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Part of USS Osiris: No such thing as routine

No such thing as routine – chap 9

USS Osiris
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Captains log

Stardate 240010.17


We have spent the last few weeks in the Sigma Pegasi system conducting surveys and scans of the system. A Trinary star system always warrants some extra attention from time to time not to mention that this one is close to both the Badlands and relatively speaking to both the Breen and Tzenkethi borders. While the Osiris is not a science or explorer starship we do have decent capabilities in both of these areas, the idea that Reliant’s a jack-of-all-trades vessel is one that I am beginning to realise may be more of a strength than a weakness in the mission profiles that we can be given. We are heading towards Gavaria, the only M-class planet in this system. We have been tasked with dropping off some medical, engineering, and general supplies and offering whatever help they may need from Starfleet now and in the future. With Task force 47 now being assigned to this sector of space, we need to reach out and offer whatever assistance we can to the inhabitants of the area and start the diplomacy processes if possible. 

“Computer end and save Captains log”

Kr’Antren leaned back in his chair and thought for a moment. “Computer, notify all command staff. Dinner with the Crew Night – 1800 – main crew dining hall,  I have been informed that it is Italian night tonight with some surprise recipes.”

He started to go through the latest patch of PADDS, most were promotion orders and awards for the enlisted and junior officers and just needed his signature. One was from Task Force 47 command and dealt with the latest and greatest updates for the sectors diplomacy statuses, intelligence, fleet news, and such. The last PADD was an update and change to their current mission orders, not much of a change for the most part, though it did have an addendum to their current orders requiring the Osiris to make its way to the Rolor Nebula to investigate reports of a new smuggling/pirate operation using the nebula as a base of operations.

“Well, looks like we will go from investigating one potential pirate organization to another, guess that will be the norm for a while till the Task Force gets staffed and makes their presence known throughout the Expanse.”

Kr’Antren tapped his combadge. “Lt. Darame, Captain Kr’Antren. Plot a course to the Rolor Nebula warp 7 for now.” “Number one, Captain Kr’antren. We just received a change to our orders, ‘ He looked at the chrono on his console. “ We will depart for the Rolor Nebula in eight hours. I want all supply and logistics missions completed on Gavaria and the team’s back on board in seven. Please join me in my ready room and bring Lieutenant Shrybass with you.”

“Roger Captain, We will be there in a few minutes once we have gotten the orders sent out for the various supply missions and set the ship for the trip to the Nebula.”

“That will work number one.”

“Counsellor Sia, Captain K’antren, please meet me in my ready room as soon as you are free. We need to go over the meeting with the Gavarian senatorial council. The away team will consist of  Lieutenant Shrybass, yourself and me along with two security officers.”

“I just finished up a session sir, as soon as I compile my notes and update the patient’s record I will be up. Should be about 15 to 20 minutes.”

“That will work, Counsellor.”


Kr’Antren pulls up the latest information on the Gavarian senatorial council on his PADD, taking a few minutes to go over the customs and courtesies for meeting with the council.

“This should be interesting, us being the proverbial new kids on the block and the breen and Tzinkethie being an ongoing thorn in their sides for hundreds of years if not longer.”

As he finished reading the information on the PADD the door to his ready room chimed. “Enter” as the XO and ops chief made their way into the ready room. Take a seat on the couches, I’ll be there in a sec. Waiting on the counsellor, she should be here any minute.“ They both made their way into the less formal space and took seats on the couches.

Lt Talibah placed her PADD on the coffee table and then got back up and walked over to the replicator. “Turkish coffee, medium, sweetened with cream.” She took her coffee and returned to her seat.

Lt. Shrybaas was busy updating his PADD as he was getting reports from the various deliveries being made planet side, also taking note of any issues or situations that would merit the XO’s or Captains attention.

Several minutes later the counsellor walked through the doorway and was directed to the couches as well, she stopped at the replicator “smoothie – strawberry, banna, orange” taking her drink, she made her way to the open spot between the XO and ops chief. “Good morning Ma’am, Good morning lieutenant.”

Kr’Antren followed behind her carrying his PADD and a cup of coffee that he had been drinking. “Morning, We are keeping this one informal. I just wanted to go over the meeting with the Senatorial council and the delivery operations. The away team for the meeting will consist of the counsellor, Lt’ Shrybaas, a security team of two and myself. Number one you will have the conn while we are away.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Lt. Shrybaas, you’re up first. How are the deliveries going? Any issues that we need to be aware of? Is there anything else that we could help them with while we are here?”

