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Profile Overview

Siazal Pruzax

Trill (joined) Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Siazal Pruzax


Siazal Pruzax


USS Washington


Siazel is 5’7″ approx 143 pounds, athletic build. Black hair with a brown steak of to one side, usually wears her hair loose of tied back in a long pony tail.



Direct at times, analytical, bookish, mild mannered and spoken



Siazel is the fifth host for Pruzax and the first female host that Pruzax has had. The previous hosts for Pruzax have been a member of the Star Fleet diplomatic corp, two counselors on star fleet ships and a diplomatic aide (civilian) assigned to the United Federation of Planets. Pruzax is aware of six children though he readily admits there could be more out there.

Pruzax tends to be very analytical when dealing with patients and slightly soft spoken. While Siazal   was  noted during school to be analytical in a bookish sort of way and being rather direct in some cases with patients. Siazal was in the top 5% of her class and was deemed by many of her professors to be one to watch as they felt that with her demeanor and the straight to the point way of analyzing patients could be a great help in star fleet especially amongst the fleet. Siazal is also open to using various methods to break through and has trained herself in the use of hypnotherapy  .

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2396 Cadet - Counselor Star Fleet Academy Mellstox III
2396 - 2397 Counselor Trill for joining with Pruzax
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2400 Junior counselor USS Cardinal
Lieutenant Junior Grade