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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 2 – “Into the Breach”

Getting Ready

USS Mercy
August 31, 2400, 1430 Hours
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Deck 2, Briefing Room

Sorek was addressing the department heads, assistant chiefs, and patient ward coordinators.

“You’ve all been briefed on the situation on Coppelius. Medical teams will be transported all over the city in small teams. Because there could still be Separatist soldiers on the planet, someone from security will accompany each team. Standard security, emergency triage and medical protocols will be in place at all times. If your security escort tells you to hit the ground, you hit the ground. If an area is too dangerous to enter, stay out.

“Mister O’Shea, Doctor MacDonald, you are responsible for duty rosters and shift rotations. Make sure everyone receives rest, food, and water. We’re no good to anyone if our people become patients, too.

“Transporter rooms will be manned at all times to beam critical patients to the Mercy. Shuttles and runabouts will be available to take patients to the ship when a beam out is too dangerous. They’ll also be available on the surface as rest areas or field hospitals. Mister Sesias, you are in charge of that.’

“Lieutenant Cordon, the engineering department will try to restore power to the city, if possible. If not, your people will set up generators and batteries, or anything else needed to insure the medical people have everything they need. Damage control parties can be used to put out fires or be involved in extracting anyone trapped in a building.

“Counselor Choi, you and your people will be ready on the planet and the ship as needed.

“Lieutenant S’Atilen, you and your department will handle surface to ship communications. Coordinate with Captain Halsey on the bridge.

“The chief yeoman will supervise taking names of patients and insuring the recording of all medical records.

“I will be on the planet or on board the Mercy as the situation warrants.  Contact me as needed for anything.

“This is our first true medical operation. We’ve all trained for this. Do your jobs and we’ll get this done. You are dismissed.”

As everyone was leaving, Sorek motioned for O’Shea to remain.

“For now, the captain will be remaining on the Mercy. If he chooses to go to the colony at some point, you will be personally responsible for his safety.”

Sorek had informed the crew as best as he could. Now it was time to save lives.


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