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Part of USS Sojourner: Mission 0 – An Unexpected Boon

M0 – Chp4: Commanders Log: Drills

USS Sojourner - in orbit around DS9
October 25th, 2400: 22:00
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USS Sojourner – Captain’s Quarters

Kirin let out a sigh as she settled in the bathtub in her quarters letting the warm water relax her muscles. The last week has been a whirlwind of activity after she took command of the USS Sojourner and this was the first time since then that she had time to relax and reflect on the last week.

She closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the cushioned headrest. “I could get used to this. Computer play relaxing music.”

“Please Clarify the Selection,” the computer responded. 

Kirin groaned, “Ugh, still not as intuitive as I would like.” She muttered. “Fine, fine. Computer play relaxing instrumental music from Risa.”

“Affirmative,” came the reply from the computer as the music began to play throughout her quarters.

Half an hour later Kirin stepped out and wrapped herself in her dressing gown and made her way to her replicator. “Computer Peppermint Tea, Hot.” A moment later a pipping hot cup of tea materialized before her. Grabbing the cup she turned to her personal workstation and took a seat, turning on the computer. 

“Computer start recording, audio only,” she said as she reach up, squeezing her hair to get the last of the water out.

Commander’s Log – October 26th, 2400: 22:40. Commander Kirin Tarken; USS Sojourner


I am happy to report that the USS Sojourner has returned to Deep Space 9 after completing a week long set of drills. The crew’s conduct during this was excellent across all departments. Though new, in most cases, they adapted well when presented with challenges and most importantly presented the senior staff with some out-of-the-box ideas to address the challenges.

She paused for a moment and took a sip of her tea and smiled. The performance of the crew was better than she had expected and her gut told her they would only get better.

As expected some issues occured early on; slow response times and other mistakes that are often seen in new crews. But as I said their performance improved significantly as the week went on. We will continue to conduct drills  to ensure the crew is performing at peak efficiency before joining the taskforce. I do recognize that drills are very different from real events but until such a thing occurs I am pleased with their progress.


I also wanted it noted that the senior staff have performed beyond my expectations, which was high. Each has taken command of their departments successful and has done a standup job getting their teams in order. 


I am been especially pleased with the work of Lieutenant Ril Mnass. She has taken command of the security and tactical departments like she was born to it. Her team leads, and all experienced NCOs speak highly of her. I appreciate it has only been one week but first impressions are important and she has done well. I have made a note of this in her record.


I want it noted that the others, Lieutenants Kerry Dawson and Belania and Lieutenant Commander Thanen Th’zalnar have done no less of an impressive job. 


It should be mentioned that there have been several technical faults over the last week but this is not unexpected for a new ship. Most are minor but the following have caused some issues worth noting.

  • The EMH is current unresponsive. Both Operations and Engineering areworking on this.

Pausing for a moment she took another sip of tea. The issue with the EMH was troublesome she thought to herself. Belania and Thanen had not found anything wrong but it just wouldn’t respond. She made a mental note to go to the medical and have a chat with the nursing staff on duty about options. Turning back to her computer she continued.

  • Gravity plating lsot power on parts of Deck 7 several times until the faulty power relays causing it were identified and replaced.
  • Malfunctioning thruster assembly  has resulting in sluggish manoeuvring. The assembly replaced.
  • Inertia dampeners on Deck 2 slipped of alignment durign our first high warp test since taking command; this caused no damage but crew reported feeling unwell. Engineering was able to realign inertia dampeners. The underlying reason for issue is still under investigation.
  • Environmental systems on Deck 1 were unresponsive for 20 hours locking the temperature at 15°C. Operations was able to bypass the control system and implement a fix.

The engineering and operations teams have done an excellent job addressing these and others as they have  crop up. I have attached their full reports and the complete list of issues to his log for future reference.


Following a quick resupply at Deep Space 9 we will start taking the Sojourner towards Star Base 47. 


Computer End Recording

With that Kirin leaned back and finished her tea and covered up a yawn. She stood up and headed to her room, placing the empty mug in the replicating and recycling it. Taking a seat on her head she took a moment to look at the ageing space station outside the window as her thoughts wandered.

“Computer lights out.”