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Part of USS Sojourner: Mission 0 – An Unexpected Boon

M0 – Chp 1: An Unexpected Boon

USS Daradax; docking with DS9
October 19th, 2400: 7:30
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Kirin stood with her hand resting on the conn as the Daradax returned to DS9 after yet another successful supply run to a nearby Bajoran colony world. She watched the view screen as yet another ship traversed the wormhole to the far reaches of the Gamma Quadrant and left a prang of envy. She had initially joined Starfleet to explore but her talents lead her elsewhere, places she wished she could soon forget but knew she would not be able to. 

“Captain, we are cleared for docking at our usual birth. Shall I take us in?” Belania said which caused Kirin to turn and look at her with a somewhat distant smile. “Please do Bel.”

Kirin turned back to take her seat in the command chair but had only made it a single step when Belania’s voice gave her pause, “Wow, would you look at that Captain, a new Pathfinder, she is gorgeous. Registry says, USS Sojourner.”

Kirin turned and looked back as the Pathfinder came into view as they moved around the station. “She is stunning,” she remarked, “They really knew what they were doing when they designed these new long-range explorers, they took to heart the lessons that Voyager taught us all.”

Belania nodded, “Yeah, I would love to fly one of those. They are meant to handle like a dream.” To which Kirin could only laugh. The console chimed, interrupting her and Belania spoke up. “Call for you Captain,” she said and paused, “It’s Fleet Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik.”

Kirin frowned, she had never had a call from the Fleet Captain before and from her experience, they never meant good news. “Thanks, Belania. Take her in. I will take the call in my ready room.”

A moment later Kirin sat down at her desk in the briefing/ready room she used as her office and glanced at the small mirror she kept in one of the drawers as she adjusted her uniform and hair, ‘Presentation is important, First impressions matter’ her mother’s voice rang in her head. Exhaling Kirin opened the video link and the Starfleet logo was replaced with the image of Fleet Captain Alexandra Sudari-Kravchik on board the USS Nobel.

“Fleet Captain, what can I do for you today?” Kirin asked as formally as she could.

“Lieutenant Commander, I hope I am not disturbing you. I wanted to speak to you personally regarding your next assignment.” the Fleet Captain said.

“No disruption ma’am,” Kirin responded, “We are just docking at DS9 now after a supply run.”

“Excellent, my briefings said you would be there by now. You and your crew have done good work between the Romulan crisis, the transfer of Saint-Clare and your recent assistant to the Bajorans.” The Fleet Captain said as Kirin listened, her face expressionless. “I know you and your crew have moved around these last few months and your original orders to survey Sector Fero Psi were never reissued and that you wanted to get to Deep Space 47 to assist here in the Thomar Expanse but we needed you there to aid the Bajorans.”

“It is not a problem ma’am,” Kirin said, unsure as to where the conversation was going.

Alexandra nodded before continuing, “The Daradax is being reassigned back to Starbase 4, there is work over there that it is needed for.”

Feeling a little disheartened Kirin nodded, “Understood ma’am; we had hoped to join the rest of the task force but we will go where needed.”

Alexandra smiled slightly, “I am sorry but you misunderstand Kirin. The ship…,” she said with extra emphasis, “…is needed elsewhere. You and your crew have done well together and are where we need you. This brings me to your new orders.”

“The USS Sojourner arrived at DS9 recently with a transit crew and was preparing to proceed to Deep Space 47. She is however missing a senior staff and requires one before being assigned to active duty,” Alexandra said to which Kirin cocked an eyebrow. “I will not get into it now but you and your crew are it. My reasoning will be provided in follow-up documentation that I will forward to you later today. We need that ship ready to depart and the Daradax was only ever going to be a temporary assignment for someone of your capabilities.”

Kirin nodded, but let the Fleet Captain continue, “Your orders are as follows – you are hereby directed and required to report aboard the USS Sojourner, there to assume command of the vessel and make ready to head to Starbase 47 at your earliest possible convenience.”

Kirin couldn’t believe what she was hearing, how could a Lieutenant Commander take command of a Pathfinder-class starship, especially one so new? “Ma’am, thank you, we will do everything we can but there must be others in line for her command, captains perhaps?”

“That may be true Commander in other circumstances, but not this specific instance. You are hereby raised to the rank of commander with all its rights and privileges. I also wanted to let you know that each of your officers are hereby promoted. Paperwork will be forward to you, again later today, for you to deliver to your subordinates as well as to deliver their rank pips to. I expect each of them to lead the departments they already do. The crew on the Sojourner is new, the only experienced crew members are some of the NCOs and a handful of officers who are currently leading the transit crew. While capable and trusted with such tasks, they currently lack the experience required to allow for the vessel’s deployment to the frontier. Listen to them and they will be your allies, especially regarding the capabilities of your vessel,” Alexandra said before pausing, “Good luck Commander. I will have new orders for you when you reach Starbase 47.” With that she ended the call, leaving Kirin staring at the rotating Starfleet logo on her screen.

“Well…that was new…”, she said to herself before tapping her combadge. “Once docked can everyone meet in the observation lounge, we have orders.”