and Guinan, and listened to what they were saying while referring to the data on the PADD: Af-Kelt was an El-Aurian-only form of time sickness. It happened after the timeline was disrupted in some way, and the El-Aurian saw echoes of their own future. Distance from the point where the timeline was disrupted provided no protection from the effects.

‘This could be the only plausible explanation for what’s going on with Riandri,’ she reasoned as she placed the PADD on the table. “Computer, send a message to Commander Cheon Kyo with my findings in a secure message,” Seong instructed. A soft tone returned a moment later, confirming that the message had been sent as requested.

A few moments later her combadge chimed and the voice of the nurse came through, “Doctor Seong, the Lieutenant is awake and asked for you. The anesthizine appears to have helped with the headaches. What would you like me to tell her or shall I send her to the holo suite to speak to you?”

Seong thought for a moment about what the nurse had said. “Send her to me,” she replied as she sat back in the cushioned seat, looking at the frozen Picard and Guinan; as the computer had stopped the simulation when the nurse had contacted her.

Several minutes later Riandri walked through the arch into the holo suite, she paused for a moment upon seeing the frozen holograms of Jean-Luc Picard and Guinan. “Been a while since I saw her,” she said absently, nodding towards Guinan before turning to look at Seong. “I wanted to thank you for the anesthizine, it has helped,” she said as she took a set next to Seong on one of the chairs. “I assume you found something? Something to do with my species I gather?”

Seong smiled, “Yes, thought it best to let you watch it yourself.”