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Part of USS Mercy: Mission 2 – “Into the Breach”


USS Mercy
8.31.2400 @ 1400
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They had arrived at Ghulion IV.  The Federation Task Force had engaged and had given chase to the Romulan attackers, which had been confirmed as separatists.  They’d attempted to seize the planet as a means to an end, but the planet’s recent status as a Federation Protectorate hadn’t occurred to them.  The Romulans had been aided by others – there were reports of some Klingon minor and dishonored houses that were mixed in for good measure.  Now they had the attention of Starfleet.  

“Captain, we’re entering orbit now.  We’re directly sending all sensor and scan reports to department heads, as you requested.  The main colony area took the hardest hits, and there are numerous reports of injured out in the open but also in and around buildings – sensors are showing much instability in the buildings and area.  Initial sensor sweeps show significant damage to infrastructure as well – power and water are offline for the entire colony – they hit the power plant pretty badly, and the well system’s been sundered.”  A pause, “We’re also picking up damage and destruction in the rural parts of the colony – the mining and industrial sectors are harder to scan without being closer.  Detecting farm life as well in that area.”

Halsey stood from his chair, “Then we’re the ones for the job ahead.”  He tapped his chair console, “This is Captain Halsey – we’ve arrived at the colony.  Your department heads have all the relevant data, information, and details.  Your teams and specific mission details have been assigned.  Let’s get to work.”

Halsey turned to Sorek, “I’ll follow you down shortly – we’ve got a planet to save.”

Sorek moved closer to Halsey and spoke in a hushed tone. “There was a ground assault on the colony. We don’t know if separatists are still there. Until we can secure the area, I believe you should remain here on the Mercy.”

Halsey gave his Vulcan XO a brief look and gave a slight nod, “I’ll accept it, begrudgingly.  We’ll need to ensure our teams are escorted in that case.”  He pulled out his PADD, “Commander Sorek, the away teams are in your charge.  We’ll coordinate communications and dispatch requests from here.  Let’s get to work.”

“Yes, sir,” said Sorek. The scope of this operation was going to test everyone on board.