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Part of USS Eagle: Mission 1 – Delta Quadrant and Bravo Fleet: Blood Dilithium

Traveling Afar

USS Eagle
November 2400
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Deck 1, Ready Room

“Have all the crew moves been finished?” said Kirby.

“Yes, sir,” said Allen. “Most weren't happy about it, but they understood your concerns.”

Kirby nodded. “I suspect you know there's another concern I have.”

“I do,” said Allen.

“Though you appear Human, you're still half Vulcan. I'm seriously thinking about you staying behind as well.”

Allen was standing before Captain Kirby and at his last words, Allen frowned. “Sir, my Human DNA is more dominant. I've never been able to do a mind meld. You don't need to worry about the blood dilithium affecting me.”

“Is your inability to mind meld physiological or because you never trained to do one?”

Roger paused several seconds. “I don't know, but leaving me here is a bad thing.”

“And why is that?”

“I'm your XO. I'm responsible to the crew and insuring your orders are followed. If you don't allow me to go on this mission, though the crew will understand your reasoning, I'll appear weak and lose a measure of respect. I can't do my job here under those circumstances.”

Kirby carefully considered this. “Lieutenant Commander. Roger.” His tone softened. “We've been together since our Raven. I look at you as more than my XO. You're a friend. However, I also need to make decisions that are best for the ship as a whole.”

“Sir, tell me the ship is better as a whole without me.”

“It's not.”

“Then the matter is settled,” said Allen. “Besides, if I'm affected by the dilithium, stun me and put me in stasis.”

Deck 2, Science Lab

“So this is where you've been hiding.”

“Hey, Lor, and I don't hide,” said Ohtani.

Doctor Weaver chuckled. It was fun picking on her friend, but Haia always seemed to take it in stride. Maybe it was because of her serious personality. It was like she was just a centimeter shy of getting the joke. Prodigy geniuses seemed to come with quirks.

“So, this is it, your new girl cave. I see Tucker is on your desk,” said Weaver. Tucker was Haia's favorite stuffed animal, a small, brown, teddy bear.

“I don't know what that means, but yes, this is obviously my new science lab,” said Ohtani.

“It's bigger and it looks like you have more cool stuff,” said Weaver.

Ohtani stared at Weaver. “Your powers of observation never cease to amaze.”

Weaver chuckled. Haia didn't usually pick back, so maybe that was a serious comment.

Deck 1, Ready Room

“You can count on being stunned if the blood dilithium affects you,” said Kirby. “You know I don't really want to do this without you.”

"Yes, sir, and I appreciate you looking out for me, but I'll be fine."

“All right, then I'll leave you to your duties,” said Kirby. “They're putting us eighteenth in line through the wormhole.”

“Then I better hurry. Thank you, Captain."

Deck 2, Science Lab

“What do you think of your new quarters?” said Weaver.

“It's nice.”

“What deck are you on?”

“Two, same as the lab,” said Ohtani.

“I'm on five, same as sickbay.”

“Our Ops people know what they're doing,” said Ohtani.

“We're three decks apart,” said Weaver. “I should be able to sleep without hearing you snore, though I feel sorry for the people in the rooms near you.”

Weaver ducked as Tucker whizzed past her head.



  • Great start, I like how Kirby is looking out for everyone's safety even with his first officer. Though it was a tough decision keeping Roger on board, I am curious to see if it will truly affect him or not. I also enjoyed the little chat going on between Weaver and Ohtani and how concerned she was for her comfort. Looking forward to what will happen next!

    November 3, 2022
  • What a great start to your story. The interaction between your character was a joy to read, and I especially liked seeing the struggle between the Captain and Executive Officer. It was a simple interaction but spoke volumes for these two characters. You could feel the struggle the Captain was having. I can't wait to see what you have planned for this Campaign.

    November 3, 2022