“Captain, Ma’am. Currently we have finished deliveries to four of the cities that were designated to the task force, we are setting up delivery points at the last three. As towards issues we have run into the first being room for the deliveries, they did not give us the room we needed almost as if they were trying to not bring notice or eyes upon the assistance given. The second issue being along those same lines they were real quick to relocate the cargo, my teams almost did not have time to inventory and acknowledge what had arrived. Two of the designated cities have asked for industrial replicators, we have one in storage which is meant as a replacement or for situations that would require engineering’s need for an additional one. So we could give them that one if you sign off on it, just means we will need to get a replacement from the Deep Space 47 or requisition one through the system.” 

Kr’Antren looked over at his number one with a raised eyebrow “what do you think number one?”

Lt. Talibah looked at her PADD “Looking at the Task Force’s available supplies, it does look like the Task Force has three in storage. I’ll put the paperwork in for one of them so it should be ready for us to pick up the next time we stop by Deep Space 47.”

Kr’Antren nodded “Ok, Lt Shrybaas. Let them know we have one we could let go of. Find out which location they would like for us to deliver it to.”

Lt. Talibah looked over at Counsellor Sia and pointed at something on her PADD to which the counsellor nodded her head. “Sir, We noticed that you had Darame plot a course for the Rolor Nebula?”

“Yes,  our latest update to our patrol orders have us going to the Nebula to investigate a possible new pirate/smuggling operation that has come to the attention of the Task Force. But I have a feeling I know where you’re heading.” He looked at the three of them.  “

Yes, I have read the recent reports of the situation in the Delta Quadrant. I have also been briefed by both the Task Force intelligence section and by the 4th fleet intelligence department on the situation in a Captain’s call. However, seeing as there is roughly sixteen days till the Barzan wormhole opens again allowing us quick access to the Delta Quadrant. I think both 4th fleet command and Task Force command are waiting for more information before they make any decisions on future orders. I do expect though that within the next week or two we will be getting new orders.”

“Yes sir, understood. Should we have Lt. Tazzeth and his teams start looking into the information on the subspace rifts and this “ blood dilithium”. Anything that can prepare us for what we may encounter if we are called upon.”

“Good idea number one, won’t hurt. The better prepared we are before we go the better we can plan for situations  if we are sent to the Delta Quadrant. On that note, have Skagath start looking up any information he can find on “ He looked something up on his PADD as he noticed the others doing the same. “The Devorian Imperium and the Hiron, those are the two main thorns in everyone’s side that have made their way to the Gradin Belt so far. Counsellor get with the Doc, if we are called forward we will be on our own and far away from any help. See what you two can work out to support each other. I want you to start working on something else with the doc, the Devore Imperium do not like telepaths and that’s putting it lightly. See if you can figure out something to help our telepaths.”

He looked at each of the three and nodded. “Now, till we hear otherwise. We have our orders and a mission to complete, with that being said we have a meeting with the Gavarian senatorial council to attend.”

At about that time he noticed a new message, and opened it.

The others noticed the captain’s eyes scan a message as he started to stand and walk to his desk and sit down. “Number one, join me. Counsellor and Shrybass your dismissed. You have your orders.”As they got up and left he caught the eye of the counsellor, Looking back down at his PADD he glanced up “Counsellor, can you join us too. May need both sides of your proverbial chairs’ insight on this.”

As the door closed behind Shrybaas he looked at the two ladies sitting in front of him. “As you could probably have guessed, we just received new orders. A bit sooner than I expected, it looks like Bravo Fleet is being called forward.”

Lt. Talibah sat forward in her chair and steepled her fingers in front of her as she placed her arms on the captain’s desk. “Bravo Fleet, sir? As in the entire fleet.” She let out a whistle as the captain nodded in acknowledgement.

He typed something on his padd and both of their PADDS flashed as they received new messages. “Here is a copy of the full operational orders for the fleet, a copy of Task Force 47’s mission and a copy of the mission orders for the Osiris.”

“Number one, it looks like we should be receiving updated intelligence reports on an ongoing basis over the next few weeks.“ she nodded in acknowledgement.

Counsellor Sia’s eye’s move back and forth as she scans through the orders, paying attention to the Osiris’s mission. She grimaces and then sits back in her chair. “Sir, not sure if you read our orders fully, particularly the operational area?”

