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Part of USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again Part: 2 and USS Denver: Mission 4: Can’t Come Home Again

In The Clutches of a Madman

Under Ground Lair, Montanna
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Angelica Ryder struggled against her bonds.  She was in some sort of facility lying on a cold hard table with nothing more than a sheet to cover her.  She hurt from the restraints. She hurt from the table, and she was chilled to the bone. 

Incredibly a Klingon and a Vorta worked side-by-side in this… for lack of a better term, lab; however, they looked like they were just as much prisoners as she was.  They were just afforded some freedoms thanks to whatever skills they processed.

“What do you want from me?”

The doors parted, and the people who were not her father and Aunt Becca entered with several others in tow.  Not her father gave her an evil smile, “And how is Pumpkin doing today.”

“Don’t call me that.”

Dominus laughed. He was enjoying seeing her suffer.  “Now, who is going to tell me that the pup has to augment DNA for my Army?”

Jericho leaned against the fall after stepping into the room and stocked his goatee. He had to admit himself he had little interest in this child, as long as they didn’t cause any disruption to the running of the ship, his ship as far as he was concerned, not that he would ever let Dominous know he thought that way. He flipped up his tricorder lazily and activated it. After a moment, she shrugged, “Sadly not, no genetic augmentations detected.”

Dominus looked like he wanted to murder Jeter where he stood but instead opted to take his anger out on the Vorta.  He grabbed Maveran by the neck and threw her into the wall with a heavy thump.

Maveren sat up, her voice hoarse, “My Lord, your man is an idiot. Let me show you.”  She scrambled to her feet, never showing her back to him.  Entering commands, she brought up the DNA profile.  “There is no question.   This specimen is a descendant of Kahn Noonan Singh.”

Dominus glared at Jeter. “Splice that DNA with his.  He will be the first of our super soldiers.”

Jericho glared back at Dominus before turning his ire to the sniveling Vorta, “A descendant, how many generations down the line, I ask you?” He looked back to Dominus, hiding the loathing he felt for him, “I was not lying; they have no current genetic augmentations detected; any that are there are either dormant or beyond use.”

The Vorta flinched but didn’t back down, “The DNA is present.  It just needs resequenced.”

Jericho stepped towards the Vorta and then stopped, “It would appear I had not been clear in my statement.” He said as he looked towards Dominus, “If you can prove your worth and find sufficiently intact DNA, then so be it. But next time you speak ill to me, I will throw you out the airlock.”

“Enough,” Bellitor announced.   “She may be a slave, but I have use for her; I do not have a use for you.”

Dominus smirked at Jericho.   There were two people who were a threat to his power: Jericho and Crawford. He would sleep better tonight knowing Jericho was removed from the board.

“You have my DNA.  Let me go, please,” Angel pleaded.

Dominus laughed,  “No, little girl.  You have been a pain in my ass in every reality.  Letting you go is not in the cards.”

Crawford sat at a table working on a console while his daughter worked on their weapons a table over.  She’d had to learn young how to dissemble, clean, reassemble, and more – her life had been lived on the run.  Peter hadn’t shed a tear when he’d killed her mother.  Carolyn had slammed her to the ground to give him a clean shot.  As much as he enjoyed the grandstanding and talkfests, he preferred action and attention.  Peter groused, “I’d recommend shutting her the hell up – the more you talk to her, the more she learns.  Given where she came from and the blood in those veins – she’s not going to show us her full deck anytime soon.”

Dominus let out a hearty laugh at Peter. He  then viciously back handed Angel making  a sickening crunch of cartilage as her nose was crushed. “You’re not going anywhere are you Sweetheart?”

She shook her head through the tears and not bothering to stem the tide of blood. “No sir.”

“That’s right, Dominus said almost gleeful.   He could see her fear and he relished it. ”Vorta, when will be be able to proceed?  I think she will be the face of my officers. Her father has been a threat to my plans in the past.  See the face of his daughter attack him… well, it will be too good to see.”

“I should have the augment DNA sequenced within a couple of hours, and then we can tailor the traits to your needs.  Shall we use white to control them?”

Dominus grinned, “Make them think I am a God!” Then his smile turned serious,  but yes, I do not need them betraying me like her own soldiers betrayed Bellitor.  Give them the white requirement as well.”

Mavern nodded, “It will be done.”

“Keep this up Vorta, and you may have earned your freedom. I am going to get some fresh air.  I do not like this hidden bunker.” With that Dominus glared at Jericho and stomped out of the lab.