Part of USS Sojourner: Mission 1 – Do not go gentle into that good night (Blood Dilithium Campaign) and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

M1 – Chp4: Research Log – Dilithium Encounter

USS Sojourner - Planetary Study and Geology Lab
November 15th, 2400: 18:45
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Planetary Study and Geology Lab

Kerry stood at the main console in one of the multipurpose laboratories aboard the Sojourner setting up the parameters for the next round of tests she had planned She had adapted it to the Planetary Study and Geology Lab following the orders pertaining to the blood dilithium.  

Since she had been assigned as the chief science officer she had been trying to get on top of what the ship offered as well as the science team that she now oversaw. She had never expected to be in a position like this so soon, if ever but here she was trying to juggle a dedicated science team, all fresh out of the academy but with some who were years older than her with multiple degrees. When she thought of that and the various labs and stations she oversaw it was truly daunting. The Sojourner didn’t just possess 2 basic labs that the Daradax had but several fully equipped multipurpose labs that could be rapidly adapted into specialized facilities such as the one she was in now, not to mention the stellar cartography and astrometric lab used to aid in their long-range exploration.

“Ma’am,” came a voice pulling her attention away from her thoughts. Looking up Kerry saw a young ensign, a female Betazoid by the name of Jenoda Toi.

“The latest results from the scans of the red dilithium, sorry the blood dilithium, ma’am,” Jenoda said as she held out a PADD to Kerry. 

“I appreciate this Jenoda, I trust you didn’t go near the sample. Are you experiencing any odd feelings?” Kerry asked.

“No ma’am. Given that it is such a small amount, only half a kilo. I think I should be ok but I will let you know.” Jenoda responded.

Nodding Kerry glanced at the PADD, “Go get some dinner, I will finish up here and let these tests run overnight.”

Jenoda smiled and quickly left the lab leaving Kerry alone in the lab with a half-kilo of blood dilithium on a stand behind a level-three containment field. Kerry glance over at it and shivered as the deep red colour of it reminded her unerringly of blood.

She moved over to the desk and sat down and began to review to results of the preliminary scans of the strange crystal. Thirty minutes later she sighed, ran her hands through her hair and wished, not for the first time, she had someone above her she talk to about these issues. 

Shaking the feelings off she opened the computer, “Computer. Start recording, audio only.”

Research Log Blood Dilithium – November 15th, 2400: 20:15. Lieutenant Junior Grade Kerry Dawson; USS Sojourner


Blood Dilithium, where do I start?


Early this morning the Sojourner encountered its first source of the crystal in an uninhabited star system, Kim DQ11945. On one of the two Class D planets, if you can call it that, we detected a small source. Only about 50 kilograms in total right on its surface. 


Due to the reported effects on telepaths, we decided to only collect a small sample, half a kilo, which was extracted and put into a level 3 containment field. I have designated the sample BD-119459-alpha. I have no idea if the field will prevent the effects it has on telepaths or if collecting such a small amount will mean there isn’t enough to cause the effects.


So far we have conducted preliminary tests and they match those of the USS Merevek; for all intents and purposes, it appears to be normal dilithium. I have attached our results here for reference. We will be conducting more robust tests and experiments with the dilithium in the coming days but my main focus is to determine how the dilithium affects telepaths and if there is a way to block it. 


For now, I have set up the sensors to look for anything, radiation, whatnot,  that the sample is giving off both within and outside of the containment field. 


I am worried about several of my team as I have two Betazoids on the science team though only Jenoda has a specialization in an area that would expose her to the sample. So far she has said she feels fine but now that we are set up I will be having her focus on reviewing the data well away from the sample.


More updates to follow. If and when we discover anything of use regarding the effects on telepaths I will share it with the fleet right away.


Computer End Recording

Kerry leaned back and scanned the transcribed report before finalizing it and logging the report. Standing she headed over to the contaminant chamber and finished setting up the sensors around the sample. 

“Let’s find out what secrets you might share with us. Tomorrow we get to the fun stuff,” she said with a smile as she looked at the puzzling material before her.

With that, she turned and left the lab to go find herself some food and see if Ril or Bel were free for a chat.



  • I'm enjoying the use of personal logs in your work to relay what your characters are thinking. It's a clever piece of exposition, hence why Trek has used it for forever and your use of it is on par. I'm actually really finding the mid-post use of it neat. I can't help but feel that we're missing out on something else and can't wait for a few more of your characters to get together and talk it out. I'm liking the little callbacks to the Daradax and the older characters commenting about the differences, how things are different and better. Gives a nice continuity!

    November 7, 2022
  • Ahh, we're carrying on with the logs! I like this as a way to give everyone their chance in the spotlight. Kerry shows herself both up to the challenge of finding out what blood dilithium is, but rightly cautious of how creepy it is, and of its affect on her people. Again you're moving quickly through rather classic Trek EVENTS that preoccupy the crew, in order to give us more insight into their thoughts and feelings, which is what really makes Sojourner stand out.

    November 10, 2022