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To serve and protect – 2

USS Osiris
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“Sir, We have arrived at the rendezvous point charlie. From here our three friends are on their own to get to their destination.”

“Captain, I’m only seeing two ships on our scans. The Delta Hammer has not arrived. Checking long-range scans.” Lt. Tazzeth reported from the science station. “Nothing, captain.”

Kr’antren raised an eyebrow at his number one. 

Chief Kaha slaps her console. “Sorry sir, we just got a message from the Hammer. They were waiting for us to come out of warp before they sent a message. They are saying that they had some power relays act up shortly after they entered warp. They are making their way back to the Markonian Outpost to see if they can get it fixed.”

“Roger, Tell them to keep their eyes out as they will be an inviting target by themselves and folks may not realize that they have just arrived and their cargo sections are empty. Let them know we will be in the area if they get back out this way.”

“Message passed sir”

“Chief, open a channel voice and video with the Risian Sapphire, the Abok & Igemp Mining Corporation – AIMC 562. Put them on the main view screen, please.”

A human middle-aged male sitting behind a desk of some sort filled one half of the view screen while the other half showed a pair of Ferengi males sitting on either side of what seemed to be a triangular table.

“Gentlemen, Captain Kr’antren of the federation vessel USS Osiris. We have arrived at rendezvous point charlie. As I’m sure you have noticed by now the Hammer ran into some engine trouble and is making its way towards the Markonian Outpost.”

“Are we sure about the engine trouble Captain, something seemed off about that ship and its crew. I’m not saying anything but they just gave off a vibe if you will.”

“Understood Captain, I’ll take it under advisement and will look into it.” as he looked over at Skagath off-screen.

“Hmmmmm, brother that tall one in the back, she could tickle my lobes.” as one of the brothers’ eyes locked onto Lt. Talibah.

Kr’Antren held back a chuckle as he turned and looked over at his Number one as she groaned.

“Rule 53 captain Kr’Antren , yes rule 53 fits.”

“So does rule 219, brother.”

“Shut up, you know nothing.” as he slapped his brother across the table.

Again Kr’antren looked over at Skagath.

“Gentleman, just a couple minutes more and you can go on your way. As I was about to say this is where we go our separate paths. Just a couple of warnings though, we are getting close to the Devore Imperium controlled area. Watch out for them; they will not hesitate to impound your ship or take any telepaths you may have on board or both. Hiorgen hunting parties are also reported to be in the area. You have the subspace Sandbar and the Pitcher Plant marked on your maps so be careful in those areas. We haven’t heard of or received any reports of Borg activity along their border, however, I wouldn’t stray too close to their borders if it can be helped. We will relay any information we get through our channels if needed, We will be patrolling and doing some investigating/researching as per our assigned mission in the area highlighted in yellow on your maps. If you need help or assistance send us a message and another star fleet vessel or we will be there as soon as we can. Remember the wormhole opens on 1 Dec. That’s all I have, gentlemen.” 

The two sections of the screen return to their normal state as the other captains sign off. 

“Wow, Number one. Wouldn’t have figured you for the Ferengi type.” Skagath quickly ducked below his console in case something came flying his way.

Lt’Talibah looked over at the counselor and gave her a wink. “Better than being a Tellarite type. Am I right, counselor?”

“Oh, most definitely ma’am.” As she looked at Skagath.

“aaaiiieeee, be still my wounded heart, how could they?”

As the bridge broke out in chuckles.

“Ok back to business, what did you make of those comments, captain?”

Lt. Talibah stood and walked over to the science console. “Tazzeth, did we scan their cargo holds?”

“Yes ma’am, I did that during their conversation with the Captain. Looks like at least one of their cargo holds has a good deal of Gold Pressed Latnium bars in it.”

“Guess we know they won’t just be mining for it, hope they are careful on who they deal with out here.”

Kr’Antren shook his head as he watched the view screen and the departing ships.”Ferengi will be Ferengi, I guess.”

“Anything on long-range scans?”

“No sir, not at this time.”

“Helm, pull up the map or the area, let’s see where the closest known Blood Dilithium field is.” The view screen becomes a zoomed-out map of the area with the Osiris centrally located on it.

Lt.Talibah and the captain walked up and stood near the helm and ops consoles.

“Captain, it looks like the closest one would be the one located at the seven o’clock position if we used our location as the clock center.” It began to pulse blue. “We would be there in about three hours at warp eight,” Darame said from his seat just to the right of where the captain stood.

“Captain, if I may. This field here might be a bit more interesting for us to look into. According to the updates we received when we arrived through the wormhole, this area was the home of a rather relatively decent-sized subspace rift, within a trinary system, about seven days ago. It was noted by various survey ships that the rift was open for approximately 72 to 96 hours, and could have affected the entire system in that time frame.” Another point begins to pulse between green and blue as Tazzeth worked on various screens on his crescent-shaped console in front of him. “ I’m pulling up the information on the system now, sir.” as a third of the view screen started to show the pertinent information on the system.”