Kr’antren nodded and sat back in his chair. “ Yes, I noticed. Looks like we will need those ideas quicker than we had hoped. How many full telepaths do we have on board? And how many show some sort of telepathic/empathic ability?”

The counsellor looked down at her PADD and typed something in. “Currently we have five full telepaths onboard and another nine that show various levels of telepathic or empathic abilities.”

Kr’Antren started working on something on his desk’s console. “So roughly ten percent of the crew. Ok that’s going to take some planning then if we get boarded by the Devore Imperium. Counsellor, once we go through the wormhole I will ask that you join us on the bridge as your place of duty.” she nodded at this.

“Also due to the nature of Blood Dilithium and the area we will be operating in. We will need to know where all of our telepaths are located at all times.”

“Yes sir.”

Kr’Antren tapped a button on his desk. “Helm, Captain Kr’antren. Disregard the previous order I gave you. Plot a course to the Barzan wormhole, warp eight. Let’s come out of warp a day or so out. That area is going to be getting really busy and crowded. I’ll give you further orders once we figure everything out here.”

“Yes, sir. We’re going to have to slow down during our passage through the badlands, but I’ll adjust for that.Helm, out.”

Kr’antren tapped the button again. “Chief Kaha, Captain Kr’Antren. Send our apologies to the Gavarian senatorial council,  but we will have to cancel our meeting. Let them know that our orders have changed and we will be making our way to the Barzan Wormhole as soon as we finish any current deliveries and our away teams report back on board.”

“Yes sir.”

Button again. “Shrybaas, Captain Kr’antren. Call back the away teams and finish any deliveries that are currently on going.  Let Number One know when everyone is back onboard. Get with the department heads and find out what supplies we need, compile a list and send it to Number one.”

For the next couple hours the three of them go through the order packets, discussing their upcoming mission and writing departmental level orders. Throughout that time they call various officers and bridge crew into the ready room to discuss certain points. As they end the meeting, department heads start to receive their orders along with a copy of the Osiris’s mission packet.

1900 – main dining hall – Dinner with the crew “event”

Kr’antren looked around the table at his command staff and the other officers that had joined them at the table for the evening meal. Much of the discussion around the table had been about their upcoming mission and the trip to the Delta Quadrant. He could feel the tension in the air and he could also see the signs of nervousness on many of their faces. However he also felt excitement, pride, loyalty and a sense of family and hopefulness. He nodded, cleared his throat and stood. The room goes awkwardly silent as all eyes turn toward him.

“Osisris,” he motioned to everyone in the room with a sweep of his arm. “As many of you have been informed by your department heads, we have new orders. I am sure many of you have read the news reports of the Subspace pulse in the Gradian Belt region of the Delta Quadrant and the rifts opening since then and the emergence of this new Dilithium. Due to the situation unfolding in that area Star fleet has mobilised the entirety of Bravo Fleet, our orders are to go to this region investigate this new dilithium and the subspace rifts that seem to precede its dilithium, to escort and protect the various non star fleet entities operating in or heading towards that region and to help anyone that asks for it.”

A low murmur of excitement and encouragement goes through the room, Kr’Antren lets this continue and die down after several moments.

“I too feel the excitement and the nervousness that all of you are feeling. But I know that everyone on the Osiris is ready for what lies ahead. There is no crew I would want to go into the unknown with other than this one. I know we are still a relatively new crew but I see signs everyday of us becoming something more, something that many ships in the fleet strive to become. A family, a crew coming together as one entity. Look around you, look to your left and right those are your brothers and sisters. Those around you and beside you are the ones that will be there to help you, to carry you and if needed sacrifice themselves. Remember this as we move forward into the unknown, we are all here for each other and for the Osiris. Your officers and I will do everything we can to ensure your safety but remember it will require all of us coming together as one to make it happen.”

He looked around the dining hall. “In the next couple of hours we will enter warp and make our way to the Barzan Wormhole where we will join the rest of the fleet and prepare for what lies ahead. Remember your training, trust in your crewmates, trust in your leadership and overall trust in the Osiris. She is not only our home she is us as we are her, there can not be one without the other. Raise your glasses and let us salute the Osiris and each other.”

Everyone stood and raised their glasses as they held them high and than took a sip, after putting their glasses down a loud round of applause started to flow over the crew as their captain looked around clapping himself and pating various crew members on the back as he and the command staff made their way around the dining hall giving encouragement and appreciation.