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Part of USS Damascus: M0: A new adventure

Well Hello

USS Damascus - Sickbay
October 2400
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The new crew was settling in on the Damascus, and everyone was getting ready to do their jobs and the ship ready for launch when Starfleet Command had their orders ready on the go. Sazra gave some nods to people in the hallway and gave a soft smile as she did her best to give that calming vibe. Entering the sickbay, she looked around, seeing the nurses busy with some equipment, supplies, and personnel administration checks. “I am looking for…”

“Ah! Captain,” An Andorian man walked from the side to Sazra “Doctor Kossaal Th’shrithel, oh yea I am also a Lieutenant if you are more of the ranks. Are you a type for the rank type, Captain?” Kossaal thinks for a second “Nevermind, whatever works for you, Captain, I have read your medical files, and I do say you are quite a fascinating person from a medical perspective, of course.” 

Looking at the doctor that overwhelmed her, Sazra now understood what Silina meant by being a talkative person, “Pleasure to meet you, doctor. I tend to keep myself out of the spotlight if that is possible. How are you settling in”

“Of course, of course, Captain” He leans a bit forward, “But it is quite interesting that eye of yours, and I love to have a peek at it to see the fine work the Commander has put you through” Kossaal nods then again as he backs off “Ah yes the Damascus” He waved his hand around “A fine upgrade for my hands to work in, I look forward to providing the medical assistance on either the crew or our adventures out there dear Captain.” 

“Good to know that” Looking a bit confused at the doctor, “So you do not require anything at this given time?” Sazra asked, trying to see if she understood him clearly. 

Kossaal clapped his hands “Nurse the PADD please” A nurse gave him the PADD as he looked at it “These are the medical supplies and tools that are still required for further operations at a 120% for this department to be fully operational” He reached out to give Sazra the PADD as she took it from him “As you can see, the registration of the required tools are updated in sections and bullets. Please get that sorted out as soon as possible for us, Captain” 

Looked at the list and saw the number of pages, “Doctor it states that this is about 30 pages long?” Sazra narrowed her eyes and reached the PADD back at him, “Get it down to 1 page, and I’ll see what I can do for you. I don’t have the time to get all these supplies, and frankly, most are not required for where we are going” 

“But Captain, the care, and health of our crew are of the utmost importance, and these supplies are required to do just that” Kossaal nodded, pushing gently the PADD back.

Sazra saw that this man needed to be put under direct control, and if he thought that he could control her, then that was his first mistake “Nurse” The nurse looked at Sazra and walked to her as she handed the PADD to her “Look doctor, I have been on that frontier for 7 years already, and I know that one thing is a fact. You are never prepared for what might happen there. So you get your standard supplies as everyone else does. You get that list to 1 page and deliver it to my first officer, and if you don’t want to do that and keep insisting on this absurd list then you won’t get anything” Sazra shrugs. “So when you are in the field at the frontier, get creative Doctor” 

The doctor shrugged a bit, not pleased by this direct command, but he calmed himself down and nodded, “As you wish Captain, I will look at the list and see what is required. I might be able to get it down to two pages….”

Pointing a finger up “One” Sazra was not going to lose this battle “One or nothing, and don’t try to outsmart me on this” She knew most of the tricks out there and was not going to accept anything. She knew that if a list was made, there would be at least 10 items.

“Alright Captain I yield, I shall provide a list of one page for the Commander” Kossaal didn’t like it at all but he had no idea how to object against this woman. 

Giving a firm nod and lowering her hand, “Good, I have to continue my round. I will be back later for ….my medical check on my eye” Sazra turned around “Good day doctor” With that, she left the room and didn’t wait for his reply. He was a man to be watched as his talking was in his court of advantage and could easily overwhelm a person. 

“Doctor?” The nurse looked at Kossaal.

“It is okay Nurse, today she won, but I love a challenge. Now let’s get that list ready for the Commander” Kossaal walked to his office.