Lt. Talibah walked over to the scrolling list and read off what she was seeing. “ Looks like we have seven planets – one class H, two class J, two class L, one class M, and a class Y. Seeing quite a few moons most are class D, though I do see 2 class K moons around the class M planet. Oh, that’s interesting, don’t see many of those in a trinary system. It looks like we have a class R planet that orbits around the third sun in the system, making it around the middle three planets in an elliptical orbit, it’s habitable but just barely. There is also a decent-sized asteroid belt formed between the two class L planets, which must have been a moon or maybe another planet that did not form. Looks like there are several larger asteroids that could be considered class K.”

“Sir, previous scans of the system show that the class M planet is inhabited, but no mention of a species is made in the logs. According to the survey vessel that made the initial finding when the subspace rift was detected. It was below the orbital paths of the main group of planets. It was roughly 2 million kilometers long rather jagged and approximately 500,000 at its widest point.” A red line appeared on the view screen map in the reported location of the Rift.

“Lt. Tazzeth any ideas on why this rift opened here? Are we close to any known Interstellar phenomenon?” Kr’antren turned towards the Science officer as he listened to his number one. 

“No sir, nothing reported in the area, this is rather close to the borg controlled space but other than that no sir.” One of the science crew walked up from behind the Lieutenant and handed him a PADD. “Thank you, ensign, well that’s interesting. Look at this sir.” As white lines began to connect known areas on the map.”Looks like if you drew a line from the Pitcher Plant  to this location and then a line from this rift on the edge of the Subspace Sandbar they would intersect over this system.”

Kr’antren looked back towards his science officer then back at the view screen then at his number one who was still reading the information that was scrolling.” Well, that just jumped this system over that other one, I would think.”

“Captain, from what we got from the escort requests,  I believe that the two Ferengi are heading towards that Rift and the area it affected.” Lt. Shrybass added to the conversation.

“Chief, send a message asking them if they could send us any scan or sensor reports that they conduct. Tell them that Lt.Talibah asks for it.” As he looked over at his number one and gave her a wink and a smile. “Sometimes you gotta use a little honey to catch a fly, number one.”

She groaned and held her head in her hands for a few seconds. “I’m not going to hear the end of this one, am I.” 

“What do you think number one, does it check off all the boxes?”

“Looks like it, sir. A longer than usual rift opening, plenty of places for the dilithium to appear, an inhabited world, not to mention what the ensign brought to our attention of it lining up with two known phenomena. I think Starfleet would be interested in the data we can collect from the system. It may lead to them sending in a better-equipped survey vessel or maybe an explorer.”

Kr’antren took a second look over the entire map, mentally noting a few areas, then took a few steps back to his central chair. “Ops, I want the runabout prepped for scientific scans and survey work. Get with Lt.Darame and select a good helmsman for her. Science, select two of your folks for the crew. One should be well versed in the information we have so far on the dilithium. Number one you’ll be in command of the runabout. Oh, I shouldn’t have to say this but no telepaths.” 

LT. Talibah returned to her seat. “Orders sir?”

“Conduct a preliminary research flight into and around the system. Focus on the asteroid belt and those two class L planets.”

“Yes sir.”

“The Osiris will try to make contact via comms with the inhabitants of the planet if it is possible. We will also take a closer look at the area where that Rift was located, and see what we can pick up.”

“Any questions?”

Kr’antren looked around the bridge. “ No, ok then. You all have your orders. Let’s get to work”

Lt.Tazzeth looked up from his console. “Sir, it may be a good idea to look at that rogue planet also, see if the dilithium is growing on it.”

Kr’antren looked over at Tazzeth, as he ran his fingers through his beard. “ Your right Lieutenant, we will put that on the to-do list. Good idea.”

“Helm, take us to the system, Warp eight. Let’s enter it into the system as Osiris – 1A for now, Do not enter the system. Let’s keep the Osiris far enough out so that we are safe from the Dilithium effects, till we get a better idea on what the system has in store for us.” Kr’Antren sat forward in his chair and used his chair’s arm console, with its small screen, to pull up information. He looked for anything he could find from the Voyager logs that would help them prepare for meeting the inhabitants of the system, Though he could find no logs entered on the system.

“Sir, the course has been plotted and laid in. Estimated travel time at warp eight is 24 hours.”

“Ok, then. Chief, inform Task Force 17 of our intended destination. Helm, light the fires, and kick the tires. At least I think that’s how that old earth saying goes.”



  • Oof. This post gave me a quick little thrill of panic when the Delta Hammer went missing. I hadn't expected disaster so soon into the mission. It seems like it's nothing but disrepair, but if even the Ferengi are suspicious about it, I think I should be too. I'm also very intrigued by this subspace rift. You've done such a thorough job of world-building out this star system the Osiris is going to explore. I especially enjoyed the analysis to determine where to search for blood dilithium. I can't imagine what they'll find!

    November 4, 2022
  • Ooh intrigue! I loved the way this started with a little drama with the missing ship. I can’t help feeling this will come back to bite the Osiris in the proverbial at some point, or it could just be disrepair… We’ll have to wait and see what happens there. Nice little interaction there with the ferengi and a new source of amusement in the crew, which was a lovely touch. I liked the analysis which provided a lovely way to world-build and introduce the system the Osiris is heading into and the hint of mystery with the subspace rift! Very nice!

    November 6, 2022