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Profile Overview

Talibah Mahmoud

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Mahmoud


USS Columbia


Talibah Darwish Mahmoud

October 12 2375



– relatively tall for a human female and well built. Has what many would call a runners build.

– black hair with dark brown eyes.. dark brown Egyptian skin tone.. usually keeps hair pulled back in a loosely braided pony tail..


– straight shooter, brash, due to her life in New Cairo can be rather rude and pushes to be heard by those she is talking to if the situation warrants it. Has a good combination of street smarts and educational smarts.

– has had to fire her police weapon on several occasions and has, to the best of her knowledge, had to kill at least two young gang members who thought they would move up if they took out a cop. This weighs heavily on her as she often thinks about what she could have done to not warrant ending two young lives..


– middle child has two older brothers and a younger sister.

–  mother is a police woman in New Cairo, dad owns several stores in the Kahn el’ kahlili Snwj ( one of the main markets in New Cairo.

– Entered the Cairo police force out of high school, graduated in the top 25% of her class.. has worked street patrols and was a young rookie detective in the drugs and gangs section when she went to a training opportunity with the San Francisco police department.. while there she fell in love with a star fleet officer, engaged than ended in a bad situation.. While in San Francisco she took the star fleet entrance exam and comfortably passed on her first try, thinking at the time this would bring her and her than fiance closer together.

– degree in both stellar cartography from the star fleet academy and in criminal justice that she started in Cairo and finished in the academy..

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2393 - 2396 Cairo Police Force - civilian Cairo
2396 - 2397 CDT4 Star Fleet Academy - Earth
2397 - 2398 CDT3 Star Fleet Academy - Earth
2398 - 2399 CDT2 Star Fleet Academy - Earth
2399 - 2400 CDT1 Star Fleet Academy - Earth