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Part of USS Damascus: M0: A new adventure

Getting used to it.

USS Damascus - Captain Ready Room
September 2400
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The ship felt fresh. It felt new and different from what she was used to at Jaxartes. Placing her hand on the cold glass as Sazra looked outside to the busy dry docks. She let it sink in that it was a step forward, but back in her head was that old small Raven-class that had brought so many memories. She heard the door slide open. Furthermore, she knew who dared to do something like that. “Sil, use the chime” Sazra looked over her shoulder, seeing Silina stop close to her. 

Standing in her new red uniform, she looked a tad uncomfortable with the new uniform. “Could I not keep my old one? I mean, red is not my color, you know” Silina shrugs, looking at her uniform.

Turning around as she crossed her arms, Sazra smiled softly at her, “You don’t want to be my First Officer then? Sadly, the Chief Medical Officer position has been filled already, so you might have to seek another spot somewhere else if you want that uniform back, Commander” 

Silina shrugged again, looking at Sazra with slightly narrowed eyes. “You can’t run this without me. You know that very well, Captain” It went quiet for a moment as they looked at each other and started to laugh simultaneously, “I am good where I am. I love to annoy Adrián even more” Silina sat down on one of the chairs and looked at Sazra. “How is the eye” 

Ah, yes, her eye. Sazra blinked her left eye as it refocused on her surrounding by mechanical means. “It is different, but your finest work for sure” Sazra walked to her desk and sat down. “Thought I still have waves of headaches that pierce into my head when I try to focus on something for too long. Eventually, my brain will get used to it, and painkillers will help” Leaning back in her chair as her eye looked at pictures of the first picture made on the Jaxartes when they had just finished repairing it themselves. 

“You should alert me when you have those piercing headaches. You know,” Silina points out, looking a bit concerned about it, “Your body needs time to adjust, as you said. So listen to it and let it get used. We got the preparation in hand for the Damascus”

“Well, you are not my doctor anymore. We have one already” Sazra gave a sassy response with a grin.

Rolling her eyes at that, “That might be so, but I was the one that did the operation and fixed that” Silina pointed at Sazra’s eye. “Speaking of which, Doctor Th’shrithel has reported in and checked out the sickbay. He wants to talk with you. Eventually, you know, the formal greeting and such” 

Nodding to that, “Lieutenant Th’shrithel, an Andorian that loves to talk with everyone and has a good record on medical services. USS Hunter Captain speaks highly of him” Sazra looked at Silina. “What is your opinion? You met the man”

“He is…hmm very present, and he loves to talk and tries his best to get to know you. I had to cut down on our conversation, seeing I had more things to do. From what I heard, he knew his medical stuff and was interested in how I operated over the years. The whole raven program was, in his opinion, a very interesting approach, and he was disappointed that he didn’t take that chance”

The raven program was a unique approach that got her where she is today. Sazra nodded, “Well, what about our new pilot?”

“Ensign K’Nala, a person that is always in for an energetic conversation. She was almost jumping around when arriving at the docks to see what kind of ship she would fly” Silina smiled a bit. “It was quite motivating to see Starfleet personnel like herself be on our ship. I look forward to her development for sure” 

“We need that energy. Starfleet has not given me any word about our next mission. But the possibility that we are going to return to Typhon Frontier is highly present. Our experience speaks chapters by itself for Starfleet Science and Command. So it is best to get the crew ready as to what is expected in the Typhon Frontier out of our experience, Commander” Sazra tapped her finger on the lap for a second.

Silina stood up and nodded to her. “I will get them ready. I mean, a large group of eighty is not that daunting, right” Silina shrugs for a moment and walks to the door. She stops and does not turn around, “Sazra, about what happened in the facility when we saved you. Do you remember anything?”

Looking outside, she felt her cheeks going warm as Sazra shrugged a bit. “It is still vague for me. It took a lot of energy out of me for sure” Sazra shook her head. Why did she say that she knew what Silina was referring to. 

No sound came from Silina, and she slowly nodded. “Yea, nothing important. We got you out, so that is the best. Get some rest, Captain” With that said, she quickly left the room.

Seeing her leave made Sazra uncomfortable as she leaned back in her chair, “I do remember, I remember your lips, Silina. Why did I have to confess at that time” She pressed her hand to her template “I have to deal with this sometime as this can go south quickly”